Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2866: Childhood friend: Endless fairy tales (Part 78)

Of the people here, there were some people that weren’t happy.

Moreover, there weren’t just one or two unhappy people.

“Why did you insist on coming?”  In the corner, Lan Ting looked at Su Chen beside her with a faint glow in her eyes.

Actually, at a certain moment, she already knew the answer in her heart.

But this answer was very painful to her, so she wasn’t willing to admit it.

But she wanted to ask and hear Su Chen answer.  Because as long as he didn’t answer, she could just keep pretending that she wasn’t just in her imagination.

She wanted to escape and keep escaping……

But this time, Su Chen didn’t escape.

He just gave a deep sigh, “Do you really want to know?”

“I……”  Lan Ting bit her lip.  Seeing his eyes that were completely focused on Luo Qing Chen, her heart filled with pain.

She had worked so hard, loved for all those years, going from An Qing Yu to Luo Qing Chen……

But Su Chen never had a place for her in his heart, not even for a moment.

“I don’t want……”

“I love her.”

Before Lan Ting’s voice fell, Su Chen gave her the answer.

This answer wasn’t just for Lan Ting, but also for himself.

In the beginning, he thought that he couldn’t let her go.  Because when one hurts a person, that person would leave an inerasable mark on their heart.

He kept running away, he kept telling him that he couldn’t let her go because he felt guilty towards her.

But whenever he dreamed of the past, he would think of his time with her.

From meeting for the first time in America, getting closer, and dating……

Every time she was sick, he would be by her side.  That was because she was always alone, like she didn’t have parents, she didn’t have the care of a family.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help laughing.

How did she not have the care of a family, her status was more noble than anyone else.

If he didn’t love her, the guilt in his heart would keep shrinking.  That was because she would have true love and a family that others envied.

But when the scene of them being together appeared in front of him, he felt a suffocating feeling in his heart.

“Su Chen……”  Lan Ting trembled.  She naturally wouldn’t have thought that Su Chen would say these words at Luo Qing Chen’s engagement.

Because in her eyes, Su Chen was someone who kept everything in his heart.

If he really wasn’t unable to take it anymore, he wouldn’t say it……

“What should I do?”  Su Chen slowly looked up as a depressed feeling came over his tall and straight body.

His beautiful eyes were bloodshot and there was a faint mist that appeared as he muttered, “What should I do?  What can I do……”

“Su Chen, calm down……”  Lan Ting reached out to grab his sleeve, “Don’t be like this……You……You aren’t this kind of person……”

“Then what kind of person should I be?”  He laughed at himself, “Lan Ting, can I steal a bride……”

In the end, Su Chen didn’t do that.

Because Lan Ting firmly grabbed his hand and said the words that hurt pierced his heart.

“You can’t go, you aren’t worthy of her.”

Lan Ting knew that when Su Chen was in this irrational situation, what words would move his heart the most.

The words that hurt him the most.

The more it hurt him, the more it would make him back down.

A proud person like Su Chen naturally knew what Lan Ting meant.

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