Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2818: Childhood friend: Endless fairy tales (Part 30)

Bai Xue was shocked by his coldness and she felt an inexplicable sense of fear.

It was as if once she stepped back, she wouldn’t be able to stand by Mu Li Chuan’s side anymore.

Bai Xue gritted her teeth as she looked at Mu Li Chuan and said, “Then be careful on the road.  Call me if there’s anything wrong, alright?”

It was probably because Bai Xue was different from the other girls who had been with him before that he didn’t coldly turn around to leave.  He calmly replied, “Un.”

Actually, Luo Qing Chen didn’t feel that there was something wrong with his ‘un’ since he didn’t reach out to slap a smiling person.

“You didn’t come back for so long, I thought that something had happened to you!”  Fat Tiger bit her lip and her expression didn’t look good.

But compared to the scared Fat Tiger, Li Hui’s condition was worse.

Luo Qing Chen reached out to poke several places where he had been injured and it seemed like there were some small fractures.

Moreover, there were large and small wounds over him.  If they weren’t treated in time, it was easy for them to get infected.

“Relax, I’m fine.”  Luo Qing Chen shook her head, “Let’s go to the hospital first.”

It was already past two when Mu Li Chuan sent them to the hospital.  Li Hui’s injuries weren’t light, there was even a piece of glass that had inserted itself into the artery on his thigh, being three centimeters away which was very dangerous.

It was only when Fat Tiger did the sign in that Luo Qing Chen remembered her name.

Li Xiu.

There was a delicate tone to her name that was different from her nickname.

“I’ll call you Xiao Xiu Xiu from now on.”  Luo Qing Chen teased her with a chuckle, “Such a good name, you shouldn’t hide it.”

“Wa, wu, wu, wu, wu.”  Before Luo Qing Chen could react, Fat Tiger……Li Xiu fell to the ground and said, “Qing Chen……Qing Chen……Wa, wa, wa.”

Was it everyone’s turn to cry now?

“Ke, ke.”  Luo Qing Chen quickly cleared her throat.  In order to avoid being stared at in the hospital, she quickly helped her up, “Don’t cry, don’t cry.  Let’s talk if you need to.  You’ll get fatter if you cry!”

“......”  Then Li Xiu cried even louder.

Luo QIng Chen thought about it and thought that her way of comforting her wasn’t right.

She quickly said, “Not fat, not fat.  Our little fatty isn’t fat at all……”

“......”  Li Xiu’s face was covered in tears and she felt that she was about to die.

Luo Qing Chen felt that it was better that she didn’t speak.  After a long time, she wiped her tears and looked at her to say, “Thank you.  I really, really have to thank you.”

Since she was young, other than her relatives, no one other than Luo Qing Chen had treated her this well.

She was like a god that was covered in dazzling light that had suddenly entered her life.

No matter what troubles she encountered, she had always been there to protect her.

This time, she even saved her brother……

“It’s fine, you’ve also helped me.”  Luo Qing Chen gave a shrug before saying with a smile, “Go and see your brother first.  I’ll be waiting outside.”

The things in parallel worlds, since she didn’t experience them, then she wouldn’t experience them.

Luo Qing Chen turned around and looked at Mu Li Chuan not far away looking at something on a laptop, looking very focused.

She came forward and took a peek, but Mu Li Chuan slammed the laptop shut.

“Ke, ke.”  Luo Qing Chen blinked before changing the topic, “I have to thank you today.  I’ll treat you to a meal another day.”

“Are you sure that you can afford to treat me within the next two years?”  Mu Li Chuan gave a chuckle as a lazy glow appeared in his eyes.

There seemed to be this light in his eyes that people couldn’t see through.

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