Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 50 Ghost child (ETL) Part 1

Chapter 50 Save people and ghosts but it’s hard to save hearts Part 1

[Caution: This chapter has a slight mention of rxpe and also malicious intent unto others.]

In a small second-tier city, at around 1.00 am, a middle-aged driver parked his car on the side of the road. He took some wet wipes from the seat at hand and wiped his eyes. For late-night taxis, this is the sleepiest time of their work. As long as they get through it, they’ll be fine when it reaches 2.00 - 3.00 pm.

After feeling a little more energetic, the driver started the car and was about to leave, when he suddenly noticed a 7 or 8-year-old child standing on the road ahead, waving to him. The uncle became alert and wondered why there were still children on the road this late at night. He looked around the child but didn’t see any adult. He hesitated, feeling a little frightened. The child saw that his car didn’t come over so he ran toward him. In the blink of an eye, the child reached the car and knocked on the glass.

The driver looked at the child through the glass. No matter how he looked at the child, he was like an ordinary child. The driver gave up his doubts and opened the window. "Kid, why are you out in the middle of the night? Where is your family?"

The child answered obediently, "I want to go to First Hospital to find my mother."

The driver relaxed and asked in doubt, "Do you have money?"

The child took out several hundred yuan notes from his pocket.

A bit of greed flashed in the driver's eyes, "Okay, come on."

As soon as the child got in the taxi, there was a gust of cool breeze blowing in. The driver said with emotion, "It's really autumn huh? The temperature is so low at night."

The child didn't say anything. He sat in the back with his head down and didn't play with anything.

The driver glanced in the rearview mirror and was not in the mood to follow through with the conversation. He started the car and started taking a long detour. This kid is rich anyway, so he can make as much as he can.

Half an hour later, they arrived at the largest bridge in the city. There were not many vehicles around. The driver yawned and said to the child, "Your parents are so confident to let you go out alone so late? And no one called to check on you either. Child, what grade are you in?"


Two chilly chuckles came from the back seat, which sounded a bit gloomy. The driver glanced in the rearview mirror and his drowsiness was instantly frightened away. There was no one in the back seat!

The driver wanted to look back in disbelief, but when he turned his head, he suddenly discovered that the child was sitting in the passenger seat! The child was tilting his face slightly, with the corners of his mouth raised, looking at him with a half-smile. His pale face and black pupils were extremely strange.

The driver was frightened and hurriedly stepped on the brakes, "When did you come here?!" Unfortunately, no matter how hard he stepped, the speed of the car still did not slow down.

The child sneered twice more. He raised his head, his black pupils gradually turned into the color of blood. Two lines of bloody tears dropped from the corners of his eyes. Drip drip, the sticky blood splashed in the car, like a round of blooming blood flowers. A pungent smell of blood instantly arose inside.

The driver was so frightened that his mind went blank. He couldn't tell whether it was the accelerator or the brake but he stepped on it like crazy.

However, the corners of the child's mouth were raised. The flesh on his face was rotting bit by bit, the eye sockets were getting bigger, and the red eyeballs were almost bulging. Several bloody handprints suddenly appeared on the glass behind him. Then the handprints increased, densely covering the entire glass. Immediately afterward, it looked like blood was splashed outside the car window, and the thick blood covered the entire car window. Blood dripped down inside the car, soaking the driver’s clothing.

The driver was scared crazy. Holding the steering wheel with one hand, he smashed the glass crazily with the other hand, screaming and trying to escape.

The child laughed ‘hehehe’ a few times and pounced towards him.

The driver instinctively wanted to avoid it and his hand turned the steering wheel sharply. The car rushed out at high speed from the highest point of the bridge. A big splash formed on the river, and then calmness returned. In the pitch-black night, a small figure stood on the bridge, showing a satisfied smile.

Early the next morning, Li Jiatong received a call from her mother. The woman on the other end of the phone cried heartbrokenly, "Tongtong, something happened to your father. Your father died last night."

Li Jiatong was stunned for a while and asked in disbelief, "He is gone? Dead?"

"He drove off the bridge while driving a taxi last night. He was found this morning. He is gone. He is gone."

The woman's desperate cry made Li Jiatong raise her head blankly and glance at the rising sun. Her adoptive father died, but she was not as happy as she imagined. Not sure why, but she felt like there was a missing piece in her heart. She responded feebly, "Oh, alright."

"What’s alright? Your father is dead, and our whole family will have no source of income from now on. How can I support you two with my small salary? Why are you so calm?!"

Li Jiatong's dull reaction completely ignited her adoptive mother's anger. The huge grief finally found an outlet, and she exploded at her adopted daughter, "You heartless white-eyed wolf! What else are you going to school for? Come back quickly! What will happen to us in the future? How will your sister go to school? Even an hour's worth of tutoring class costs several hundred yuan. From now on, you can go work and support your sister!"

