Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2952: Counterattack in the palace: Revenge of the little maid (Part 60)

Three months, she had already gone to the High Race Country for three months.

But no matter how he investigated, he couldn’t find where she was or any news on her.

He couldn’t be assured, no matter what.

In December of the year, Song Nan Mo led ten thousand elite troops to sweep the Mulbury Country and Northern Country.  At the same time, he also took down six different small countries by the border and greatly expanded their country’s territory.

He was brave and excelled in combat, always having a strategy.  Whether it was a large or small battle, he would understand the opponent’s layout first and would defeat them easily.

The small countries on the border were terrified of him and gave him the title Proud God.

Because he never showed any fear in battle, he was naturally arrogant like a son of god.

Over the past year, he kept climbing the ladder with countless victories.

Everyone in the army worshiped and trusted him.  His prestige had even surpassed his father in just a single year.

It was winter again.  Concubine Rou sat in the Righteous Declaration Palace, looking out at the snow outside.

Everyone seemed to calm down.  After Song Nan Mo went to the battlefield, her mother was very happy, almost smiling every day.

Her stepmother was concerned every day, worried that bad news would come from the battlefield.

But it was a good thing that there was only news of Song Nan Mo’s great victories.

As for her…..after so many things, the emperor didn’t feel too good or bad towards her.

The Righteous Declaration Palace went on as normal and he rarely came.

For Concubine Rou, she more or less felt a bit disappointed, but she didn’t feel sad.

After all, some people were just passerbys in her heart in the first place.

This year has been very peaceful.  It was so peaceful that she thought that this peace came from the sacrifice of that girl.

And her brother was doing crazy things in silence.

One after another……


At the same time, in the High Race Country, the Azure Frost Pavilion.

Behind a beaded curtain, there was a young girl wearing a dark blue floral dress skirt eating some fresh grapes.

There were some military charts on the table.  She looked at them a few times before making a few marks.

“Princess Nefer, these are the lychees sent by the king.  You should eat them fresh.”  A maid on the side came over and said to her with a smile on her face.

“Put them there.”  Luo Qing Chen gave a yawn and said, “Help me tell Talu to come over later.  I have some clues about the questions that he asked me.”

“Yes, princess.”

Luo Qing Chen took a lychee and looked at it, with eyes as calm as ever.  It had been a year since she came to the High Race Country.  A year after the truce between the two countries, turmoil had begun again.

It was said that there was a brave young general who killed gods and buddhas.  He didn’t give his enemies any chance to breathe.

Talu thought that the enemy’s hands would reach them soon, so he asked her to think of a countermeasure.

Nefer was her High Race Country’s name.  Although she came for marriage in the name of the eldest princess, Talu didn’t marry her and only made her a princess.

The reason was simple, Talu only loved his wife.

This saved her a lot of energy from escaping and she could think of a way to go back legitimately.

There was one thing that she didn’t expect.

Actually, if it wasn’t for the fact that Princess Monasha looked like Concubine Rou, she wouldn’t have discovered it.

The current king of the High Race Country was Chi Heng.  Talu only told the story in a few words, but one could imagine what kind of difficulties he had gone through in his life and death struggle.

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