Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2922: Counterattack in the palace: Revenge of the little maid (Part 30)

There was a snow white pleated dress that was finely made.  Although it was the uniform of the palace, it was very elegant and refined.

She looked up a bit to meet Song Nan Mo’s eyes.

He said, “Happy birthday.”

“How did you know……”

“I can find out anything that I want to know.”  Song Nan Mo looked into her eyes and slowly said, “Qing Chen, I……”

“You what?”  Actually, Luo Qing Chen could guess what he wanted to say.  However, seeing him like this made her want to tease him which really was cute.

“It’s nothing.  I asked Su Su to bring the birthday meal that I prepared into your room.”  Song Nan Mo raised his right hand, wanting to touch her head, but it stopped in midair.

Luo Qing Chen took his wrist and put it on her head before saying, “Thank you for Sir Song’s present.  I like it very much.”

[Ding, affection has increased by ten.  Mission completion rate is now 70%.]


When winter came, Luo Qing Chen changed into her new winter clothes.  But she forgot to put on the jade pendant that she received from Song Nan Mo.

Song Nan Mo found out as soon as he came to the Righteous Declaration Palace.  He grabbed her wrist and said with a frown, “Why aren’t you wearing the jade pendant……”

He didn’t use any strength.  Although he was a bit angry, he didn’t use any force out of fear of hurting her.

“Oh, the jade pendant.”  Luo Qing Chen blinked before saying in an understanding voice, “I forgot when I changed clothes.”

“You can forget this?”  Song Nan Mo gently let go of her hand as a trace of disappointment appeared in his eyes.

It was as if he had lost something important.  Even the air was filled with a trace of sadness.

“Sir Song also forgot what you promised me before.”  Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips and said with a bit of arrogance, “Compared to mine, Sir Song’s revoking of the promise is more serious.”

“I’ve broken a promise?”  Song Nan Mo knitted his brows.  He looked at her like an old man with doubt in his eyes.

“Ke, ke……”  Luo Qing Chen cleared her throat before saying in detail, “When I first met Sir Song and took his jade pendant without asking, Sir Song said that he would bring a better jade pendant for me.  But it’s already been three months, so where is the jade pendant that Sir Song promised?”

“You……Luo Qing Chen……”  Song Nan Mo’s face turned red and ‘anger’ was written on his face as he looked at her, “You clearly know and you’re still asking.  Why are you saying such things?”

Luo Qing Chen revealed a faint smile when she heard this.

Song Nan Mo was special.  No matter who it was, his personality was a special one.

He didn’t dare casually hold her hand and even when he was angry, he wouldn’t be ‘overbearing’ with her.

But that didn’t mean that he was weak even though he had this personality, he just had his own self discipline.

In the court, he was the emperor’s right hand man.  In the harem, he was the idol of all the girls who weren’t married yet.

This person was always too dazzling.

So she always liked to tease him and make him angry.  It would occasionally raise his affection and it would occasionally let her see how he cared about her.

“So, what does Sir Song mean?”  Luo Qing Chen tilted her head as her lips formed a faint smile.

“You clearly know that I don’t plan on taking back that jade pendant……”  Song Nan Mo looked at her and said, “My sister and I each have a jade pendant like this.  Mother told us that no matter who we married, the jade pendant……should be given to those in our heart.”

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