Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2766: Asking about love in Jianghu: A medicine man without a heart (Part 38)

Luo Qing Chen felt her head buzz and she felt it hard to keep her consciousness.

“You don’t need to resist so fearlessly.”  A familiar voice slowly rang out.  Luo Qing Chen and Feng Chen Yin looked in the direction of the voice.

Qi Tian Ge walked out of the flowers with white snow hanging on his light purple robes.  Gu Dai Xiang’s eyes were filled with longing as she looked at him.

No matter how Luo Qing Chen or Feng Chen Yin didn’t believe it, they had to admit that Gu Dai Xiang had betrayed them for Qi Tian Ge.

It shouldn’t be considered betrayal, but selling her soul for the one she loved.

“Come over.”  Feng Chen Yin roared out, using all his strength to pull her to his side, keeping her behind him.

“Feng Chen Yin, what are you doing?”  Qi Tian Ge looked at him with a confused look, “I will save her life, don’t you also need the medicine man’s blood?”

“I’m not willing to take her blood……”  He tightly held her hand as a cold glow appeared in those deep eyes, “I want her.”

[Ding, affection has increased by ten.  Mission completion rate is now 70%.]

“Love?”  Qi Tian Ge raised a brow as he revealed a smile, “The cheapest thing in the world.”

As soon as his voice fell, over fifty people holding torches surrounded them.

The air became very hot and even without touching the flames, she could feel her skin feeling like it was being burnt.

“You……”  Feng Chen Yin coldly narrowed his eyes, using a very complicated look to look at Gu Dai Xiang.

Doubt, confusion, anger, hatred……

“I can die, but I can’t let him……”  Gu Dai Xiang’s beautiful eyes were filled with tears.  She held her chest as she said, “Chen Yin, it’s just a medicine man……Give her to him……He will die without this medicine man……”

The Soul Release Sutra’s poison couldn’t be cured without the blood of the immortal medicine man.  Qi Tian Ge would certainly die.

She wasn’t willing to let him die.  Even if he was cruel to her, she wasn’t willing to see him injured at all.

“He, he……He, he, he, he, he……”  Feng Chen Yin gave a cold laugh.  His left hand tightly held her hand as his right hand held the Falling Maple Sword.  His voice was incomparably cold as he said, “If you want to kill her, you have to kill me first.”

“Chen Yin!”  Gu Dai Xiang roared, “Don’t be like this, I don’t want to see you fight.”

“We were sworn enemies to begin with, but because of you……I didn’t kill him.”  Feng Chen Yin gave a cold laugh, “But now……it’s not worth it.”

“Truly a despicable love.”  Luo Qing Chen gave a cold laugh.  The Exquisite Ring on her right hand released a faint golden glow as she looked at Feng Chen Yin holding her and said, “I won’t let anything happen to master.”

“Fool.”  Feng Chen Yin tightly knitted his brows as he said in a calm voice with a bit of reproach, “I said that you won’t die if I don’t die.”

“Ze, ze, ze, master and disciple love?”  Qi Tian Ge looked at them with a smile before giving a clap, “Dai Xiang, I thought that you found a lover, but I didn’t know that he treated you worse than I treated you.  He’s found a new lover this quickly.”

“Lover?”  Gu Dai Xiang was surprised before quickly explaining, “He isn’t my lover, he’s my little brother……”

“Little brother?”  Qi Tian Ge’s eyes became serious as a proud look even flashed in his eyes.

The most attractive person in the world was still obsessed with him.  This was a kind of vanity, a kind of pride.

But this also confirmed why Gu Liu Shang died at the hands of an unknown person.

It turned out it was because he was his son.

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