Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2943: Counterattack in the palace: Revenge of the little maid (Part 51)

A message?  Didn’t he just leave?  How could he send a message this quickly?

“Let him come in.”  The empress dowager waved her hand, “The emperor should have already made his next move.  He is this one’s son, this one understands him better than you.”

Since he was young, he had never hesitated in his decisions.

“This servant greets the empress dowager.”

“Stand.”  The empress dowager raised her hand and said, “What message has the emperor sent?”

“Our country and the High Race Country have fought for many years and now the two countries want peace.”  Eunuch Du gave two coughs before continuing, “Now that the High Race Country has presented the cattle and sheep, our country needs to respond with an eldest princess to build a friendship with them.”

The empress dowager looked at Luo Qing Chen before saying, “Qing Chen still hasn’t been canonized as the eldest princess.  Tell the emperor that he can use something else for a present for now.”

“Reporting to the empress dowager.”  Eunuch Du continued, “Now that General Song is at the border, the emperor said that he would give miss Qing Chen two choices.  One is to marry into the High Race Country as the eldest princess and bring harmony to the two countries, making everyone happy.  Or two, the Clear Light Temple is a good place.”

“It seems that if I don’t want to get married, the emperor wants me to become a monk.”  Luo Qing Chen gave a cold laugh, “This kind of choice isn’t anything to me since becoming a monk isn’t anything for me.”

“The emperor also said that if miss Qing Chen isn’t willing to go to the High Race Country, there is no need for peace between our country and them.”  Eunuch Du said with knitted brows, “Young miss, this servant won’t beat around the bush.  If the emperor goes back on his word, the High Race Country will be furious.  Most of the troops have already been withdrawn, only General Song leads the last army at the border.”

“What did you say?”  Song Nan Mo said in disbelief.  Even his voice trembled a bit.

Feng Yu’s multiple choice wasn’t for Luo Qing Chen, but rather Song Nan Mo.

To put it simply, if Luo Qing Chen wasn’t willing to marry the king of the High Race Country, the emperor would prevent General Song from returning.

One was his beloved and one was his family, he wanted to know which one Song Nan Mo would choose.

After a long time, the empress dowager came back to her senses and weakly sat down, “You can leave first.”

“This servant will leave.”

After Du San Bao left, Luo Qing Chen couldn’t help giving a cold laugh, “General Song is a general of three dynasties and he has made great contributions to the country.  As the emperor, he really can’t distinguish between right and wrong.”

There was a ball of anger in her heart that didn’t fade for a long time.  Luo Qing Chen could even tell that her voice trembled a bit when she said this.

This time, even the empress dowager didn’t reprimand him.

Even she never thought that Feng Yu would be this determined.  For this kind of love, he……was even sacrificing loyalty.

He had been very thoughtful since he was young, but she never thought that he would be this black bellied, this crazy.

“Qing Chen, this matter concerns you, Nan Mo, and Concubine Rou, as well as our entire country.”  The empress dowager gave a deep sigh, “The emperor has lost his heart and this one can’t do anything now.  Your choice will be up to you in the end.”

Feng Yu really did what he said, he would destroy her if he couldn’t get her.

But in fact, she could leave at any time if she didn’t have a bond.  With her powers, there was no one in this world that could stop her.

But she had a bond and people with bonds are easily tied.

She couldn’t watch General Song die for nothing.  Concubine Rou had been good for her and Song Nan Mo risked his life to protect her.

No matter what, she should protect their family.

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