Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 32 Ghost General (ETL)

Chapter 32 Running nekid for thousands of years

Gu Ye is speechless. What's wrong with this big brother? He came all the way here so why is he acting taciturn?

The Ghost General brother hesitated for a moment and handed Gu Ye a bell, "When you need help, call me."

Gu Ye looked at the bell. It is filled with soul power which means no matter where it rang, the Ghost General could hear it. This can be considered as giving him a protective amulet. Not bad, giving a gift in advance before asking someone for a favor. Gu Ye accepted it with a smile, "What’s next?"

Ghost General said solemnly, "2 things. One, you cannot tell my Lord of my existence."

The corner of Gu Ye's mouth twitched, "Lord? This title… how many years have you been dead?"

"It's been too long, I forgot."

Gu Ye is speechless. Alright, this reason is acceptable, "So why can’t I tell him?"

"He won't allow anything he can't see or control to stay around him."

Hearing that, Gu Ye frowned. Does Yu Ze have this kind of personality? He looked quite gentle to him. Then Gu Ye wondered, "Then why did you follow him?"

"My Lord has saved me 3 times, so I will protect him for 3 lifetimes."

Gu Ye paused and said with emotion, "Okay, I understand. I will keep your secret. What about the second thing?"

Ghost General paused and asked hesitantly, "Can you lend me... some money?"

Gu Ye: "Pfft!"

When Ghost General saw Gu Ye laugh, he gave him a palm-hold salute. Next, he swiftly turned around and wanted to fly away. Gu Ye quickly stopped him, "Brother Ghost! Wait a moment!"

The Ghost General had his back turned to Gu Ye, but he stopped obediently.

Gu Ye took out a cinnabar pen and talisman paper from the drawer. He drew a spell that can help ghosts to hide their ghostly aura and handed it to brother ghost outside the window. For real, he doesn't know how brother ghost managed to be hanging around so flamboyantly without being caught by those people from the Xuanshu Association.

"I will burn the money for you tomorrow. Don't worry, I will do what I promised you."

The Ghost General gave Gu Ye another palm-hold salute before flying away quickly with his big knife, not even wanting to stay longer even for a second.

Gu Ye thought for a while. It seemed that the few times he saw brother ghost, apart from the mask, he has always been wrapped in a mass of black ghostly aura. This brother has been dead for thousands of years. In other words, this brother has never been worshiped and is so poor that he doesn’t even have clothes?

My god! Running nekid* for thousands of years!

*When the slang is created, it does mean running around nekid, but eventually, it’s just used to describe someone out in the open without clothing, not necessarily running

Even if brother ghost has to stay nekid, he still wants to repay the favor to Yu Ze. Thinking of this, Gu Ye is immediately filled with admiration for Brother Ghost.

After closing the window, Gu Ye inserted a piece of paper into the bell to stop it from making a sound. Then he took off a string of beads on his wrist, tied the bell and beads together, and put it back on his wrist. Looking at the matching, it is quite harmonious, and the corners of his mouth are raised in satisfaction. After that, Gu Ye released the young lady from the porcelain vase, intending to have a chat.

"I don't know your name yet."

"I don't have a name." The beauty in red stood at the side with a soft expression. Her voice is gentle and sweet, quite like the gentleness of a Jiangnan woman*.

*Jiangnan is rumored to be famous for beautiful ladies

Gu Ye thought for a while, "How about calling it Hong Dou? When I saw you, I thought of the word ‘Lovesick Red Bean’[1], which is very beautiful."

The beauty in red performs a deep bow, "Hong Dou thanks Master for giving me a name."

Gu Ye sighed. That one just now calls people Lord, while this one calls people Master. Hearing that made Gu Ye feel like his tooth hurt.

"If you want to follow me, just call me Young Master. If you have somewhere you want to go, I can also help you."

Hong Dou shook her head, insisting on the original intention, "No, I have nowhere to go in this world. I will just follow Young Master."

