Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2848: Childhood friend: Endless fairy tales (Part 60)

“I know.”  Luo Qing Chen gave a slight nod, “That Su Man……just who is she?”

“Teacher Wang’s guess was right.  That Su Man is a relative of the female student that died in the desert three years ago.”  Lan Zhi pursed her lips and said, “She was her big sister.”

Lan Zhi gave a simple description of the matter.  Since only the boys had wanted to save her little sister, she wanted to let the boys of the class go.

But she didn’t want to let the vain girls who only distinguished between rich and poor go, not a single one of them.

But those people had already graduated, so she didn’t have a place to take revenge.

It just so happened that there was another group from the photography department going into the desert.  She hired a group, which was the expedition team that took them into the desert.

The map was fake.  The route she took was different from the planned route and their location wasn’t the edge of the desert.

They had been misled by Su Man and brought to the heart of the desert.

“Did they find Su Man?”  Luo Qing Chen asked in a bit of a daze as Mu Li Chuan’s figure appeared before her eyes.

She was anxious and her heart wouldn’t settle.

“Su Man surrendered herself the day after.”  Lan Zhi gave a cold snort, “She said that she regretted it.  There was a demon in her heart and she wanted the people from the school buried with her little sister.”

“The people buried with her little sister……really weren’t few.”  Luo Qing Chen gave a cold laugh, “She really is……crazy……”

“Yes!”  Lan Zhi choked up and wiped her tears as she said, “Gu Shu didn’t even come back……”

After a long time, Luo Qing Chen gave a sigh.  Her mind couldn’t take it, her hands were trembling, and she couldn’t hold it in anymore.

Lan Zhi saw that she didn’t speak and gently patted her shoulder, “What is it?  Could it be……Could it be that something happened to young master Li……”

Luo Qing Chen kept avoiding her question.  If young master Li was fine, she wouldn’t have not answered.

Could it be……

“Lan Zhi, I won’t talk anymore.”  Luo Qing Chen suddenly stood up and looked at her to say, “Relax, nothing will happen to Mu Li Chuan……”

“Qing Chen.”

She rushed out of the cafe and Luo Qing Chen ran to stop a taxi.

She couldn’t hear what Lan Zhi was saying behind her.  She just knew that there was only Mu Li Chuan on her mind and she couldn’t get him out.

They didn’t find the small lake, they didn’t have water, and he had lost so much blood.  How had she lived in this situation……

When all the doubts converged on one person, perhaps there was an answer.

The answer that made her heart ache……

She didn’t know how she got to the hospital, how she got in the elevator, how she entered Mu Li Chuan’s room.

She just knew that she wanted to see him.

It was a mood that no one was able to understand.

But the moment that she staggered into the room, there was already no one left in the bed.

She felt her legs go soft and she fell to the floor.  She wanted to stand up, but she found that she really didn’t have a bit of strength.

But her mind……was as clear as the mirror in the night sky, so clear……

“What are you sitting on the floor for?”  There was a cool voice with a doting tone that came from behind her.

She was then picked off the ground by the young man behind her.

In an instant, she grabbed her hand and looked at the wrist covered with a thick gauze.

Then she broke out in tears……

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