Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2885: Childhood friend: Endless fairy tales (Part 97)

Luo Qing Chen hesitated before slowly picking up the letter off the ground.

Suddenly, she felt her fingers tremble and she was a bit afraid to open it.

But she never thought that some things were already determined and she didn’t have a chance at all.

She opened the mailbox and thirty six letters fell out.

All of them only had the address and zip code and nothing else.

She opened them one by one and with each one she opened, she became more afraid.

This fear was like a black smoke lingering around her that wouldn’t go away no matter what.

Half an hour later, she called Lan Zhi.

“Miss Lan Zhi, long time no see.”  Luo Qing Chen didn’t waste words and got to the point.

“Qing Chen……Why did you call me?”  She was first surprised before casually answering, “What am I saying, someone with your status could easily find my number.”

“Where are you?”  Luo Qing Chen took a deep breath and suppressed all the emotions in her heart, “Can we meet?”

“Why are you asking to meet me……”

“The letters in Mu Li Chuan’s mailbox were sent by you, right?”  Luo Qing Chen cut her off, “If they are, let’s meet.  If they aren’t……then just pretend I didn’t call you.”

There was a strange silence on the other end.  Without knowing how long passed, Lan Zhi finally gave a deep sigh, “You finally discovered it.”

The meeting location was in A City.  Luo Qing Chen never thought that Lan Zhi was in A City.  She always thought that she was in a foreign country living like a princess, but facts weren’t like this.

They met in a music cafe which had been closed today due to renovations.

When she arrived, Lan Zhi opened the door for her.

“Come in.  Will you drink coffee or juice?”  Lan Zhi was wearing a black dress.  Her long ladylike hair had been cut into a short bob.

She seemed much darker.  It should be said that she had turned from a simple girl into a mature woman.

“Coffee, no sugar.”  Luo Qing Chen’s voice had a trace of indifference in it.

Lan Zhi was here, so where was Mu Li Chuan?  What did the letters mean?

“Coffee is bad for your stomach.  He will feel hurt if he knew.”  Lan Zhi gave a bitter laugh, “Drink some juice.”

“Zhe Zhi, is it your friend?”  Lan Zhi’s voice had just fallen when a man came down from the second floor of the coffee shop.

He was wearing a set of light green sportswear, which gave people a very sunny feeling.

“Un!  Go busy yourself, I’ll take care of this.”  Lan Zhi smiled at him, which had a bit of sweetness in it.

“Good.  Take your friend to the elegant seat and I’ll help you make afternoon tea.”

“Alright!”  Lan Zhi thought about it before saying, “Let’s go over.”

The seat by the window with the hustle and bustle outside.

Lan Zhi put her hands on the table and looked at Luo Qing Chen, “Ask what you want to ask.”

Luo Qing Chen closed her eyes.  That cold and clear voice filled her ears again, haunting her just like a nightmare.

“What did the letter mean?  Why did you send it to Mu Li Chuan’s villa?”  Her hands couldn’t help trembling when she asked this question.

But she could only clench her fists to stop Lan Zhi from seeing her nervousness.

But she didn’t seem to care at all……

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