"Okay." Gu Ye didn't dissuade Hong Dou. In his eyes, he saw this beautiful beauty, so well-behaved and obedient, with clean and transparent eyes that are not tainted by the world, and only felt grateful to him. Thinking again about the ghost brother who ran nekid for thousands of years just to repay Yu Ze’s kindness, Gu Ye felt a little uncomfortable.

"Even ghosts know how to repay kindness and keep the words ‘benevolence’ and ‘righteousness’ in their hearts. Even if they are reincarnated, they dare not forget it. Yet, why do I see so many ungrateful people? The more I see it, the more I doubt life."

Gu Ye originally said those words due to his current feelings, so he didn't expect Hong Dou to say anything. Unexpectedly, Hong Dou gave him a piece of thoughtful advice, "Everything in the world has yin and yang, good and bad. Maybe the reason why Young Master can get a glimpse of Heaven’s secret is to find bad people and punish them on behalf of God? There are many beautiful sides of good things, it’s just that you don’t often come into contact with them.”

Gu Ye blinked in surprise, "Hong Dou, what you said makes sense. It's rare for you to have such understanding." Gu Ye took off the string of beads on his wrist again and said, "It is said that this is my mother's relic. It was given to her by an eminent monk. Hong Dou, try to see if you can attach yourself to this prayer bead."

Hong Dou obediently turned herself into a wisp of light smoke, and really able to attach herself to it.

Gu Ye smiled in surprise until his eyes are curved happily. It was a random incident that he brought back a lonely spirit in the painting. He didn't expect the spirit to have such a high understanding and a fateful relationship with Buddhism.

"Hong Dou, I will buy you some Buddhist scriptures tomorrow. You can read it when you are free. Then you can chant scriptures and cultivate.”

The beads gave off a red light, and then returned the same appearance as usual. Gu Ye smiled. Lying on the bed looking at the beads and bells, he fell asleep contentedly.

At just 6:00 a.m., Zhao Pengyu called to wake up Gu Ye, summoning him to gather quickly and go fishing! Gu Ye got up in a sleepy state, thinking that if he couldn't catch any fish today, he would kick Zhao Pengyu into the water.

When Gu Ye arrived at the reservoir, he rented a fishing rod and a deck chair and fell asleep directly by the side.

Zhao Pengyu gave a disdainful look at Gu Ye, "You came here to fish, not to sleep. What will you eat for lunch if you can't catch anything?"

"Who said I’m not fishing?" Gu Ye lazily looked at the beautiful sister sitting on the small folding stool, holding his fishing rod with a focused expression. Gu Ye yawned and said confidently, "My fish will climb up along the fishing rod and jump into the bucket by itself."

Zhao Pengyu rolled his eyes, yeah sure!

Not long after, the fishing rod beside Gu Ye lifted up by itself. Then, a big fish is pulled out of the water and it jumps into the bucket.

Zhao Pengyu on the side jumped up in shock, "Frck! Gu Ye! What kind of magic did you use?!"

Gu Ye lazily held his chin. A bottle of juice unscrewed itself and hovered to his mouth. Gu Ye took a sip and said emotionally, "It's probably because I'm good-looking. All fish love me."

"Bah!" After Zhao Pengyu said that, he suddenly thought of the spirit that Gu Ye took away. It is a spirit, not a ghost so it could come out during the day. Could it be...

Zhao Pengyu couldn't help but tremble when he thought of this possibility, "If we are going to the same university, I refuse to share a dormitory with you."

Gu Ye smiled and said, "I want to apply for off-campus accommodation because I want to take my treasures with me. Do you want to share the rent with me?"

"I reject!"

"Come on, hero~"

"Father, please let me go!" Zhao Pengyu felt chilled all over when he thought of the mental image where Gu Ye brings along a group of things he couldn't see.

