Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2978: Entertainment circle: 99 days of a rich family’s secret wedding (Part 6)

Luo Qing Chen quickly organized her thoughts, but the other side’s cool thin lips were already a few centimeters away from her.

“Wait.”  Luo Qing Chen was breathing rapidly as she swallowed some saliva and said, “It can’t be that you’re……drugged, right?”

Although this was only purely a guess, the plot somewhat felt familiar to her.

“Why are you surprised?”  Su Chen Zhou raised a brow before revealing a cold smile, “Isn’t this your plan?  But you’re looking down on this Su too much.”

Actually, Luo Qing Chen couldn’t even clearly hear what Su Chen Zhou was saying anymore.

She was already feeling dizzy when she entered the room.  When she walked in, she found that there were already certain desires that she couldn’t control.

There was something wrong with this room……

“I……”  Luo Qing Chen bit her lips.  Her thoughts and her actions already started to be inconsistent.

She wanted to find some way out of the confinement, but her body’s demands were more honest.

Right!  She kissed Su Chen Zhou without a single word.

The other side’s unconscious reaction was to push her away, but because of the drug, not only did he not push her away, he took charge of this deep kiss.

In the dark night, in the room with no lights, the two who had never met before had a relationship deeper than lovers.

It was already half past five when Luo Qing Chen woke up.  She touched her body with her right hand and her face turned red.

But it can’t be said that she was unfamiliar with this kind of thing.  It was just that this was the first time that it was so exciting entering a world.

What to do?  Should she forget it?

No, no, she had to think long term.

Luo Qing Chen stood up and put on her clothes.  Then she took a pen and paper from the bedside table and using the faint light, she wrote a paragraph based on her feelings.

Then she took a deep breath and quickly left the room.

It was quiet outside, there was no sound other than the cold wind.

She closed her eyes as she stood on the deck.  Feeling the silence of the sea, she felt the mood of the previous host when she had stood here.

When she had jumped, she had been in absolute despair.

Although Luo Qing Chen wouldn’t understand her feelings, she could vaguely feel the heartbreak.

Ye Bei Fen, she wanted to meet this person.

She definitely, definitely wouldn’t let him act that way.

She even felt that Ye Bei Feng wasn’t worthy of the words supporting male lead.

The previous host’s love was so humble that it couldn’t be seen even in the dust.

Actually, what didn’t the previous host know.

Ye Bei Feng knew what kind of person the previous host was in the beginning.  He didn’t pick the previous host because he loved her, but because he knew that the previous host would be good to him.

If you ate too many delicacies, you would want to try some of the bland stuff.

Actually, Ye Bei Feng always said that he didn’t like going to karaoke and clubbing, but in reality, he was also addicted to the vanity that this brought.  Qian Xiu Xiu could give him much more of this than the previous host.

The side dishes would never be as good as the main dish.  So no matter how good the previous host was to him, he would never keep her.

Whether it was Qian Xiu Xiu or Wan Xiu Xiu, there would be another main dish to replace this side dish.

Luo Qing Chen felt that the previous host was a fool.  Since she already knew this, why would she jump?

Ruining her life for a man that didn’t deserve it.

No, it was losing one’s life.

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