Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2790: Childhood friend: Endless fairy tales (Part 2)

The memories of the previous host and the memories of others came at her in layers.  She didn’t know if the previous host’s love was too deep or if she simply loved the wrong person.

She had a cheerful personality and a rich life.  Even if the memories that she accepted were in the early stages, her lips couldn’t help curling.

A girl who was very comfortable and as bright as the sun.

It was a pity that she didn’t come from a good home.

The previous host grew up in America since junior high and her family had a good background.  They had been in business since her grandfather’s generation and their business was quite large.

Whether it was in the country or abroad, they were famous in the business circle.  The more a family was like this, the more they exercised the independence of their successors.

So the previous host didn’t live richly when she was in America.  She received the same living expenses as her classmates and while they could ask their parents to buy them the things they liked, the previous host had to carefully calculate her living expenses.

But the previous host didn’t blame her parents or her grandfather who loved her very much because she was the only successor of the family.

Including her uncle and his children, they didn’t live rich lives in America either.

Why?  It was because they were the principled, organized, and recorded Luo Family.  They would live poorly until they were twenty and then after twenty, they would become a rich person that had “money to the sky”.

Twenty years old was when the successor inherited the family fortune and the previous host’s father had also been that age when he inherited it.

Grandfather always said that there was a benefit to this.  It would allow one to know the importance of money and that money wasn’t that easy to earn.

Of course, living alone in America with just enough living expenses each month would inevitably mean encountering accidents.

For example, being hit by a car on a rainy day.

In the night, in the blink of an eye, a youth suddenly appeared and charged forward to hug her.

The previous host’s brain had stopped and her feet were like boulders, unable to move at all.

‘Young man!  I still have a chance to run!  If you do this, how can I run?’

That was the previous host’s honest thoughts and in the end, she and Su Chen were hit together.

It was a good thing that it was a rainy day and the car was driving slowly, or the previous host might have died.

In this story, Su Chen was the supporting male lead.

But he was very handsome with a clean face and long lashes.  Even when he was getting stitched up at the hospital, his expression didn’t change at all.

“You are Chinese?”


“I heard the nurse call you Su Chen?”


“Why did you save me?”


Silence, it was a long silence.

He looked at her and then his eyes moved, as he froze there, unable to speak.

The previous host’s face turned red as she reprimanded him, “What are you looking at?  You…..If you didn’t show up, I wouldn’t need to get stitched up, alright?”

After all, the previous host’s body was good.  She carefully thought about it after the accident.

The skidding car suddenly appeared and she could have used her ‘flying steps’ to avoid the car.

Of course, that was just her fantasies…..

She could have been hit spread eagle by the care and then the driver would have run away, leaving her to bleed to death in the rainy night.

Su Chen just softly said ‘sorry’ to her before going to pay the hospital bills.

The previous host felt that he was a person with a story as she watched him leave, but she never thought that his story would be related to a stranger like her.

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