Gu Ye sighed regretfully, "Must I live alone? Alas! The rent near Capital University is very expensive."

Hearing that, Zhao Pengyu turned speechless, "You help people to see their feng shui and make a lot of money in one go, but you can't afford the rent? You should think about which major you want to study instead."

"My dad fulfilled my wish to apply to Capital University so I’m planning to follow his wish on my major and study business management with you."

Zhao Pengyu became serious and said, "That’s right, your father can't let you keep telling people's fortunes all the time."

Gu Ye shook his finger, "No, no, no, I'm just comforting him with my major. Whatever I learn is the same because I will still set up a stall under the overpass."

Zhao Pengyu: "...Please forget what I said just now."

Classmate Zhao Pengyu is the kind of person who can do well as long as he wants to do it. He read the fishing manual in advance before coming to the reservoir. He just installed whichever hook for the fish he wanted, and he really caught a lot of fish. The two of them ate 2 fish at noon and brought back more than 20. They divided their loot into bags and each carried a large bag back to their mother. The smell was so strong that the taxi driver almost wanted to refuse them a ride.

When Gu Ye got home, Gu Yang had already gone to school, and the house is extremely quiet. Mrs. Gu is walking in the back garden alone with scissors. When she saw flowers that she didn’t like, she would snip them with the scissors and stuff them into the vase.

Gu Ye handed the fishes to the nanny and asked doubtfully, "Mom, who made you angry?"

Mrs. Gu is so angry that she cut the rose bushes bald. She gritted her teeth and said, "I want to get a dog!"

"Do it."

"I want to raise the most beautiful and expensive one!"

Gu Ye couldn't laugh or cry, "What stimulated you?"

Mrs. Gu gets angry when she thinks about it, "That old woman Duan Ying has a little dog that barks at me!"

Gu Ye understood as soon as he heard it. Must be some noble lady's dog frightened his little mother. She probably got embarrassed so right now, little mother is holding a grudge. Gu Ye suggested, "Then, don't raise the most expensive one, you should raise the most lethal one. Raise a big wolfdog, and let it bark at other people[2]."

"Good idea!" Mrs. Gu's gaze turned cold, "I want to raise a huge dog!"

During dinner that night, braised fish, squirrel fish, fish stew, fried fish, and steamed fish; a table of fish with rows of dead fish eyes. Gu Ye looked numb and regretted his decision. Why did he bring the loot back?

After a few bites, Gu Ye sneaked off while everyone in the family is eating. He took out the bag of hell money he bought during the day, and stole an iron basin from the kitchen. Next, he went to hide behind the rockery and pulled out the paper from the bell. Ringing the bell, he said. "Brother Ghost, come to collect the money."

Not long after the basin of hell money is lit, a ghostly figure comes to Gu Ye's side. The excessive ghostly spirit is suppressed by Gu Ye's spell so this ghost brother is no longer exuding his aura flamboyantly. However, from a visual point of view, he still gives people a great impact. With long black hair, a big knife more than 2 meters long, and a mask with a ghostly face, he looks like an emotionless killing god.

"I'll send you a few sets of clothes, some ancient and some modern. You can choose them yourself." Gu Ye also threw a few sets of clothes into the brazier and looked up at Brother Ghost with a smile, his eyes full of admiration. He likes brother ghost’s temperament of emphasizing righteousness, "If you need anything in the future, you can come to me for it."

Ghost General said in a low voice, "Thank you!"

The 2 short words seem to weigh thousands of pounds.

Gu Ye finally threw the entire bag into the brazier as well. At this moment, the security guard at home noticed the fire light and ran over to take a look nervously. He found that Gu Ye squatting here burning paper.

The security guard asked in a complicated mood, "Third Young Master, what are you doing?"

Gu Ye said seriously, "Shhh! I'm delivering a courier to a friend."

The security guard paused, then ran away.

Gu Ye felt wronged, what did he say? What are you running for?

