Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2900: Counterattack in the palace: Revenge of the little maid (Part 8)

Luo Qing Chen slowly stood up, but her brows were knitted even more.

“Qing Chen, it really is good that you’re okay.”  Xiu Yu came forward and took her hand, “Let’s go work or the miss will scold us later.”

Xiu Yu was the only maid in the clothes washing department that would talk to her.  She often visited her and could be considered the previous host’s only friend.


Xiu Yu saw that her face didn’t look good and pursed her lips to ask, “You’re clearly fine and you’re still knitting your brows.”

“It’s nothing, it’s just that the road ahead is difficult.”  Luo Qing Chen shook her head.  It was as if she was saying something to Xiu Yu and herself.

The two male supporting characters on the bronze mirror, one was the Minister of Rites and the other was the current emperor.

With her status, it wasn’t easy to meet these two men.

Ai……Why didn’t she take advantage of that opportunity last night!

“Qing Chen……What are you saying……I don’t understand.”

“It’s fine, let’s get to work.”

“Ke, ke.”  When Luo Qing Chen was slowly standing up, there was the voice of a eunuch that rang out.

Maid Li immediately came forward, “Eunuch Wang, why are you here?”

Eunuch Wang was a manager in the palace, managing everything in the harem and the palace.  He had been in the palace for more than twenty years and was the most trusted person by the emperor’s side.

“Do you have a maid named Luo Qing Chen here?”

Luo Qing Chen took a deep breath.  She knitted her brows as she closed her eyes and thought: The waves of unrest really keep rising.

“Yes……”  Maid Li’s face was visibly pale as she quickly shouted, “Qing Chen, come over here.”

“Greetings, Eunuch Wang.”

“Concubine Rou is inviting you.”

“Concubine Rou?”  Maid Li was surprised before quickly looking at Luo Qing Chen to ask, “What mistake has Qing Chen committed?”

“A servant doesn’t interfere with a master’s affair.”  Eunuch Wang glared at her, “Maid Li has been in the palace for so long, doesn’t she know this bit of common sense?”

“Yes!  This servant was talking too much.”

“Qing Chen……”  Xiu Yu pulled on her sleeve, but Luo Qing Chen gently shook her head, “Go work.”


“No buts……”  Luo Qing Chen looked up and said, “I’m leaving first.”

After Luo Qing Chen left, Xiu Yu pulled on Maid Li’s hand, “Miss, why did Qing Chen get called by Concubine Rou……”

“Silly girl, do you know which palace Luo Qing Chen was from before?”

“I heard Qing Chen say……It seemed to be……the Harmonious West Palace.”

“Who does the Harmonious West Palace belong to?”

Xiu Yu blinked as she said, “It should be……Concubine Li……”

“This Concubine Li has been a domineering person in the harem and has offended many people.”  Maid Li said with a sigh, “Luo Qing Chen was a first class maid for Concubine Li, so she naturally has offended quite a few people.”

“But Concubine Rou has always been a kind hearted person……”  Xiu Yu took a deep breath and said, “She shouldn’t be……someone that holds a grudge……”

Everyone in the harem wanted the emperor’s favour.  Most of the concubines wouldn’t go against a servant because of past matters.

Not to mention that the clothes washing department is a place where one fends for themselves.

In the palace, other than the labourers, the maids of the clothes washing department were at the lowest position.

Someone who came here either wasn’t good looking or had offended someone.

“It should stand to reason that since Luo Qing Chen has already been sent to the clothes washing department, Concubine Rou shouldn’t pursue a maid with her position.”  Maid Li watched Luo Qing Chen leave, “But just pretend that I’m wrong.”

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