Chapter 2856: Childhood friend: Endless fairy tales (Part 68)

It couldn’t be said that they hadn’t seen each for a long time since she had been at the school entrance to welcome Mu Li Chuan back, so they had met there.

“Aiyo, I didn’t see you there.”  The young man had a mocking tone as he said with a smile, “But it doesn’t matter, fat people aren’t afraid of being hit.”

Luo Qing Chen narrowed her cold eyes and instantly, she released a cold air.

Li Xiu could feel her anger and quickly said, “Qing Chen, forget it, forget it, I’m fine……I’m fat, so I’m alright if I get hit once……Let’s go……”

Before she could say ‘eat’, Luo Qing Chen had already picked up the ball off the ground.  Even at this moment, the Exquisite Ring on her right ring finger was glowing as she threw the ball at the youth with the lollipop in his mouth.


She didn’t throw it lightly because the youth’s nose started bleeding and was even a bit crooked.

“Aiyo, I didn’t see you there.”  Luo Qing Chen spread her hand while imitating the tone he spoke in, “But it’s fine, ugly people aren’t afraid of being hit.”

“You god damn!”  The youth roared out, “Do you know who I, Wang Yu, am?  Father will bury your entire family!”

“Brother Yu, do you know that she’s young master Li’s new lover?  You can’t touch her.”  Gu zhu put her hands in her pockets as she looked at her with a condescending look, “If you could hit her, why would I keep looking for this little fatty to vent my anger each day!”

“It turns out she’s young master Li’s new lover!  I went to Dubai with my mom last month, I never thought that young master Li’s eyes would change this much.  I quite like this kind of pure type who is quite aggressive.  It’s a pity that young master Li will no longer be free soon!”

It was because hearing the name ‘young master Li’ that Wang Yu restrained himself, but his eyes were still full of rage.

Luo Qing Chen cared more about Gu Zhu’s words.  She turned to look at Li Xiu, “Are they still bullying you?”

“No……No……”  Li Xiu took her hand and nervously said, “Let’s go.”

“Go where?  Is it because you know that your backer is unreliable?”  Gu Zhu said with a cold smile, “You ordinary people without any status naturally don’t know that young master Li will soon be engaged to the Luo Family’s young miss.  Yo, yo, yo, I forgot that your surname is Luo too, it’s a pity that you have different fates even with the same surname!”

There were already many people gathered around at this moment.

Gu Zhu’s words fell and the chatter from all around her entered her ears.

This circle wasn’t big or small, everyone knew what they should know.

“Yes!  I heard my dad talk about the engagement between young master Li and the richest man’s daughter.”

“I heard that she came back from America a few days ago, but I don’t know if she’ll go to the Royal Academy like us.”

“So envious, she was born in the right family!  But this commoner is so miserable!  Once young master Li is engaged, she is definitely doomed!”

“Isn’t she?  That’s why Queen Zhu dares to treat her like this!  All things come in turn, this is the fate of the commoner.”


Among the discussions, the loudest voice was Bai Xue’s.

Since coming back from the desert, she was the one who changed the least.  It was like she had paralyzed herself, as she kept talking about what happened in the desert and had completely forgotten about her embarrassing appearance.

When they met again, she was looking down on her again.

“He, he.”  She gave a cold laugh, “I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep the day before yesterday when I heard about young master Li’s engagement!  The things that I can’t get, how could a lowly person like you get them!”

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