Early the next morning, someone pulled over a cage in a car and delivered the puppy Mrs. Gu wanted. The servants of the family are busy building the kennel, and welcome the little black dog out of the cage like a little prince.

Gu Ye went over to take a look with interest, and the corner of his mouth twitched. His little mother bought a Great Dane. Judging by its appearance, it is very handsome. Gu Ye looked at his little mother’s proud pose with hands on her waist. She had the look of superiority that she had already won, and asked curiously, "Mom, what kind of dog that barked at you last time?"

Mrs. Gu looked disdainful as she replied, "Hehe, it's just a toy poodle."

Gu Ye looked at the Great Dane puppy, which is already as big as a toy poodle, and gave his mother a thumbs up in admiration, "Ruthless!"

After wandering around on the lawn, the puppy started to run around mischievously. With a pair of big blinking black eyes, one can see that it is quite clever at a glance. Mrs. Gu named it ‘Gou Wang/Dog King’. It can be seen that she has high hopes for its future combat effectiveness.

Gu Ye teased the puppy with the ball for a while and Gou Wang is already familiar with Gu Ye, following Gu Ye wherever he goes. Just as Gu Ye is having fun with the dog, the security guard called him, "Third Young Master, a woman is at the gate, saying that she is the mother of your classmate Xia Xiang, and she is looking for you urgently."

"Xia Xiang?" Gu Ye frowned. From Xia Xiang's usual reaction, it could be seen that Xia Xiang's family didn't like him, or should be said acting repulsive toward him. But his mother came to find him in person. Did something happen?

As soon as Gu Ye arrived at the door, a well-dressed woman hurried over and asked with red eyes, "You are Xia Xiang's classmate, Gu Ye, right?"

Gu Ye nodded, "It's me."

In the next second, Xia Xiang's mother knelt down to Gu Ye, "Little master, please go and save my son! My son… is dying!"

Gu Ye got frightened by the woman and jumped to the side more than one meter away, avoiding the kneel[3]. Together with the security guard, he helped Mother Xia up and said, "Auntie, don't worry, speak slowly. What's wrong with Xia Xiang?"

Xia Xiang’s mother cried, "Xia Xiang's brother went on an adventure to a haunted house with his classmates and fainted from fear in the haunted house. He was unconscious when he got sent back, and then Xia Xiang fell unconscious as well. Both brothers are lying in the hospital now. Xia Xiang's eyes have been able to see ‘dirty things’ since he was a child. He must have seen something to become like this. I heard that Zhao Pengyu was rescued by you, please go and save my two sons!"

A mother who is about to lose her two sons, her emotions are nearing breakdown. Gu Ye comforted her, "Calm down first. Xia Xiang is not a short-lived person. I looked into his fortune before and he can live to be 80 years old. Let's leave for the hospital now."

At this time, in the hospital where Xia Xiang is staying, 2 masters couldn’t take it anymore and returned the money to the Xia family. "It's not that we brothers don't want to save them, it's that we really can't."

The older one took off his hat and said in a broken voice, "Look, they did these all to me! My junior brother's clothes were also cut off, and there were fist marks all over his body."

The master's hair is like tender grass after being gnawed by cows, only a few sparse hairs are still trying to stay alive on the top of the shiny head. There is still some hair on both sides of his ears, but it is uneven. It is obvious that the person who shaved his head is not very good at it. The masters couldn't bear it anymore after being pranked all night!

Raw word count: 4036


[1] 红豆相思 - A saying, red bean/hong dou is also called lovesick bean. It is a metaphor for the longing caused by a man and a woman falling in love but unable to meet each other.
[2] Random reminder to reader, this is just a novel plot. It’s wrong to raise a dog just to boost your ego. There, Banana said it so nobody argues in the comment box ya (if there's any comment at all lol).
[3] Banana explained before about avoiding a kneeling gesture from other people, do you guys still need me to explain again? XD

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