Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 3027: Entertainment circle: 99 days of a rich family’s secret wedding (Part 55)

Deep Dive Entertainment V: The love story between the entertainment industry’s ‘true god’ and ‘Cinderella’ continues to unfold.  Whether the sapphire symbolizes that this fairy tail is still shining, the coverage will continue tomorrow.  [Picture included].

Deep Dive Entertainment used a blurred photo as a warm up, so no one really paid attention to it when it was posted to Weibo.

After all, the account ‘Deep Dive Entertainment’ didn’t really have any fame.  It was already too late and most people had gone to bed.

But although not many people paid attention, there were many people that responded right away.

Romantic Balloon: What is going on?  Could it be that something big is happening?

Humble Inscription: Ze, ze, ze!  Could it be some kind of hyping!

Farewell Youth: Damn!  This picture looks like the male and female lead of “Romantic Little Lord”!  It can’t be that they’re really together, right?

-Song Like Illusions: Don’t speak nonsense, alright?  Even if the picture is blurry, you should look with your eyes.  Is this the male and female leads?

137****545: Plus one to the reply, alright?  Don’t slander my idol, thank you.


There were many comments.  Some people said that ‘Deep Dive Entertainment’ was just creating hype, so it wasn’t really anything big.

Some people said that they had a premonition that it was something big in the entertainment industry.

Among the many comments, there was one that received the most likes and replies.

Meng Meng is a Young Master: Could the sapphire symbolizing love be the Heart of the Ocean?  It can’t be that the true god and Cinderella are the two from the auction, right?  If god thinks it’s true, please vote me up, alright?

-Call me Empress: Damn!  Why does this seem a bit interesting!?

-Little White Dragon: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, this has a bit of flavour.

Unrivaled Hero: Helping you up.


Although many people replied that night, it wasn’t that popular and didn’t even reach the trending page on Weibo.

The really explosive news came at eight the next day.

Deep Dive Entertainment posted all the pictures regarding Luo Qing Chen and Su Chen Zhou, as well as including a comment that would guide everyone.

Deep Dive Entertainment V: The entertainment industry’s waters are really muddy, please let me explain in detail.

Everyone should be very familiar with the two in the pictures.  It is the chairman of the Star Agency Su Chen Zhou and the Cinderella of the film academy Luo Qing Chen who were at the auction on the cruise last time.

Yesterday, our photographer was lucky enough to get this picture.  It shouldn’t be a big problem if two people are in love.  But having a romantic candlelit dinner can be done in public, why do it at home?

According to our analysis, there has to be a reason.  It’s that they are living together.

One is the chairman of a company and one is a student, isn’t this a problem of morality?

Then again, there were rumours that chairman Su Chen Zhou was an abstinent handsome young man, isn’t this a slap to the face now?

[Picture] [Picture] [Picture]


When Deep Dive Entertainment posted this, the entirety of Weibo fell apart.

The discussions were split in half and it reached the trending page of Weibo.

Beautiful Miss: Damn!  Living together?  Too disgusting!  One is selling their body and the other is enjoying desires, it really is disgusting.

-Gong Xi Fa Cai: Please, does it have anything to do with you if they live together?  Do you live by the sea?

-Beautiful Miss replying to Gong Xi Fa Cai: What does it matter to you if I reply like this?  Are you pointing fingers now?

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