Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2864: Childhood friend: Endless fairy tales (Part 76)

When it was all said and done, all those that deserved to be punished were punished.

Wang Yu’s retribution came the fastest since Luo Qing Chen became the successor of the Luo Family. The stocks of the Wang Group kept falling until it reached a critical point.

No matter what methods Wang Yu’s father used, the stocks couldn’t be stabilized.  In less than a month, the Wang Group officially declared bankruptcy.

Wang Yu didn’t show up at school again and the entire Wang Family disappeared from the business circle.

Then after that was Bai Xue.  The Bai Family were engaged in the jewelry business, which was a line of work that required many contacts.

As long as a single problem appeared on the line, the entire company would fall into crisis.

And in a single night, this ‘production line’ had many different problems appear.

Bai Xue’s mother had divorced her father very early and she was a very strong and independent woman.  She could have stabilized the situation, but since she was too aggressive, it became out of control in the end.

The company not only went bankrupt, it was to be auctioned off.

At the same time, all of the Bai Family’s real estate and Bai Xue’s luxury items were auctioned off.

In an instant, the pampered princess had lost everything.

On the last day at school, not a single person approached her.  Even the girls who were closest to her normally kept their distance from her.

She was alone wearing a dirty sweater, holding her school bag as she walked in the wind.

She suddenly couldn’t hold back her broken heart and fell to the ground crying.

Who should she blame?

Was it Luo Qing Chen, Gu Zhu, or Wang Yu?

She didn’t know.  She only knew that from today onwards, she, Bai Xue, was no longer a princess……

As for Gu Zhu.

Her fate was even more tragic than Wang Yu and Bai Xue’s.

After all, Gu Zhu had targeted her since the beginning.

There was no love or hate, she just simply targeted her.

Since the other side was so determined, then Luo Qing Chen wouldn’t show mercy.

The Gu Family wasn’t considered a very wealthy family.  Her father was an upstart and there was no foundation to the company.

It was hard to catch someone who just did nothing with their money.

But people’s natures were uncertain and once they were rich, their desires would increase.

Her father had once molested a girl in a bar which caused the girl to fall into heavy depression and finally hang herself.

The bar that they had been at was Muse, but since the security videos at Muse was never disclosed and with the Luo Family’s status in A City, even the police didn’t dare say anything.

Then the fact that one side was a rich person and the other was a commoner, many things were turned a blind eye to through the protection of officials.

In the end, Gu Zhu’s father paid a bit of money and the matter was settled.

That girl’s family filed an appeal, but they couldn’t even afford a lawyer and had to use a normal lawyer.

The result was that the girl had died in vain as expected.

Luo Qing Chen found that girl’s family and found them the best lawyer, as well as providing them with the security tape needed.

In the end, Gu Zhu’s father couldn’t escape punishment.  When everyone knew that her father was such a person, they naturally distanced themselves from her.

No one called her queen and no one stayed friends with her.

Who should she blame?  Luo Qing Chen?  Her father?

She didn’t know.  She just knew that her life was already…..over.

A month later, it was Luo Qing Chen and Mu Li Chuan’s engagement ceremony and there were many people who came.

Lan Zhi, Lan Ting, and even Su Chen……

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