Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2918: Counterattack in the palace: Revenge of the little maid (Part 26)

Over the next half an hour, Luo Qing Chen told Concubine Rou her bold guesses and careful verifications.

After Concubine Rou heard this, her expression greatly changed and she almost fainted.

Luo Qing Chen said with a deep sigh, “Concubine, this matter can’t be blamed on the concubine from beginning to end……”

“Blame this one, how could it not be blamed on this one……”  Concubine Rou bit her lips and said with tears dripping down, “If this one didn’t raise a jackal, Feng Zhi wouldn’t have left this one……It was all this one’s fault……It was all this one’s fault……”

“Concubine, you shouldn’t be sad right now.”  Luo Qing Chen slowly looked up, “We should find a way to get evidence on this jackal and the mastermind behind her.”

“This one wants to drive her out……”

“No.”  Luo Qing Chen shook her head, “We need to use her to lure out the mastermind behind her.”

At dusk.

Luo Qing Chen finally came out of Concubine Rou’s room.  Xiang Cao was standing not far away, desperately rolling her eyes at her.

The maid Su Su quickly came over and looked at her to say, “Qing Chen, Xiang Cao is very angry!  Don’t provoke her today……”

“Un.”  Luo Qing Chen gave a nod before deliberately raising her voice, “Su Su, the concubine wants you to go to the internal affairs department to check which palace has received alum recently.”


There was a ‘dong’ sound that rang out.  The flower pot in Xiang Cao’s hand smashed to the ground.

“Alright, I’ll go now.”  Su Su felt this was very strange.  She cutely scratched her head before heading to the internal affairs department.

Luo Qing Chen looked at Xiang Cao before walking in a different direction.

Xiang Cao immediately ran off to the Flying Flower Palace, planning on reporting to the empress.

Luo Qing Chen made a cup of tea for Concubine Rou, “The concubine can look for the emperor now.  Let’s catch the turtles in their urn.”


“Sister Qing Lan, please help me, I need to see the Empress.”  Xiang Cao nervously said, “I have something to report.”

“It’s you.”  Qing Lan looked at her and said, “Wait here.”

Not long after, Xiang Cao entered the Flying Flower Palace to tell the empress about the matter of the alum.

The Empress took a sip of her tea before saying, “This one has never received any alum from the internal affairs department.  What do you mean by this?”

Xiang Cao’s face turned pale.  She looked at the empress and said, “Empress……Xiang Cao did it for you.  Empress, you can’t tear down the bridge like this.”

“Pa.”  A heavy slap fell on Xiang Cao’s face.  Qing Lan looked at her and said, “You murdered the prince because you hate your master and you want to slander the empress, you truly are bold.”

“Have you made enough noise yet!”  A majestic voice slowly rang out and everyone kneeled down to say, “Greetings to the emperor.”

“Concubine Rou came to this one to report that someone was plotting to kill this one’s prince?”  Feng Yu looked at the empress and said, “Is this matter really related to the empress?”

Concubine Rou blinked her eyes filled with tears before pursing her lips to look at Xiang Cao with sadness, “This one normally treats you well and you actually……”

“Concubine…….Concubine, it isn’t my fault……I was forced by the empress……”  Xiang Cao fell to the ground and hugged the empress’ thighs, “The empress caught this servant’s parents and forced this servant to do this.”

“Emperor, this one has never done this before.  It is all this lowly person’s slander.”  The empress pointed at Xiang Cao and said, “She came in talking about alum, but this one doesn’t know what that is at all.  Why do you want to slander this one?”

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