Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 3065: Number one assassin: The ascetic prince’s attack strategy (Part 16)

“I won’t let your death be like this.  Those people who harmed you, even if I die, I will drag them to hell.”  He closed his red eyes and slowly stepped forward to gently place a kiss on the lips of the girl in the painting.

A slight tremble, but it was so deep.


At the same time, in the eighth prince’s palace.

Murong Yu was sitting high above, eating oranges while watching the dancers below.

He narrowed his eyes to fix his gaze on one of the girls, Ge Ying.

Whether it was dancing or playing the pipa, she was the best among the dancers.

“You……come over.”

“Why aren’t you going to serve the eight prince?”

“Yes……”  Ge Ying’s peach eyes were very moving, but there was no joy or excitement in her cold eyes.

“This prince is happy today, so you will remain in this prince’s palace and serve this prince.”  Murong Ci raised his right hand to gently raise her chin before saying with an evil charming smile, “How about it?  You don’t seem very happy.”

Ge Ying’s face turned pale before she quickly kneeled down, “This servant……This servant has a lowly status, only knowing how to dance and play the pipa.  This servant is afraid……that this servant won’t be able to serve the eighth prince well.”

“Pa.”  There was a loud slap that rang out through the hall.  Murong Yu slapped her across her fair face, “The things that this prince wants has never escaped this prince’s grasps.  Even if you have ten thousand dissatisfactions in you heart, you only need to smile on the outside.”

The atmosphere in the hall instantly froze.  No one dared to breathe too loudly out of fear of being singed by the flames.


“Shut your mouth.”  Qing Song, the guard who followed Murong Yu said, “Someone, take this commoner girl away and prepare her.  If you don’t serve the prince after this, you will all be buried together.”

“Yes……Yes, yes, yes……”

“Everyone can leave.”

After everyone left, Qing Song looked at Murong Yu to say, “I’ve heard some news from the crown prince’s side.”

“What is it?  Does he know it’s me?”  Murong Yu looked a bit nervous.  Shadow League wouldn’t reveal a client’s information, so Murong Ci shouldn’t know about this.

“Azure Mountain has a certain status in Jianghu, so the Shadow League will be discovered after such a large tragedy.”  Qing Song explained, “I heard that this incident involved Shadow League’s number one assassin, Luo Qing Chen.”

“Didn’t Jun Yao say that the kill order that Luo QIng Chen received was for Murong Ci?”  Murong Yu knitted his brows, “Then logically speaking, we should be allies.”

“This subordinate doesn’t know the specifics, but this subordinate does know that even though the crown prince has always refused to take a crown princess, he suddenly agreed in court this morning.”

“He agreed?”  Murong Yu slammed the glass of wine in his hand down on the table, “It seems like our plan will be carried out sooner.”

“Your highness is talking about the Ning Family?”

“Ning Qian Er is the only daughter of the current Prime Minister Ning.  If she becomes Murong Ci’s crown princess, it will be bad for me.”  Murong Yu coldly narrowed his eyes, “Go to the prime minister manor to take a look tomorrow at Ning Qian Er who is known as the ‘Western Pride’.”

“Yes.”  Qing Song cupped his hands and said, “This subordinate will go prepare.”

“Un.”  Murong Ci gave a soft reply before asking, “Was that girl just now prepared?”

Qing Song replied, “She has been dressed and placed in the western wing.”

“Good.”  Murong Ci chugged the wine on the table and said, “This prince will go and experience this fierce woman.”

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