Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 3036: Entertainment circle: 99 days of a rich family’s secret wedding (Part 64)

“Liking a person and not liking a person is the same.”  Luo Qing Chen coldly curled her lips, “There’s things such as love at first sight and hate at first sight in this world.  Can’t I suddenly find you detestable?”

“You……”  Ye Bei Feng took a deep breath and did all that he could to suppress his rage.

The past Luo Qing Chen never talked to him like this.  Even the past willful and arrogant Qian Xiu Xiu would never speak to him like this.

But now, the Luo Qing Chen in front of him could say these things so casually, as if she wasn’t afraid of hurting him.

“Good, good, good.”  Ye Bei Feng said this three times in a row before saying with a disdainful cold smile, “You think that Su Chen Zhou is a good person?  Why do you think that he went to the hospital?  He ate some aphrodisiac and wanted to molest a girl, don’t you know?”

Luo Qing Chen’s heart skipped a beat.  It wasn’t because she didn’t trust Su Chen Zhou, but because anyone who heard these words would be surprised.

But on the surface, Luo Qing Chen’s face was as calm as water, without a single ripple.

“Do you think that I’ll believe this?”  Luo Qing Chen gave a shrug before saying with a disdainful smile, “Just based on your words?”

“If I only had a few words, would I come and see you?”  Ye Bei Feng seemed angry as he put the tablet right on the table, “How about Mrs Su have a look?”

It had to be said, this Mrs Su address really was taunting in this situation.

Luo Qing Chen picked the tablet up and from the moment she turned it on, she saw a video.

Su Chen Zhou’s face was red and there were beads of sweat on his face as he grabbed the girl’s clothes with his right hand.  The girl had a look of panic on her face and she seemed to be shouting.

Then some people appeared and restrained Su Chen Zhou.

The sound in the video was very soft, but the girl’s cries for help were very loud.

“Un humph?”  Ye Bei Feng said with a cold laugh, “This is your husband, the one that you thought was a good man?  Is he qualified to be compared to me?  Luo Qing Chen, ah Luo Qing Chen, your eyes were quite good before, why did it get worse with age?”

Ye Bei Feng’s words were filled with ridicule.  He thought that he had the advantage and was waiting to see Luo Qing Chen’s panicked expression.

He was waiting for her to say that she was wrong and waiting for her to come back to his side.

He thought the script was beautiful, but reality was cruel.

Because Luo Qing Chen didn’t cry at all, her expression didn’t even change.

She just slowly put down the tablet and looked into Ye Bei Feng’s confident eyes to say, “You only wanted to show me this?”

“He, he……He, he, he, he……He, he, he, he……”  Ye Bei Feng suddenly felt very suddenly became cold as he used a questioning tone to ask Luo Qing Chen, “Is this not enough?  What else do you want to see?  Do you want mosaic scenes?”

It had to be said, Luo Qing Chen thought that Ye Bei Feng would have a taunting tone, but she never thought that he would have such ugly words.

Previous host, ah previous host, you’ve followed him for so many years and you’ve never understood this man.

He isn’t as excellent, as gentlemanly, as gentle, and elegant as you think he is.

“If you have the ability to do so, bring me one of Su Chen Zhou’s mosaic videos, perhaps my reaction will be different then.”  Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips into a faint smile, “But this kind of aphrodisiac plan won’t reach this point with him.”

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