Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2966: Counterattack in the palace: Revenge of the little maid (Part 74)

Seven days later, the High Race Country.

“The Heavenly Court Emperor really made this decree?”


“Very good!”  Talu said with a wide smile, “General Song’s guesses really were correct.  He made a mess of the situation before us.”

“He is a smart person, but also a selfish person.”  Song Nan Mo slightly knitted his brows, “If I didn’t greatly hurt his self esteem, he wouldn’t have made such a rash move.”

“Whether it was impulsive or deliberate, we are facing the final battle.”  Talu looked at him and said, “Prepare yourself, we can’t back down now.”

Song Nan Mo took a deep breath before giving a slight nod.

It wasn’t that he wasn’t hesitant.  When he thought about his father’s wrinkled face after spending half his life on the battlefield, he felt that he wasn’t filial enough.

But if he had to fight on the battlefield for such a ruler, he felt that it wasn’t worth it.

With half a candle and white snow floating outside.

Luo Qing Chen and Song Nan Mo sat there facing each other, admiring the snow outside the window.

She said with a chuckle, “I should have guessed that the young general was you.”

“I should have guessed that you were the one giving King Talu advice.”  Song Nan Mo looked at her with a gentle gaze and said, “But I only thought that he was a bad person and you would never help him.”

Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips, “He is a good person.  When he returns to the palace, I hope that he and your sister can have their story.”

“You haven’t changed at all.”  Song Nan Mo raised his right hand and patted her head, “Sister has been thinking about you during this entire year.  If she knew that you were living such a good life, she would definitely be happy.”

“Not good at all.”  Luo Qing Chen said with a blink, “Without a certain person here, it wasn’t good at all.”

One year, an entire year without being able to say coquettish things to Song Nan Mo.

He looked down with a smile, still acting shy at this moment.

But when he looked up again, there was an affectionate gaze in his eyes.

It was as if wherever he looked, there was the most beautiful scenery.

“I will always stay by your side.”  Song Nan Mo tightly held her hand, “Whether it is in life or death, I will never leave you alone.”

He had changed, completely changed.

Perhaps in the eyes of many people in court, he was a traitor who had led eighty thousand in rebellion.

His father was a great hero of the battlefield, but he was a traitor to the country.

How ironic, how laughable.

But so what?

He always believed that the ruler was the ruler and a minister was a minister in the past.  He was loyal to Feng Yu and had no other thoughts.

But when he and her truly loved each other, Feng Yu had made such a decisive move to split them apart.

His endurance, his discipline, his loyalty were all for a person that wasn’t worth it.

If Luo Qing Chen liked Feng Yu instead of him, he would have given up with his personality since he wanted the person he loved to be happy.

As long as she was happy, anything could work.

But the person she loved was him and she wouldn’t let go even in death.

“Are you prepared?”  Luo Qing Chen leaned on him and said, “Actually, I’m not even sure if we can win.”

“You’re thinking too much.”  Song Nan Mo reached out and covered her eyes, “When I’m by your side in the future, you don’t need to think this much.  I won’t be that person who can only beg on the ground, I will never be that person again……”

He didn’t forget when Feng Yu gave that order, he could only submit and beg for mercy.

From now on, he would firmly take the things he wanted in his hand and keep them by his side.

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