Hearing that, Li Jiatong's eyes became wet with tears. A sarcastic smile appeared at the corner of her mouth. She didn't know whether she was laughing at the other person's stupidity, or herself, "Why should I raise my sister?"

The woman on the other end of the phone was stunned as if she couldn't believe Li Jiatong could say such a thing. Then she burst out, "What do we raise you for? What's the point of studying so much? Do you know how much money you have spent studying over the years? Isn’t the person I found for you not bad? He has a car and a house and can give a betrothal gift of 100,000 yuan. So what that he divorce before? If you are considerate (and accept the marriage arrangement), then your dad won’t need to drive a taxi in the middle of the night. If he doesn’t drive the midnight taxi, he won’t get into an accident. You unlucky star!"

Li Jiatong burst into tears when she heard this. Squatting on the ground, she asked desperately, "Mom, do you really not know what father did?"

The person on the other side of the call paused, her anger instantly suppressed, "He...he drank too much, and he didn't mean it. We have raised you for so many years, what else do you want? He is your father! You still want to call the police to catch him? He's dead now, dead!" The woman on the call burst into tears again, "What else do you want?"

Li Jiatong looked ahead, her vision blurred by tears. She felt very cold, so cold that she wanted to shiver. Many people were walking back and forth in front of her but she could no longer see who was who. She just felt like her being alive was like a joke. Though tears wet her cheeks, the corners of her mouth curved up. With a hoarse voice, she said softly, "I never had the things my sister has since I was a child. I have never snatched anything from her, but you are always afraid that I will take away what belongs to her. In this family, I am nothing."

"You are still competing with your sister? You are the older sister. You should give way for her. Stop saying nonsense and come back quickly!"

"If I were your biological child, would you still say that?" Li Jiatong chuckled, her eyes instantly filled with hatred, "If my sister was rxpxd, would you still say that?"

"Are you crazy? Why are you so vicious? You white-eyed wolf, money-wasting thing[1]! How can you curse your sister? All these years of study have been eaten by dogs?!"

While the person on the other end was still cursing, Li Jiatong hung up the phone with a smile. She walked back to the dormitory mechanically and washed her face. Looking at herself in the mirror, she smiled sarcastically.

When Li Jiatong’s roommate saw her coming back into the room, she looked over with concern. Seeing Li Jiatong’s eyes, she said in surprise, "Li Jiatong, you are pretty actually. Why do you keep covering your face?"

Li Jiatong sneered, "Because, it's dirty."

The roommate was being treated coldly inexplicably, and seeing that Li Jiatong had a bad attitude, she didn't want to talk to her anymore.

Li Jiatong went to the loan website and borrowed 30,000 yuan in one go. She donated all of it on the wishing website: [My wish is for my sister to get rxpxd in front of my adoptive mother.]

The people in charge of checking the website’s update were shocked, "This woman must be crazy! Her father just died, and now she wants to harm her sister."

"Being crazy is alright. If she can go crazy now, she won't be crazy anymore when it’s time to pay back the money later.[2]"

"We can't let that ghost child get out again, otherwise we won't be able to control it and it will really backfire."

"Don't worry about this for now, her father's death will stabilize her. It’s better to fulfill her wish for a relationship first. Many clients who are seeking for relationship are chasing us. We have to find a way to search for #2*."

*The ghost child in Gu Ye’s hands is called #2.

Gu Ye bought a Sunny Day* doll keychain on the way home from school. When he came back, he saw that it smiled so beautifully that he drew its facial features to change it. The eyes are now crooked with laughter, the mouth is an evil ghost smile. The doll looked extremely exotic, and it has turned into a Cloudy Day doll instead.

*Teru teru bozu in Japanese, common folk used it to pray for good weather

Ling Ling took the ghost child out of the rabbit doll and stuffed it into this doll.

The ghost child felt aggrieved and wanted to cry. He struggled to crawl out, but when he saw Gu Ye's expressionless face and Ling Ling's unwavering eyes, he retreated again with a whimper.

Gu Ye was disgusted and said, "What are you whimpering about? You are so ugly. What do you have to complain about?"

Ling Ling: "If you whined again, you will be beaten to death."

The ghost child immediately fell silent.

"That’s right," Gu Ye touched Ling Ling's head and said happily, "Girls can't let themselves be wronged, they must have such courage."

Being praised, Ling Ling narrowed her eyes happily. She tilted her head and rubbed it on Gu Ye's hand. Next, she picked up the Cloudy Day doll and glanced at the turtle doll next to her. She kicked the turtle off the shelf with some disgust and replaced it with the Cloudy Day doll.

