World Hopping: Avenge Our Love

Chapter 48.2 - No one is a fool in the entertainment industry

However, Hao Yi was not at all resigned.

It wasn’t that he was bad. It was just that his luck fell a little short. When the three of them starred in the idol drama together, Yu Rui and the other person were hyped up as a CP both inside and outside the show. After the three of them released a record together, everyone criticised his singing skills. However, this was not his fault. He did not specialise in singing. He was an actor!

In the end, Luo Tong refrained from giving Hao Yi any good resources when he saw that he was not popular enough and gave them to Yu Rui. The situation continued to get worse. He got poorer resources, which did not help increase his popularity. And when he did not get popular enough, the quality of his resources got even worse. It was a vicious cycle. Yu Rui became increasingly popular and stood at the forefront of the entertainment field. Meanwhile, Hao Yi could only hover at the tail end of second-tier artists. If it weren’t for the former grouping, he probably would have fallen to the third-tier by now.

And now that Luo Tong was screwed, no agent wanted to take him, not even the agents in his own company.

What lay on the road ahead?

As he listened to the mocking from Yu Rui’s group, Hao Yi silently looked out the window, feeling like his road to stardom might be nearing its end. Even though he was extremely reluctant to give up, what else could he do when he didn’t have a chance?

However, the latest news on Weibo caught his attention. He clicked in and was immediately confronted with Song Yucheng’s Weibo post that was comparable to an MLM recruitment.

“Pfft, how is there someone like Xie Qianchen among the agents? The way he’s going about things is too shameless.” However, Hao Yi suddenly went silent.

What an enticing thought – ‘The pinnacle of the A-list’. Just listening to those words would make someone yearn for it. When he first entered the entertainment circle, he had also held this dream. But now….

The deep sadness from before enveloped Hao Yi once again. The unwillingness and resentment in his heart seemed to turn into a ferocious beast that escaped from its cage, enshrouding his whole body. Then, a crazy idea suddenly surfaced in Hao Yi’s mind.

He was a second-tier artist, so why didn’t he give it a try?

Rather than giving up like this, it was better to give it one last fight!

Xie Qianchen had said so much and he had nowhere else to go anyway. Why not go to Xie Qianchen?

However, self-doubt arose in his heart. Could I really go to Xie Qianchen? Was Xie Qianchen really willing to have him? All sorts of thoughts sent his mind into turmoil, but his body reacted faster than his brain. His hand subconsciously sent a private message to Song Yucheng: “Brother Xie, am I good enough?”

Fuck! When Hao Yi realised what he had done, his first thought was to delete the message. However, Song Yucheng replied to his message almost immediately, not giving Hao Yi any chance to back out. Hao Yi read Song Yucheng’s reply: “It’s not a problem, as long as you are obedient.”

So, he had an agent now? Song Yucheng didn’t even ask and simply agreed. He settled things so hastily. Song Yucheng wasn’t playing a joke on him, was he?

Hao Yi did not know why, but he felt at ease when he saw Song Yucheng’s reply. He even felt that it might not be long before he could finally realise his dreams under Song Yucheng’s guidance.

As he turned to look at Yu Rui, who was still complacently relaxing in the lounge room, Hao Yi felt the stifling feeling that had pestered him for so long finally leave.

After all, who was the one who still couldn’t find a new home? Even if Xie Qianchen appeared unreliable, Picture Domain itself had plenty of resources. What was left was for him to work hard. The outcome would probably be decent, right?

With this in mind, Hao Yi followed Song Yucheng’s instructions. He packed his things and quietly left Double Universe. From this moment on, his new life would finally begin.


Hao Yi had already resolved himself, while on Song Yucheng’s side, the system did not quite understand his actions after looking through Hao Yi’s information.

“Sir, although this is a special period, Hao Yi is too….” The system pondered for a long time, but still couldn’t find a suitable word. 

Previously, Bai Siwei had been popular once and also had some acting skills, but Hao Yi was too average! He clung to someone’s thigh and became popular that way and relied on his previous group to ascend to second-tier. It was no wonder that others looked down on him. Even Hao Yi’s fans said that he was lucky and got to become famous by relying on the popularity of his good friends.

Song Yucheng smiled and shook his head, “That’s what makes it interesting. And I don’t think Hao Yi is incompetent. Have you ever heard of someone like this?”

“Who?” The system curiously asked.

“The kind of person that has no talent, no strong points, no connections, doomed to forever stay out of the limelight, but still stubbornly lingers on and keeps up with the footsteps of the talented. Everyone said he was lucky, but it might not be the case.”

“I do not understand.”

“Then, let me explain it in a simpler way.” Song Yucheng has become accustomed to his immature system. “From the public’s point of view, Hao Yi is so mediocre that he does not have any redeeming qualities as an artist. However, one year after the group disbanded, he maintained his position as a second-tier artist.”

“And what does that mean? 【Confused.jpg】” The system still could not understand and felt that Song Yucheng’s explanation was extremely complicated.

“......” Song Yucheng was exasperated and had to explain further. “Think about it. If Hao Yi truly had nothing to him, how did he maintain his previous popularity despite not receiving any jobs for a whole year? In that one year, he didn’t even get a role as a conspicuous walk-in on a set.”

“Do– do people like this exist?” The system was stunned.

“Of course they do.” A profound smile bloomed on Song Yucheng’s face. “In a place like the entertainment circle, how can there be someone who is truly weak? This Hao Yi guy is pretty interesting. I want him.”

He called up the legal department and asked them to send him a new contract. He wanted to sign Hao Yi.

Now, Song Yucheng had two second-tier artists in his hands. He had one more left before he could meet all the requirements. He already had someone in mind to fill in the last position and planned to meet them in person.

This person was the lead singer of a former idol group who has been carrying the labels of “traitor” and “ingrate” until now. And the boss of this lead singer was the third person he wanted to take revenge on – Ding Mingcheng, a kid from a rich family who once took the lead in planning to destroy Han Feiran.

Let the second round of revenge begin.

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