I Have a Sickness

Chapter 58.2 Fool

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No wonder he looked so unpleasant, even daring to directly look at him with interest obvious on his face. It was actually the investor who killed Xia Lou. Although he knew that he will meet him someday, he didn't expect it to happen so suddenly and unexpectedly, as well as to run into him in Qi Jin's office.

His eyes narrowed dangerously. This bastard really wanted to kill himself. His idle life was too long that he took the initiative to bring himself to his doorstep.

Cao Yu ignored Qi Jin's disgust and intention to drive him away while his eyes remained on Hao Ritian's body. He opened his mouth as he spoke frivolously, "Where did this little beauty come from? Did you come here to sign with Qi Jin's company? It is better to follow this Gege, Gege will definitely do his best to support you. How about I invest in a few dramas and make you the main actor?"

Li Bufan immediately stood up with his fists tightly clenched as he glared at Cao Yu, "Watch your mouth!"

Regarding the entertainment industry's dark side, Li Bufan had already seen plenty. He even had people who wanted to raise him, otherwise, he wouldn't have to muddle through for six years just to reach his current status with his abilities. Some spoken rules were really disgusting, but most were unable to avoid them.

Li Bufan could endure and let it go if it was just himself, but he could not let it slide if it involved Xia Lou.

He always knew that Xia Lou looked good and was worried that Xia Lou would be targeted. But after thinking about it, Xia Lou was just an assistant who didn't have to interact with the industry circle, so he didn't have to worry about those threats and relaxed a bit. But now, they actually encountered a bastard who would say such rude things at their first meeting. He couldn't control his anger anymore.

"Oh, how strong. Although it's not bad, unfortunately, it's not my type of dish." Cao Yu had no restraint whatsoever and even commented on Li Bufan as well.

"Enough!" Qi Jin's face darkened in an instant. Although he seemed a bit frivolous as he was always smiling, the power on his serious face was on a different level than Cao Yu's. His sharp gaze swept over Cao Yu, "This is my company and is not a place for you to come and pick up a lover. Apologize to my guests."

Not to mention the relationship between Xia Lou and Mu Shaohua, he will not allow Cao Yu to act as he pleased in his territory even if there was nothing between them

He opened an entertainment company and not a dummy company. A second-rich generation like Cao Yu who just sits around doing had no right to act wantonly in his place.

Originally he didn't approve of Cao Yu's investment in the TV drama that the company was planning to shoot this time but this bastard pestered him multiple times, even Old Man Cao was brought up. He had no choice but to let him invest this time to give Old Man Cao some face and let him earn some pocket change. However, he was definitely not allowed to get involved in important parts such as shooting and casting.

Cao Yu promised well at the start, but seeing that the time for the auditions was getting closer, he actually came to ask him to give his little lover a role. Qi Jin wished that he could just directly kick him out. Now that he was acting wantonly in his face, it was a wonder Qi Jin could tolerate him.

Needless to say, Cao Yu was taken aback while facing Qi Jin's cold face, as he was a person who bully the weak while fearing the strong. Qi Jin's abilities and background were both good, so he couldn't afford to bully him. But it was impossible for him to apologize, he was just about to joke about this matter when he heard a pleasant voice speak out slowly.

"Where did this fool come from?"

When they heard and turn over to look at Hao Ritian, he raised a leg as he looked at Cao Yu and calmly asked with concern, "Is there a problem with your brain?"

This was called being sincere.

Li Bufan, who was originally filled with anger, couldn't hold back and laughed as he sat down again. He mainly wanted to observe Qi Jin's attitude. Since Qi Jin would not be biased, he wasn't so worried.  

The corners of Qi Jin's mouth twitched. He actually wanted to laugh as well. This Cao Yu was really a fool. Not only was he a fool, but he also had no self-awareness. If it wasn't for the friendship between Old Man Cao and his old man, he would have this idiot tossed out already.

Actually, in his original plan, Hao Ritian also had no way to directly go against Cao Yu. Even if he was a fool, he was still a powerful fool. The two of them would definitely not end well if they fight him.

After all Hao Ritian may be willful and headstrong, but deep down, he was calm and clear-headed. He would never do something like hitting a stone with an egg.

But it was different now, he got the backing of his old gong ah!

Relying on his own abilities without using a back door was his confidence in himself. But having his old gong settle this sort of personal problem, Hao Ritian had no issues with eating soft rice nor had any thoughts that he couldn't rely on other people. His old gong was there, so why couldn't he put him to use?

So Hao Ritian had no psychological burden whatsoever for going against a fool like Cao Yu.

While he was carefree, Cao Yu was taken aback and extremely unhappy. He couldn't believe that a small newcomer who hasn't even signed with Qingfeng could have so much courage. Not to mention, even if he was signed, he had countless ways to screw him over.

Looking directly at Hao Ritian, Cao Yu sneered, "Beautiful people have the right to be willful, but being too willful will make people dislike you. I will give you another chance. If you agreed to follow me, I will not bother with your unreasonableness earlier."

Qi Jin rubbed his temples. He didn't even have the strength to get mad with this type of person, arguing with this type of pretentious person would be an insult to his intelligence. He glanced at Cao Yu, "Stop showing off that tiny bit of intelligence."

After he finished speaking, he immediately raised his voice, "Private Assistant He."

He Wei, who guided Hao Ritian and Li Bufan earlier, immediately opened the door with Qi Jin's order, "I'll send you out, Young Master Cao."

