End of World Businessman

Chapter 49.1: Reactions of Various Parties [1]

Author: He Feng Yan

Translator: HeXie

Editor: HeXie

The one and only Second Young Master Wu was back from Qing Min County!

As soon as Wu Ye and everyone in his group arrived at the gate of Lan Cheng Base, the news of their arrival quickly spread throughout the base as if it had grown wings.

Then again, it was not surprising that the news spread fast. After all, Qin Wuhua did once recruit zombie hunters from the Union in a high-profile manner, offering them a high salary to go with him to Qing Min County. At that time, many people were envious of the generous remuneration, so they intended to apply in the selection. However, they were unable to pass the test, so they could only stifle their anger and envy.

Later on, they heard that the people Wu Ye brought alongside Wu Ye’s team itself were wiped out in the exploration, their anger vanished. They felt extremely glad that they had not been chosen and managed to escape the disaster. But now, Wu Ye and everyone in his group were back. Furthermore, they not only escaped from the terrible giant zombies, but they also brought back a truck of rare and precious supplies with them.

When the upper-echelon of Lan Cheng Base heard this news, every single one of them frowned.

Not only them, Chen Baoguan also became gloomy at the news. However, when Xu Yan heard the news, his expression turned thoughtful and no one was able to decipher his thought.

That time, four days ago, when Chen Baoguan and Xu Yan’s team fled back to Lan Cheng Base like zombie dogs, they figured that Zhou Sheng and Wu ye’s team were completely destroyed. Thus, this piece of news immediately spread to everyone’s ear.

When they heard this news, Zhou Sheng’s six years old son and his sixty years old parents were all confused. They had never expected this to happen because Zhou Sheng had more than 100 zombies hunters under his command. In fact, the amount of zombie hunters under his command nearly reached 200 people. And he had chosen 100 of the most powerful zombie hunters under him to go to Qing Min County.

So, to hear that his team were completely annihilated in Qing Min County was no doubt a shock to their senses. Still it happened. As such, after the news of their demise came to Lan Cheng Base, the eighty zombie hunters that were left behind and the wealth Zhou Sheng saved up were immediately taken over by his cousin and housekeeper, Wang Shiwei.

However, Wang Shiwei’s own strength was not particularly strong since he was a newly awakened earth ability user. And even after absorbing a lot of crystal nuclei, his ability only reached the peak of level one. With such meager strength, it was not enough for him to be able to control the rest of Zhou Sheng’s left-behind resources. As such, he cleverly climbed the thigh of the third largest force in Lan Cheng Base, the Xie Family headed by Xie Yudong.

Not only was Xie Yudong known as someone greedy for money, but he was also known as a lecherous person. Thus, Wang Shiwei gave all the beauties that belonged to Zhou Sheng to him to gain his favor. Satisfied with Wang Shiwei’s sincerity, Xie Yudong then sent someone to help Wang Shiwei to sit in the boss’ position. As such, right now, the bodies of Wang Shiwei and Zhou Sheng’s former team were all marked with the Xie Family’s mark.

Still, despite this, Wang Shiwei was not satisfied with only taking the resources and wealth he had gotten from Zhou Sheng. Therefore, he used Xie Yudong’s authority and power to drive Zhou Sheng’s son and parents out of Lan Cheng Base into the slums outside. 

The outcome of driving a couple of old people in their sixties and a six years old child, who were left penniless at that, could be imagined. Any fool could see that Wang Shiwei’s aim was to kill all of them without trace.

Zhou Sheng had only died five days ago, but his elderly parents were already beaten to death in the chaotic slum to protect their grandson. Had it not been for the sudden forced food requisition issued by the bases in the capital, then Zhou Sheng’s son might have just followed them and died.

Then again, even if he was not dead, he would not be able to live long, especially since he was seriously injured and feverish at the same time while unconscious. As such, without help and intervention from other people, he would definitely be unable to survive the night.

Winners became kings, while losers became bandits. And this… this was just an example on how cruel life could be, especially in the apocalypse.

However, despite the intense cajoling Wang Shiwei did, Xie Yudong did not budge from his position and lifted a hand. Thus, the tax-free shops recorded under Zhou Sheng’s name were still forcibly retaken.

Even so, Wang Shiwei still managed to keep the goods in Zhou Sheng’s shop. Wu Ye’s own shop was not as lucky. Not only was the shop forcibly retaken, the goods in the shop were also looted. 

It was unknown whether it was because Ji Xiang had suddenly developed benevolence or righteousness… it might even be a fluke. Still, after learning that no one had seen Wu Ye and Qin Wuhua die, he did not forcibly take back the small building he had given Qin Wuhua. Meanwhile, the owner of the ‘luxury house’ Wu Ye had rented gave Professor Li and the others with him a month to move out.

Still, both Professor Li and Li Minsheng believed in Wu Ye’s luck. So, subconsciously, both of them had always thought that Wu Ye would be able to turn their luck. Even then, when they first received the news, both of them left behind their research and stood in front of the window every day; always looking in the direction of the base gate as they wrung their hands together, revealing their anxiety and fears.

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