Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2879: Childhood friend: Endless fairy tales (Part 91)

It seemed that she wanted to trample her self respect again and take one last look at him.

When she returned from Melbourne, it should be the day that she returned to the Chaos Space.

She didn’t know if the system would give her the answer at that time.  Anyway……it wasn’t answering her now.

(You……Miss Luo, are you really coming?  Actually, it’s the same if I’m here……)

(When did you become so wordy?)

(Alright!  When you come, I’ll pick you up at the airport.)



Melbourne’s blue skies were more beautiful than imagined.  She didn’t tell anyone when she left.

Su Chen called her, but she never picked up.

Actually, it wasn’t that she was cruel, but she didn’t love him.  Even her looking back now was all Su Chen’s wishful thinking.

The object of this wish could be her and also could not be her.

At this moment, she wished that she had loved Su Chen.  So when Mu Li Chuan was this cruel to her, she could go back to Su Chen without hesitation to slap him in the face.

It was a pity that this scene would never happen.

She didn’t love Su Chen, not in this life or the next.

When she got off the phone, her assistant Xiao Mei called her.

Xiao Mei used to be her father’s assistant and after she became the successor, she became her assistant.

Xiao Mei was very beautiful as her name suggested.  She was always able to do things and she knew what to say and what not to say.

“Miss Luo, are you really going?”  Xiao Mei knitted her brows, looking very hesitant.

Luo Qing Chen didn’t know what was causing this.  Perhaps she was used to seeing Mu Li Chuan and Lan Zhi’s affection that she wanted to hurt herself.

“Un.”  She gave a nod before saying with a bitter smile, “There’s no need for this expression, I’m used to it.”

She was used to bearing all the emotions that Mu Li Chuan gave her.  The situation couldn’t be worse than the small town hospital at the foot of the Alps.

“I’ll drive you to Mr Mu’s villa.”


On the way, she wasn’t in the mood to appreciate the scenery of Melbourne.

At this point, she was a girl who already had no way of making the one she deeply loved turn their head.  She could only do what all people in despair could do and see him one last time.

From the ends of the earth, hoping he was safe.

It took an hour to drive from the airport to the villa.  There was a Maserati, Mu Li Chuan’s favourite parked in front of the villa, but it was a different model from the one that he drove in A City.

The villa had brick red exterior and blue white arches.  She rang the doorbell, but it was no one other than Lan Zhi who opened the door.

She was wearing a light pink dress, a white shawl, and a princess hair clip.  Along with the beautiful pearl earrings and the milky white heels, she looked like a princess from a fairy tale.

From head to toe, she was covered in name brand.

Maybe she bought it herself or maybe Mu Li Chuan gave it to her.

But none of this……seemed to matter.

Lan Zhi slowly opened the door and said in a tone like she was the mistress, “Come in.”

Luo Qing Chen looked up slightly as a cold look appeared in her eyes.  On those five centimeter black heels, she walked into the villa.

She didn’t like wearing heels in the first place, but she didn’t know why she wore them by accident today.

She didn’t like black in the first place, but not only her shoes, even her clothes today were black.

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