Gu Ye narrowed his eyes, "Have you had enough with this toy?"

Ling Ling looked at the turtle doll with disgust. It was clear in her eyes that she didn't want to play anymore.

Gu Ye picked up the turtle and used the cinnabar pen to draw a soul-dispersing talisman on it. After that, he stuffed the turtle into the corner, "My daughter has had enough fun, so you just wait for your soul to dissipate. Goodbye."

The soul in the turtle wanted to stand up in fear, but the soul was sealed inside the turtle. The turtle doll was lying down, so he could only lie there, in this dark corner, slowly waiting to die. As for when the soul will be dispersed, Gu Ye is too lazy to care.

Putting down the cinnabar pen, Gu Ye was just about to talk to his daughter about the hundred ways to make use of the baby ghost. Then Hong Dou flew in from the window, pulled Gu Ye with her, and ran out.

"What's wrong?" Gu Ye ran to the door wearing indoor slippers, "You have to wait for me to put on my shoes."

Hong Dou said anxiously, "There’s no time!"

Gu Ye heard the anxiety in her voice so he ran out with the indoor slippers on. When they arrived outside the community and behind the supermarket, Gu Ye heard a familiar voice saying, "I only borrowed 3,000 yuan from you. But in 2 months, I have already repaid you more than 30,000 yuan!"

“We agreed in advance that we will charge interest according to our rules. If you can't pay back the money, then alright, I can help you get some connections and you’ll earn 2,000 yuan a night."

“Aren’t you too shameless?!"

"Heh, little bitch, you thought you have the right to act like that? Owing us money and don't pay back, yet you still want to act innocent? If we told your boyfriend that you worshiped a God to maliciously break them up, you’ll see if he will break up with you? What do your classmates think of you? If you force our hand, we’ll post your nude photos on the pxrnxgraphic trading website. Then you will have to sell your body even if you don’t want!"

The woman cried angrily, "How much do I have to pay back before you let me go? I'll go find a friend to borrow it."

When Gu Ye heard this, he already understood something in his heart. There is an inevitable relationship between websites that can fulfill people's wishes, loan sharks, and the ghost child.

The loan shark threatened the girl for a while before walking away with a swagger. Gu Ye glanced at the girl, turned around, and left indifferently. When he got home, he picked up the ghost child and asked, "Tell me, how can I get on your website?"

The ghost child looked confused, "I, I don't know."

"Trash! You're ugly and you're such a trash!" Gu Ye was so disgusted that this ghost simply challenged his bottom line. He took a deep breath, calmed down his expression, and asked seriously, "Ghost rascal, do you want to go back? "

Hearing that, the ghost child in the Cloudy Day doll rolled over excitedly. Before it could reach Gu Ye, it was caught by Ling Ling and held in her grip.

Gu Ye took the ghost out of the doll and said with disgust, "You are too ugly. It hurts my eyes when I see you. I decided to let you go back. But if you dare to tell other people what happened here, I will kill you."

The ghost child shook his head like a rattle. Gu Ye covered his eyes to avoid looking and waved his hand in disgust, "Go now, go!"

The ghost child happily floated out of the window and ran away without looking back, as fast as if a hundred dogs were chasing him behind him.

Gu Ye raised his chin at Hong Dou and said, "Thank you for your hard work, beautiful sister."

Hong Dou understood. With a flick of her red sleeves, she flew out lightly like a fairy, charming and beautiful. Only then did Gu Ye exhale. Washing his eyes with pretty visuals makes him feel much more comfortable.

Hong Dou followed the ghost kid to an inconspicuous neighborhood. Before the kid could enter the house, she tied up the kid with a flick of her red sleeves and stuffed the kid into the bottle Gu Ye gave her. Immediately afterward, she floated in and got the website address. Upon returning home, she handed all the information she got to Gu Ye.

Gu Ye clicked on the website and noticed the resentment attached to it, and thought to himself ‘As expected’. There is a notice on this website stating that only people with resentment and unwillingness can access it. Gu Ye called Ling Ling over. As soon as the little girl came closer, the website jumped to the home page without Gu Ye doing anything.

"Poor child, quickly leave your wish. The true God will help you."

When Gu Ye saw this sentence, he curved his lips and typed: [I want to make 10 million yuan in one day. I want to own a big house of 500 square meters. I want to be Gu Decheng's son and inherit his hundreds of billions of fortune.]

Raw word count: 8639 (whole chapter)


[1] Though Banana explained a few times about this already, let me say it again that there’s no English equivalent for this adjective. In the olden days, poor people in China typically dislike daughters because they have to use money to raise her to adulthood and yet she will leave the family upon marriage. So they will call the daughters as someone who waste money.
[2] Checked the raw twice, not sure what is that logic. Just ignore it and proceed ya~

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