Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2853: Childhood friend: Endless fairy tales (Part 65)

The Luo Family’s succession ceremony was scheduled for three days later, most likely because of the desert trip.

Luo Qing Chen’s grandfather realized that there was only thought at the moment of life and death.  Since there was only one granddaughter and since it was a sure thing that she would be the heir, there was no need to wait.

This was a good thing for Luo Qing Chen.  After all, she had ‘suffered’ quite a bit at school, so she could finally pay them back!

[Has the host been wronged?]

Although the system seemed very not cute in many situations, she ignored it since she was in a good mood.

Because other than becoming the successor earlier, her and Mu Li Chuan’s engagement was set for the 7th of next month.

Actually, it seemed that when they were younger, the two families had already wanted them to become engaged.

But since she was still too young and she went abroad early, this matter had been set aside.

For the parents, now that their children liked each other and it was a natural thing, they couldn’t be happier.

Luo Qing Chen rested at home for three days.  She wasn’t ready to go to school until after the succession ceremony was held.

By this calculation, it would be half a month before she returned to school.

Since the last quick meeting with Lan Zhi at the hospital, they hadn’t contacted each other again.

At half past eleven, after drying her hair and lying down on her princess bed, she couldn’t help revealing a knowing smile.

It had been a long time since she had been back at the villa.  Because she hadn’t reached twenty years old and became the Luo Family’s successor, even going back to the villa was a luxury for her.

These rules of the Luo Family really were quite inhumane.

“Di, di, di.”

When she was about to turn off the lights and sleep, her phone rang.

Luo Qing Chen looked to see that it was a text from Mu Li Chuan.

(Miss fiancee, let’s go to school together tomorrow, alright?  ——Mu Li Chuan.)

“Pu.”  Luo Qing Chen, who was holding the phone, couldn't help laughing when she saw Mu Li Chuan’s text.

This miss fiancee, didn’t it seem strange?

(Alright!  Mister fiance.  ——Luo Qing Chen.)

“Di, di.”

As soon as she put down the phone, it rang again.

(Good.  To reward you for being this good, look out the window.  ——Mu Li Chuan.)

Luo Qing Chen’s eyes trembled before she got up and walked over to the window.

When she opened the curtains, there was a ‘xiu’ sound before the silent night sky was lit up with bright fireworks.

Colourful and beautiful, lighting up the entire sky.

This was a beautiful fireworks show, just like Mu Li Chuan.

In this sudden moment, in the silent night, it broke into her heart without warning.

If you didn’t predict it, you would be caught off guard.

“Di, di.”

The moment the fireworks disappeared, her phone rang again.

(Sleep early.  Good night my miss fiancee.  ——Mu Li Chuan.)

(Good night! (*^-^*)——Luo Qing Chen.)

She didn’t dream all night.  Although she still felt very tired when her alarm rang, her soul was asleep while her body was awake.

This was what it sounded like.  It was like she fell asleep as soon as she hit the bed and she slept all night.

When she put on her clothes and stumbled down from the third floor to the main hall, she almost fell to the ground.

After all, she wasn’t used to being in her villa.  The table was covered in all kinds of breakfasts.

When she came into the living room, four maids wearing black and white uniforms said together, “Good morning, young miss.”

To be honest, she wasn’t used to it.

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