Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 3042: Entertainment circle: 99 days of a rich family’s secret wedding (Part 70)

“Don’t you already know his character?”  Ye Dong closed his eyes as he leaned on the sofa.  After adjusting his mood, he said, “He would rather fight to the death than to beg for mercy from you.”

Through this cooperation, Ye Dong understood why Ai Sen had tried to play so many tricks on Su Chen Zhou through the years, but he had never succeeded once.

Because he really was dumb.  He only thought about making Su Chen Zhou bow his head and ask for mercy.

Or he just wanted to enjoy the thrill of victory, which wouldn’t bring any benefits.

This was the opposite of him.  He was a person who only pursued his own interests.

There would be interests and conflicts between people.  If there was no interest between him and Su Chen Zhou, then even if it was for pleasure, he wouldn’t waste his time on these boring things.

“So what?  I’m the one who’s holding his handles right now, alright?”  Ai Sen said in a very angry voice, “Why do you want to release the video?  I want to see his reputation ruined.”

Ye Dong looked at the curtains as a sharp glow appeared in his eyes, “The sooner the better.”

He didn’t know why, he just felt particularly uneasy in his heart.  It was impossible for anyone to appear in this place, but he felt that someone had really appeared in this place just now.

There were some things that needed to be settled as soon as possible to avoid sleepless nights.

“That really is great!”  Ai Sen slapped the table and said, “You told me to wait before and I didn’t know what you were waiting for, so it just made me angry!  Did you finally think this through?”

“Yes.”  Ye Dong said with a nod, “Let’s hold a press conference tomorrow.  Go and gather the reporters.”

“No problem, leave it to me.”  Ai Sen said in an excited voice, “This is my favourite thing to do.”

Ye Dong gave a soft reply and then hung up.

Why would he wait?  A dumb person like Ai Sen naturally wouldn’t understand.

He was waiting to maximize his interests.  If Su Chen Zhou asked for mercy for his fame, wealth, and status, this video tape could be something that he could use to threaten him for the rest of his life.

Of course, he could also become the biggest person behind Star Agency and obtain the greatest benefits for himself.

But after such a long time, Su Chen Zhou had barely reacted.

Even if Ai Sen called to threaten him, he didn’t care at all.

This meant that no matter what happened in the future, he wouldn’t be able to obtain any benefits from him.

Since it was like this, it was better to ‘kill’ the opponent as soon as possible to prevent future troubles.

He turned his eyes back to the safe and narrowed them to reveal a complicated look.


The next morning, Su Chen Zhou finished with his final examination and prepared to leave the hospital.

Luo Qing Chen went along with the discharging process, but she was still thinking about Ye Dong’s villa last night.

She had felt a chill run down her spine when she used her teleport.  It was as if eyes had appeared out of nowhere to stare at her.

Logically speaking, it was impossible to see her.  He was only a normal person, so how could he see through her powers?

So taking ten thousand steps back, this person was very cautious.

This kind of caution had reached a miraculous level that could allow him to sense things that normal humans couldn’t.

“Qing Chen, what are you thinking?”  Ye Duo Yun took the medical card from her hand and said, “I can see how absent minded you are.”

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