End of World Businessman

Chapter 49.3: Reactions of Various Parties [3]

Author: He Feng Yan

Translator: HeXie

Editor: HeXie

“Second Young Master Wu, Mr. Ji asked me to tell you that this matter is simply a misunderstanding. Please don’t take it to heart. Furthermore, as compensation, we will tidy up your original shop as soon as possible. You will be able to reopen at noon at the latest. Mr. Ji also said that if you and Mr. Qin are free in the evening, he would like to invite you to his home for a casual dinner and personally apologize to you.” 

The captain spoke with a polite attitude. It was something that Wu Ye had never expected from the man, considering that the captain of the city guards had always held his head high up; always looking down on everyone else. Frankly, it was rare to hear him, or any other city guards, be courteous to anyone outside the people from the five forces and the special guards.

However, Wu Ye emphatically did not care about how polite the captain was being because he was unhappy. He already knew that everything in the store was robbed, and though those goods were worth less than two dollars to him, he was still upset with the attitude of the upper-echelon of Lan Cheng Base.

Because when you dissected the matter up to its heart, it was clear that if they had not deliberately condoned the action, who would dare to actually rob the store? And everyone knew very well in whose hands the goods stolen from the store ended up with.

Now they offered to tidy up the store, which was originally damaged by their hands and invited them for a meal to apologize. All the while, they did not even mention any compensation for the losses they caused. Such an apology was too insincere, isn’t it?

Thus, Wu Ye only noncommittally said, “We will see.” Although his reply lacked any sort of enthusiasm, Wu Ye also didn’t want to offend Ji Xiang. But even more than that, he didn’t want to go out of his way to pander to him. Hence his lackluster response. He just wanted everyone to understand that he, Second Young Master Wu, is not so easy to bully!

Hearing Wu Ye’s disinterested response, the captain’s small face became a bit ugly. While he was inwardly cursing Wu Ye for not knowing what was good for him, outwardly, he spoke two soft words to Wu Ye with an embarrassed smile before leaving with his men.

“Teacher, I’ve collected a lot of data this time. I’m sure I can further improve the craniotomy robot’s performance!” Ji Yun said excitedly, not paying attention to the byplay that happened prior, obviously more interested in scientific research than in worldly wealth and materials.

Professor Li, who had finally seen their safe return, felt the heavy weight in his chest had been lifted, and with that burden gone, he felt as light as a feather. So, when he heard Ji Yun’s words and saw his excitement, he also revealed his nature as a science fanatic.

He immediately pulled Ji Yun with him into the laboratory, eyes bright. And because the artificial intelligence he was responsible for had not been progressing well due to the lack of basic data, Li Minsheng had also quickly followed behind the pair into the laboratory.

When they disappeared into the laboratory, Wu Ye spotted An An standing to the side timidly. So, taking out a piece of candy from his pocket, Wu Ye handed it to him. He then patted An An’s head and asked, “How come the little guy has lost so much weight in such a short span of time? Did you not eat properly at home when we were not there?”

Hearing Wu Ye’s question, An An first whispered her thanks before he defended himself and said, “An An has been a good boy and has eaten well at every meal. I just miss…. Big brother.”

It was really hard for An An to use the word ‘uncle’ to refer to Wu Ye when he saw Wu Ye’s beautiful baby face. As such, in the end, he substituted it with ‘big brother.’

Wu Ye did not mind being called big brother, though, so he simply smiled at the little guy and picked him up while playfully scratching his little nose. “Your mouth is really sweet, there’s no telling how many little princesses will be harmed by you in the future.”

An An shook his head repeatedly at Wu Ye and seriously said, “I don’t like little princesses. Princesses are all spoiled. I like Mr. Brave Knight like, well, like Uncle Qin!”

God, are children nowadays so precocious?

The little guy’s words unintentionally poked right at the heart of Wu Ye’s matter. So, while feeling his ears heating up from embarrassment, Wu Ye deliberately spoke with a straight face and asked, “Does your father know you like Mr. Knight?”

An An answered with a deadly earnest tone. “Dad knows. He said as long as An An is happy, he can accept anyone An An likes.”

“…” Hearing that, Second Young Master Wu kneeled down in respect. But a thought flashed through his mind.

If the old man knew I like men, I wonder what he would do. Would he break my legs? Bah! Perish the thought! Erase the bad thought! I’m a straight man. I only like pure girls. Rough man, get out of my way!

“Big brother, father is calling me. I’m going to go over there.” An An suddenly said, having heard Li Minsheng’s voice calling for him, snapping Wu Ye out of his reverie.

Embarrassed, Wu Ye immediately put An An down and said, “Go.”

He then secretly looked at Qin Wuhua, who was directing everyone to carry their scavenged goods, outside. And Wu Ye had to admit to himself that Qin Wuhua’s cold and solemn side profile was not an ordinary one. In fact, to him, this sort of Qin Wuhua was really charming. And his heart, to Wu Ye’s mortification, thump.

At this time, Qin Wuhua had turned around and took in Wu Ye’s bewildered and evasive eyes, eyes deepening involuntarily.

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