Cao Yu looked at Qi Jin with disbelief, "What? You are going to make things difficult for me for a newcomer who hasn't even signed yet?"

Qi Jin was too lazy to say anything else and just waved his hand.

He Wei stepped forward and said to Cao Yu, "Young Master Cao, please."

If Cao Yu can be easily dealt with, then he really deserves his reputation for being a fool. He glared and was just about to burst into anger when He Wei dragged him out by the shoulder before he could rage out. His calm voice can still be heard as he said, "I'm sorry, Young Master Cao. Since you didn't follow the rules, so I'll have to use a rougher method."

While he was being escorted out by He Wei, they could still hear him yelling that he will not forget about him. Of course, he was referring to Hao Ritian.

After the office door closed again, Qi Jin looked at Hao Ritian and Li Bufan and raised his eyebrows, "Private Assistant He used to be an eight-degree gangster. How was it? Not bad, right?"

Li Bufan, "…."

Why does a private assistant have such good skills? Does he specialize in dealing with disobedient visitors?

Don't say that he didn't understand, this private assistant was really useful. If there was a visitor who don't listen to orders, there was no need to call for security guards, they can be directly handled by Private Assistant He, which was both fast and convenient. This was Qi Jin's capable assistant.

After joking around, Qi Jin looked at Hao Ritian seriously, "Mr. Xia, I'm really sorry."

He didn't add any unnecessary words. Xia Lou was insulted here and as the owner, he absolutely cannot avoid his responsibility. Saying anything more was just shifting the blame.

Hao Ritian had no intention to blame him, "President Qi is too serious. You do not have to take responsibility for the words and actions of other people."

After going through numerous worlds, he had seen all kinds of people, including this type of person who obviously had brain problems. He also saw Xia Lou's life and was very clear that this type of person cannot be judged subjectively. It was understandable that Qi Jin was helpless.

Speaking of which, he really wanted to pair Xia Xin with Cao Yu. He should let them harm each other so that they won't harm other people.

Setting these unpleasant things for the meantime, Hao Ritian said seriously, "Let's not talk about this, and talk about business."

He didn't want to delay Li Bufan's business just because of a single fool.

However, Li Bufan was more relieved that he was able to handle the situation without getting taken advantage of. How could he forget that after Xia Lou's change, he had a completely different strength compared to being a baozi before. He was really worried about nothing.

A look of appreciation flashed across Qi Jin's eyes, "Okay."

This kind of generous and rational mentality was really admirable. Otherwise, with his relationship with Mu Shaohua, even he would be helpless if he were to raise a fuss. His calm manner of handling affairs made him appreciate him even more. If he really wanted to make it up to him, he could do it privately. In addition, it was better to show it with actions rather than with words.

"This is the contract. You guys can take a look. This is an A-level contract, and there's only the S-level contract above it. To be honest, giving you an A-level contract is just for Shaohua's face. However, since Mr. Xia said that he is confident to raise Mr. Li to the top-tier rank in three years, then using an A-level contract to sign such an artist will still be profitable, so I am willing to take a risk."

After handing the contract over, he placed his chin on his hands and waited for their reply.

Hao Ritian didn't look and handed the contract directly to Li Bufan. In general, contracts usually last for five years. Hao Ritian initially planned for Li Bufan to only sign a three-year contract, but there was no need for that anymore. Smart people did not have to haggle so much at the beginning. When Li Bufan's status rise, Qi Jin will take the initiative to raise the contract level so he didn't have to worry about it at this time.

Looking at the A-level contract, Li Bufan was a little dazed. It was really an A-level contract. Qingfeng's A-level contract could only be signed by the top first-line artists. He just arrive and now, he was actually going to sign one. It really felt like a dream.

After Li Bufan was done reading, he handed the contract over, "There's no problem."

"Since there's no problem, let's sign it."

There were two copies of the contract. Qi Jin and Li Bufan both signed their names, then exchanged and signed on the other copy. After the signing was completed, Li Bufan was now officially part of Qingfeng's artists. No, the contract will come into effect after Li Bufan's previous contract ended. There was still more than a month before the contract expires, but it was not bad.

After the contract was signed, Qi Jin handed over a script, "This is Cheng Xian's script. You can take it back and have a look. When the audition starts, you can directly go to the audition, whether you can get the role of the male lead would depend on your own abilities.

Li Bufan was already feeling woozy. Everything Xia Lou said was actually happening one by one. It felt unreal!

After their business was resolved, Qi Jin looked at Hao Ritian and laughed as he said, "Actually, I don't understand. Mu Shaohua is a shareholder in Qingfeng and is also the largest investor in Cheng Xian. Why did he ask me to handle this matter instead of arranging it himself? Is it to avoid suspicion? This is quite unlike his style!"

Hao Ritian's eyebrows moved slightly. Whether it was being a shareholder in Qingfeng or being the largest investor in Cheng Xian, this was the first time he heard about it. His thought turned to the time he went to the Mu family home, Mu Shaohua said that if he agreed to go out with him, he would give Li Bufan an opportunity to audition for Cheng Xian. At that time, he said to Mu Shaohua that feelings should not be used for trading. Was it because of his words that he didn't do it personally?

He could see that Mu Shaohua didn't want him to feel that he was underestimating his abilities, but he also wanted to help him so he handed it over to Qi Jin. If that was the case——

The corners of Hao Ritian's mouth turned up, while his eyes were filled with a deep smile. He was so cute, he must be awarded!

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