Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2961: Counterattack in the palace: Revenge of the little maid (Part 69)

Song Nan Mo had thought about meeting Luo Qing Chen again many times, but he never imagined that they would meet like this.

Thousands of arrows passed by them, but it felt very safe when she hugged him.

It was like they weren’t in this Tiger Pass, but the imperial gardens where they met for the first time.

He had helped her by lying to the emperor.

Song Nan Mo at that time was the most popular man in the palace, countless noble ladies had wanted to marry him.

Looking at him now, although he was still handsome, he had become a bit older.

Just what had he experienced in a short year?

“It turned out that you were the young general.”  Luo Qing Chen gave a foolish chuckle, “We have fought so many times before.”

“I’ve long heard your name.”  Song Nan Mo raised his right hand to pushed back the scattered hair behind her ear, “Miss High Race Country’s strategist.”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha.”

In this dangerous situation, she could still feel at ease like this.

Or she was just someone with this personality.  As long as she was with someone that she loved, she didn’t care if it was heaven or hell, in life or death.

Of course, every person wanted a peaceful life with the one that they loved.

But if they were separated, it was better to live and die together.

At least in this moment, she felt at ease in this dangerous situation.

“Stop, stop, stop!”  Ban Yang roared out, “Stop firing, everyone stop!  The princess is below!”

The noise around him seemed to die down.  Song Nan Mo raised his token, signalling a truce.

The two generals met in a powerful manner.

Song Nan Mo stood there with his right hand tightly holding Luo Qing Chen’s hand.  He looked up with a majestic manner.

“Princess Nefer, this is?”  Ban Yang naturally didn’t understand why she was so desperate to save this young hero.

After all, if the Heavenly Court was their greatest enemy, it was better to say that this young hero was their greatest enemy.

It was a good chance to make him disappear from this world, so why would the princess stop this?

Could it be that she still cared about the Heavenly Court?

“It’s a long story.  I can’t say more while the two armies are fighting.”  Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips and said, “But this is what I have to do.”

As the High Race Country’s military advisor, going against such a great victory would demoralize them.

But……For Song Nan Mo……it was all worth it.

This was a battle that couldn’t be fought, no matter what.

“General Ban.”  Song Nan Mo’s obsessed eyes slowly moved away from Luo Qing Chen and turned to look at Ban Yang, “Song Nan Mo never said that he would be loyal to the Heavenly Court.”

“You……”  Ban Yang was surprised.  Liu Shuai standing behind Song Nan Mo was even more surprised.

After he became a loyal general, he had never lost a single fight in this year whether it was a large or small campaign.  He was an unparalleled young hero.

Why?  Why would this young man say such a thing?

There were eighty thousand elite soldiers who swore to serve him even in death.  He was saying that he would betray his country like this, this was the move of a villain.

But Song Nan Mo’s face was calm, without a single trace of guilt or fear.

Because even if he didn’t understand at first, how could he not understand when he was surrounded by the enemy?

Feng Yu wanted him to die and even if it meant eighty thousand elite soldiers would be buried with him, the cold and black bellied emperor didn’t care.

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