Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2930: Counterattack in the palace: Revenge of the little maid (Part 38)

When the empress dowager said this, even Luo Qing Chen who had been calm the entire time couldn’t help revealing a surprised look.

Her mind quickly turned as she thought about why the empress dowager had come here.  Whose marriage was she asking for?  Could it be for……Fang Yin?

How absurd this answer sounded, but after eliminating all the other possibilities, there was only this possibility left.

Fang Yin came to the Righteous Declaration Palace to see Concubine Rou.  Concubine Rou knew that this matter would get out of hand, so she had no choice but to tell Fang Yin and find a way to get the empress dowager to help.

If the empress dowager asked Feng Yu to grant an engagement to Song Nan Mo and Fang Yin, then perhaps the two of them would be able to live.

“Who is royal mother asking an engagement for……”  Feng Yu seemed to understand something and a smile that was hard to conceal appeared on his lips.

He was a smart person, how could he not understand.

“The emperor knows that this one has loved this child since she was young.  The late emperor didn’t leave any princess with this one and the only princess lives among the people……Ai, let’s not mention it……”  The empress dowager looked at Fang Yin with a kind smile, “Yin’er is half a princess and she’s reached the age where she can get married.  She told this one about the one that she loves.”

Feng Yu raised a brow and asked despite knowing, “Who does Princess Yin love?”

Fang Yin kneeled down and said, “Reporting to the emperor, Fang Yin loves the younger brother of Concubine Rou, Sir Song Nan Mo, the minister of the ministry of industry.”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha.”  Feng Yu gave a loud laugh, “Nan Mo has been favoured by many daughters of ministers over the years, but not a single one has dared to propose marriage to this one before.”

Feng Yu’s words seemed to be for Fang Yin, but also Luo Qing Chen.

The empress dowager heard this and quickly said with a smile, “This one can also see that Yin’er is really in love and Sir Song is an upright person.  Sir Song’s father has made countless contributions to the country with a prominent family background, so he won’t wrong Yin’er.”

“Fang Yin, why aren’t you thanking the empress dowager?”  Feng Yu said with a faint smile, “

Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes as a cold look appeared.  At this moment, other than overbearing, Feng Yu gave her a strange sense of hypocrisy.

Every word that he said not only reminded her, but also Song Nan Mo.  As well as using his status as the emperor to decide everything.

Now Princess Yin, who the empress dowager loved the most, had put down her dignity to ask for an engagement, if Song Nan Mo refused……

“Du San Bao, send down this one’s decree.  The minister of the ministry of industry Song Nan Mo and Princess Fang Yin will be……”

Before he could say ‘married’, Song Nan Mo kneeled down and his voice as cold as water rang out through the Supreme Hall.

“This subordinate isn’t willing.”

If he wasn’t willing, he wasn’t willing.  He wouldn’t be willing even if he died.

Since he was young, whether it was at home or in court, whether it was his friends or family, he was always humble, upright, tolerant, outstanding, and talented.

But he knew that he was actually a selfish person.

But there weren’t that many ups and downs in his life.  There was nothing and no one that he was obsessed with.

But now, this appeared.  He showed his sincerity when he gave the jade pendant.

Even if he died, he wouldn’t let go.

“Bold!”  Feng Yu was enraged as he slapped the table, “Song Nan Mo, don’t think that just because you are great general Song’s son that this one doesn’t dare kill you.  This kind of disrespect, where do you put Princess Yin, the empress dowager, and this one!”

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