Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2753: Asking about love in Jianghu: A medicine man without a heart (Part 25)

Luo Qing Chen rode Feng Chen Yin’s horse west and she didn’t know where this horse would take her.

The Red Sleeves Divine Nun wouldn’t have caught her that quickly, but some accidents happened along the way.

It was snowing too much and the horse was slowed by the snow.  Also the Mount Emei people met people that supported them, so they flew over the snow and caught up to her.

With a ‘xiu’ sound, the Red Sleeves Divine Nun landed in front of her with Fang Rou and eight people from Mount Emei appeared behind her.

“You truly are lingering souls that won’t leave.”  Luo Qing Chen coldly narrowed her eyes.

This kind of righteous faction, it really was disgusting.

“You can’t run, come back to Mount Emei with us!”  One of the people wearing orange clothes took out a sword, “Only we can keep you safe.”

“My life is my own, I don’t need you to protect me.”  Luo Qing Chen looked at them with a cold look on her clear eyes.

“Immortal medicine man, your existence will cause unnecessary disputes and struggles in the Jianghu.”  The Red Sleeves Divine Nun narrowed her eyes to say, “You must return to Mount Emei with us today.”

“If I don’t?”  Luo Qing Chen gave a shrug before saying with a disdainful smile, “Are you so-called righteous people going to kill me to save the people of the world?”

Her voice wasn’t soft or heavy, but each word was strong and filled with sarcasm.

“Since you said that your life is your own, why are you following hero Long Yin!”  Fang Rou looked at her with eyes filled with confusion.

“What does it matter to you if I follow hero Long Yin?”  Luo Qing Chen immediately took the Phoenix Dance Sword from the horse as she got off, “Do you still like him?”

“I……”  Fang Rou wanted to say something, but she held back after the Red Sleeves Divine Nun looked at her with a sharp look.

She gritted her teeth and said, “I don’t.”

“Oh.”  Luo Qing Chen coldly replied, “I don’t care if you do or not, it’s fine as long as I do.”


“This is the reason I’m following him.  Telling you this now, will you become happier or more disappointed?”  Luo Qing Chen revealed a faint smile as she seriously looked into Fang Rou’s eyes.

This tender eyes dimmed a bit and there was even a hint of jealousy and killing intent that appeared.

She couldn’t see it clearly and didn’t want to know.

“No matter what, we will take you to Mount Emei today.”  Fang Rou narrowed her eyes and coldly said, “If you don’t want to be hurt, don’t resist.”

“Hurt?”  Luo Qing Chen gave a cold laugh, “You think that you can beat me with just you?”

With Shen Qing Feng’s protection, the previous host as the immortal medicine man didn’t know any martial arts.

But she was different.  The previous host couldn’t resist, but that didn’t mean that she couldn’t.

“A little medicine man’s tone isn’t small.”  The Red Sleeves Divine Nun looked at Fang Rou, “Rou’er, I’ll leave it to you.”

“Yes, master!”  Fang Rou replied and then quickly drew her sword as she looked at Luo Qing Chen, “I don’t want to hurt you, but if you resist, don’t blame my blade for being blind.”

For the first time, she felt that her master’s order was correct.  From an unknown corner in her heart, she wanted this immortal medicine man to disappear from this world.

Because of what Feng Chen Yin said: She is my wife.

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