Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 3019: Entertainment circle: 99 days of a rich family’s secret wedding (Part 47)

Su Yuan was stunned before narrowing his eyes that were filled with doubt.

He wanted to ask more questions, but he knew that they wouldn’t tell him anything.

It was like a black hole filled with mystery.  Even if you wanted to see the truth, you couldn’t see it.

“It seems like the atmosphere has become good, I don’t know why I feel so grateful.”  Ye Duo Yun looked at Luo Qing Chen with slightly red eyes, “Can I come with you for the wedding preparations?  I’ve been there a lot and I have some experience with wedding dresses.”

Su Chen Zhou’s eyes fell onto Ye Duo Yun, but this time he didn’t say anything.

It was as if the harsh words came to his mouth, but he suddenly couldn’t say it.

“Alright.”  Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips and said, “I feel that everyone needs some time to prepare.  When does old master Su think the best time is?”

“The Su Group has some major bids in the next two months.”  Su Yuan fell into thought before turning to look at Su Chen Zhou, “How about setting it in late autumn in three months?”

Late autumn……

When the maple leaves fell and when the thoughts turned to frost.

His mother and father had met in late autumn.  The two had loved each other and never let go of each other no matter what kind of difficulties they encountered.

Until……Until his mother passed that he no longer believed in women or love.

“Alright.”  Su Chen Zhou gently took Luo Qing Chen’s hand and his eyes became gentle as he looked at Su Yuan, “You can make the decision.”

She was right.  He had brought her back to get Su Yuan’s approval.

The thing that he couldn’t do, she had changed the opinion of this stubborn old man with just a few words.

He didn’t know what she had used.  Why did this girl that gave him an ordinary feeling when they first met give him this kind of amazement each day afterwards?

It shocked his life and his time.

[Ding, affection has increased by ten.  Mission completion rate is now 70%.]

There were some people that unknowingly fell in love.  There were some people that unknowingly couldn’t hate anymore.

After leaving the villa, all four of them busied themselves with their own things.

Su Yuan prepared for the bids day and night.  Ye Duo Yun helped several well known wedding dress designers to make the most beautiful wedding dress for Luo Qing Chen.

She knew that Su Chen Zhou’s mother, Su Yuan’s first wife, was a wedding dress designer.

Actually, she wasn’t jealous of her.

She just felt that she could put in a bit more effort into the things that she couldn’t do.

Su Chen Zhou obtained the copyright to the large novel “Palace of Hatred” and was planning on turning it into a drama.

This was a palace drama with a female lead.  It told the story of a person who traveled through time to become a concubine in the cold palace, before reaching the palace step by step.

There was intrigue and deceit, shocking one at every step.

“Young master, many agents have called about the female lead role.”  Wang Wang said while sorting the information, “But they are all asking about the other candidates, are there any famous candidates?”

The “Palace of Hatred” was a palace drama, with many concubines.

If there was a famous person, then the female lead would become more popular.

“Spread the word that the casting for “Capital Palace” will start soon.”  Su Chen Zhou stood in front of the large window and said with a faint smile, “It will include last year’s film empress, Yang Yue.”

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