Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2760: Asking about love in Jianghu: A medicine man without a heart (Part 32)

It should be because the words “immortal medicine man” was too sharp that Feng Chen Yin was shocked under the glow of the lamp.

After a while, he slowly said, “I even forgot that I am a mortal in front of you.”

Age, sickness and death, no more than a hundred years.

This little girl in front of him who was no more than fifteen, she was an immortal medicine man who would live forever.

The distance between them seemed larger than he imagined.

“Master isn’t a mortal.”  Luo Qing Chen reached out to touch her head, but she never thought that when her hand touched the flame, her heart filled with pain.

“Ah!”  She called out even though she didn’t feel that it was painful.

But for some reason, just accidentally touching the flame was like being burnt by flames for her.

“What is it?”  Feng Chen Yin tightly held her hand.

The skin was a bit transparent and the blood seemed to come out drop by drop from the blood vessels.

“You’re afraid of flames……”  Feng Chen Yin knitted his brows as he said this, “Such a small flame can cause such a large wound if you accidentally touch it.”

Luo Qing Chen bit her lip as she remembered one of the previous host’s memories.

The Medicine King Valley was located in the northwest Snow Mountains.  It snowed all year round and she never experienced hot weather before.

Of course, the hottest place in the Medicine King Valley was the alchemy furnace.  It was a place that Shen Qing Feng wouldn’t let her go.

No, it wasn’t that she wasn’t allowed to go, all medicine men weren’t allowed to go.

“I should be afraid of flames……”  Luo Qing Chen bit her lip and said, “This is bad!  Do you think they know about this?”

“I didn’t know about it earlier, but now……”


At the same time, at the top of the cliff.

Everyone watched the two of them jump down with astonished looks on their faces.

Fang Rou couldn’t control her emotions as she shouted out, “Young master Feng!”

Qi Tian Ge knitted his brows.  He picked up a stone and threw it down the cliff.  For a long time, there wasn’t a single sound.

“This cliff is very deep.”  One of the elders said, “Could it be that they killed themselves?”

“Impossible.”  Qi Tian Ge narrowed his eyes that had a sharp glow to them before saying, “He still has someone to save, it’s impossible that he would die for a medicine man.”

“This Feng Chen Yin took this immortal medicine man to save……”  Another elder knitted his brows and said, “Young miss Gu?”

“Yes!”  Qi Tian Ge narrowed his eyes, “That woman……”

“Young villa master Qi, since he doesn’t want to die, why did he jump off the cliff with that medicine man?”  The Red Sleeves Divine Nun slowly said, “Could it be that there’s something wrong with this cliff?”

“This junior doesn’t know the specifics, but……”  Qi Tian Ge said with a cold laugh, “I definitely don’t think that Feng Chen Yin will commit a lover’s suicide with a medicine man.”

“Young villa master, what should we do now?”

Qi Tian Ge thought about it before saying, “Send two people to take turns guarding this place.  We’ll go back and look at the records, there’s something strange about that medicine man’s martial arts.”

“Could it be that the young villa master of the Sword Trial Mountain Villa is scared of a medicine man?”  The Red Sleeves Divine Nun were clearly unhappy about Qi Tian Ge’s words.

Qi Tian Ge narrowed his eyes to look at the Red Sleeves Divine Nun before saying with a faint smile, “Do you remember the scene of the head of Mount Emei, the Red Sleeves Divine Nun being held hostage by a medicine man?”

“Who said that you could say that about my master!”  The woman in orange clothing almost pulled out her sword, but the Red Sleeves Divine Nun stopped her.

She said with a cold snort, “Since the young villa master is this strong, we’ll leave the medicine man to you.”

“No problem.  After we catch her, if the senior needs blood, you can come to my Sword Trial Mountain Villa.”

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