Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 3021: Entertainment circle: 99 days of a rich family’s secret wedding (Part 49)

Then there was the fact that Huang Xian Er forgot her words twice and looked at the teleprompter, giving people that feeling that she was just acting.

There were some people that clapped, but those that were in the business remained silent.

This was a good script with good lines, as well as the scenes and sound effects being done well.

But the actors……they weren’t chosen that well.

After the entire play, the one who left the biggest impression was Ye Bei Feng who played Gongsun Liang.

He played the role of a cold and aloof immortal just right.  Although the look in his eyes lacked a bit of affection, it was good overall.

The curtain was called and the actors paid tribute.

The directors and screenwriters in the front row took a few seconds to give an applause.  Some of them didn’t give an applause and some of them even shook their heads.

“Was their acting not good?”  Yan Xi Xi was wearing a floral dress and looked a bit nervous.

“It wasn’t good.”  Luo Qing Chen’s three words didn’t have any bias.

It was good if it was good and it was bad if it was bad, people with eyes would be able to see this.

“Thank you to all the young actors who starred in “Battle of Demons and Gods”.”  The host came up on stage and continued, “We invite the next group of young actors to give us “Wandering All Over”.”

The opening scene was filled with the sounds of bullets before the sound of a person falling down.

Since there were so few of them, the voices could only be replaced by audio.

But this effect was even better.

“I can’t change this world, but I can save the people all over.”  ——Wei Zhong Guo.

Wearing a military outfit and covered in mud, she walked onto the stage looking even more lonely.

“She wrote another letter to me.  Father is sick, so sick that he can’t get out of bed.  I can think of him when he was still farming, telling me……that he would wait for me to come home.”  ——Wei Zhong Guo.

She kneeled on the ground with her eyes filled with tears, but she didn’t let them fall.

Because she couldn’t cry, she was the model of all soldiers.

“Father is dead……He was in pain when he died.  I am his only son, but I couldn’t show my filial piety.  First is the country, second is the family……”  ——Wei Zhong Guo.

“The battle was fought well this time, we defeated more of them with less and finally withstood all the pressure.”

“I still didn’t have time to tell her it was safe and when she wrote again……This time it was mother who left……”

Luo Qing Chen stood on the stage alone, feeling the state of mind of commander Wei Zhong Huo.  Feeling the pain in his life, step by step as he carried out his heavy mission and responsibilities.

She changed the script a bit.  Wei Zhong Guo’s wife Cui Hua had come from afar to see him one last time.

This was Cui Hua acted out by Yan Xi Xi, the only other actor.

“Father is dead, mother is dead, our son is also dead……I will die soon as well……”  Cui Hua was dressed in tattered clothes.  Because her shoes were worn down, her feet were covered in blood.  She looked at Wei Zhong Guo with bloodshot eyes and said, “Are you satisfied?  Why would you want to live in this world?  You didn’t even protect your family that gave birth to you, why……why do you still want to live?”

As a soldier’s wife, no one understood her pain.

She tried her best to play the role of a soldier’s wife, but she found that she lost everything in the end, without a single thing left……

Cui Hua’s heartrending cry had brought the play to a climax.  Everyone waited with baited breath to see how Wei Zhong Guo would respond.

Even the great directors couldn’t help stretching their necks out with eyes filled with anticipation.

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