Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2999: Entertainment circle: 99 days of a rich family’s secret wedding (Part 27)

It was because the previous host remembered this place that there was a throbbing in her heart.

But this place was not a good one.  Ye Bei Feng was a person who resisted her desires and welcomed the passions of others.  He knew what her heart felt, but he didn’t accept or deny her.

He always put her in the grey area between love and friendship, constantly asking and never giving.

But he enjoyed it very much.  He enjoyed the feeling of being treated as a treasure by someone else.  He enjoyed plenty of love without giving any.

When the bowl filled with peppers and coriander was placed in front of her, her feelings became even deeper.

“You eat first, I’ll buy two bottles of water.”  Ye Bei Feng’s face looked very good.  She could see the happiness and satisfaction that was coming from this face.

At the same time, at the film school.

Although Su Chen Zhou’s expression didn’t change, there was a flame that was burning in his heart.

When he passed by her, he asked Wang Wang to pay attention to where she was going and every one of her and Ye Bei Feng’s actions.

In the past, although he was a leader in his profession, he didn’t feel that he was an overbearing person in terms of personal affairs.

But now, he felt that his domineering nature was even considered black bellied.

“Di, di, di.”

Ten minutes later, Su Chen Zhou’s phone rang.

(They’ve gone to a noodle shop and have sat down.  ——Wang Wang)

“Does Director Su have other business to attend to?”  The principal sitting beside him politely said, “Actually, Director Su has never had to come personally to recruit people, so I was a bit caught off guard today.”

“It’s fine, principal.”  Su Chen Zhou shook his head and said, “I do have something else to do, so I’ll leave the rest to the principal.”

“No problem.”  The principal said with a nod, “Director Su, take care of your business.”

After Su Chen Zhou left the school, he raced in the direction of the location Wang Wang sent him.

He didn’t sleep last night and had only been thinking of a certain person.

He checked his phone every five minutes to see if she had responded.

Nothing, nothing, nothing!

Absolutely!  Nothing!

The annual recruitment of people and personal selection of models were all excuses.

He had never come to school in person for these matters.  First, it was because there were too many crazy girls at this school that blocked his way.  Second, it was because there were many people that wanted to appear in the spotlight that also liked to block his way.

Whether they were male or female.

He didn’t like this kind of place and always felt awkward.  So generally speaking, he didn’t come to the film school himself to choose people.

But this time he clearly came to choose someone.  He wanted to see her and find some time to chat with her!

He never thought that!  That girl would be walking together with that whatever Ye Bei Feng and even acting like she didn’t see him when she walked by!

He stepped on the accelerator in rage!

“Young master……You, you’re here!”  Wang Wang pushed up his sunglasses and pointed at the seat by the window, “They’re over there eating noodles!”

“He, he……”  Su Chen Zhou gave a cold laugh and said disdainfully, “Treating someone to a place like this, it really is shabby!”

Seeing him sitting with her, his mood was really bad.

Ah!  He was worried, worried, worried!

The location that Wang Wang chose was a blind spot to the noodle shop.  They could see Luo Qing Chen, but Luo Qing Chen couldn’t see them.

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