The Substitute Bride Is Adored by the Clumsy Margrave

Chapter 41.1

Translator: Leila

Editor: Umitarō

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Chapter 41 part 1

Sid knew that Jean and Marius would do some research on her once he was unable to hide his love for Mary, but he never really asked them about it because he wanted to hear things about her, directly from her.

Since they had known each other for a long time, they would not talk about Mary in front of him, out of respect for his feelings. Sid was not bothered by any of this, as he would have done the same thing if the situation were reversed. In short, they are concerned to some extent and anticipate various things, but unless it is necessary, they wouldn't interfere at all and quietly watch over the situation from a suitable distance. That's why the other day, he accidentally overheard what they were talking about inside Jean's office.

'She had a boyfriend...and there was a guy named Cedric too? I wonder what kind of life she was leading.'

During the four days that Jean and Clarisse were away on their vacation at the lake, he felt like he was getting to know Mary a little bit better. He sensed that her smile towards him had become more friendly instead of the stiff one she used to have, and she even started calling him by his first name in the mansion.

The more he got to know her, the more he found Mary's refreshing personality approachable and likable, and the more he was attracted to her because he could see how intelligent she was from the exciting conversations he had with her. His attraction to her was growing daily, so was his desire for her to look only at him.

'I should just ask her about it...'

Sid has had too many fleeting relationships in the past but never been seriously in love with someone. In his old relationships, the beginning and the end were always sudden and abrupt because both sides had mutual interests. He didn't think too much about all sorts of things because he didn't feel the need to chase after them if they left him, but he was anxious when it came to Mary because he didn't want to lose her. Nevertheless, watching Jean and Clarisse so closely, Sid has come to truly envy their relationship. Although he is not strong enough to be like Jean, he is sure that he can at least show his affection for the woman he likes, just as Jean does.

Mary slowly came back to consciousness, as someone's voice urged her to try to speak.

"Mary, I'm sorry to do that when you're sleeping so well.. The doctor is here, will you please wake up for a minute?"


To her own surprise, her voice sounded raspier than she had expected.

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