Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2903: Counterattack in the palace: Revenge of the little maid (Part 11)

Xiang Cao immediately bowed after hearing this, “This servant spoke too much.  Concubine, please forgive me.”

Concubine Rou waved her hand before turning her gaze back onto Luo Qing Chen, “What you said just now……is it true?”

“This servant isn’t entirely sure, but after being with Concubine Li for some time, my eyes are quite good.”  Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips as she said, “As long as the concubine gives Qing Chen some time, Qing Chen will definitely be able to give the concubine an answer.”

“Good, this one will believe in you.”  Concubine Rou looked at Xiang Cao on the side and said, “Go to the clothes washing department and tell them that the Righteous Declaration Palace wants this maid.”

“Concubine……”  Xiang Cao wanted to say something, but she knew that she had made Concubine Rou unhappy, so she could only purse her lips and say, “This servant will do it now.”

Concubine Rou gave a nod.  She didn’t forget to add, “After you’re done, go report to the internal affairs department.”

“Concubine, be assured, this servant knows what to do.”  Xiang Cao gave a bow before turning to leave.

When she passed by Luo Qing Chen, she didn’t forget to stomp her foot, “Don’t be so proud.”

“Xiang Cao.”

“This servant is going, concubine.”

Concubine Rou watched Xiang Cao leave.  Only when she was gone did she shake her head and say, “This one normally spoils her too much, so she has a bit of a willful temper.”

“It’s clear that the concubine is kind.”  Luo Qing Chen blinked before saying, “Concubine, please be assured, Qing Chen used to do some dirty things for Concubine Li in the past, but this servant has a firm mind.  This servant won’t do things that will put people’s lives in danger.”

“Suspicious people aren’t useful and useful people aren’t suspicious.”  Concubine Rou looked at her, “This one summoned you to this one’s palace today not to pursue the past.”

“I can guess that even if this servant didn’t tell the concubine the truth, the concubine would have at most rebuked me and sent me back to the clothes washing department.”  Luo Qing Chen’s lips curled slightly, “This servant wouldn’t have received twenty paddles.”

“Qing Chen, since you are entering the Righteous Declaration Palace, you should know that everything that you say and do will represent this one and the Righteous Declaration Palace.”  Concubine Rou looked at her with a gentle look, “Don’t speculate on your master’s thoughts in the future, understood?”

“Qing Chen understands……”


Xiang Cao, who came back from the internal affairs department, arranged a room for her.  It was the furthest and most remote room.

Although it didn’t look messy, it was filled with dust.

“Although I don’t know what magic soup you’ve fed Concubine Rou, I am accurate in judging people.”  Xiang Cao gave a cold snort, “I know what you were like in the Harmonious West Palace.  You can trick the concubine, but you can’t fool me.”

Luo Qing Chen revealed a smile after hearing this, “You’re saying that the concubine is dumber than you?”

“You……”  Xiang Cao pointed her finger at her, “I’ve never said this and don’t slander others.  The concubine is kind, but I’m not.  You better watch yourself.”

As soon as her voice fell, Xiang Cao flicked  her sleeve and turned to leave.

Luo Qing Chen was able to tidy up the room after an afternoon of cleaning.

She even made a few improvised racks to hang her clothes on.

But since Xiang Cao didn’t like her, she wouldn’t help her get new clothes.  She should take care of it herself.

After all, she was now a maid of the Righteous Declaration Palace.  If she still wore the robes of the clothes washing department, it wouldn’t be right.

On the way to the embroidery workshop, Luo Qing Chen was thinking about the eighth prince.  She never expected to be stopped by Song Nan Mo.

Then there were gasps from all around.

“Please stop.”

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