Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2751: Asking about love in Jianghu: A medicine man without a heart (Part 23)

“Wife?”  Blind Wolf revealed a smile, “This old blind man has only learned today that the wife number one ranked swordsman on the Sword Trial Mountain Villa’s ranking is an immortal medicine man.”

Everyone suddenly took a cold breath.

“What did you say?”  Fourth young master Hua was shocked, “You’re saying that she’s an immortal medicine man?”

“Isn’t your purpose for coming here to get the immortal medicine man?”  Blind Wolf gave a cold laugh, “You are still fighting over meaningless things.”

“Ze, ze, ze.”  Fourth young master Hua narrowed his eyes and revealed a smile, “This is your fault hero Long Yin.  Since you’ve found the immortal medicine man, why are you still sneaking around?  This is the treasure of the Jianghu, it should be shared.”

The eyes of Fang Rou standing beside Feng Chen Yin lit up.  The stone that had been in her heart fell to the ground.

This was great……That girl wasn’t Feng Chen Yin’s wife, nor was she the person he cared about.

The reason why he held her hand and protected her was because she was the immortal medicine man, not because she was his wife.

“Then can I ask other than fourth young master Hua, who else needs the immortal medicine man?”  Feng Chen Yin’s voice was very cold, almost not having a trace of warmth in it.

This cold voice was for fourth young master Hua and the others, but also for himself.

He felt that they were greedy and despicable because of their selfishness.

But he wasn’t any good either.  He was also using her blood to save Gu Dai Xiang, so he brought her along and……protected her……

“The immortal medicine man’s life no longer belongs to her alone.”  The Red Sleeves Divine Nun firmly said, “Now that there are fights all over the martial arts world, everyone wants the immortal medicine man.  If someone with intentions receives her, it will harm the entire martial arts world.”

Ze, ze, ze, these words really were filled with morals.  Luo Qing Chen felt it was laughable when she heard this.

Her life didn’t belong to her?  Based on what?

“So who does the Divine Nun of Mount Emei think the immortal medicine man’s life belongs to?”  Feng Chen Yin spoke in a cold voice.  Although his words were respectful, his voice was extremely cold.

“Divine Nun……Teacher needs a bit of blood from the immortal medicine man, it won’t harm her.  If possible, can you give her to my Mount Hua Faction?”  Hua Yu asked the Red Sleeves Divine Nun in a soft voice.

The Red Sleeves Divine Nun didn’t respond and just looked at Feng Chen Yin, “This lowly nun thinks that it’s best for her to stay at Mount Emei for now.  One, she is a woman and two, my Mount Emei can protect her.”

“I heard that the elder of Mount Emei was poisoned because of a dispute in the Jianghu and has only relied on medicine and true energy to survive.  Now……”  Feng Chen Yin gave a cold laugh, “Could it be that you want to use her blood to save your elder’s life?”

“Feng Chen Yin.”  The Red Sleeves Divine Nun was exposed and angrily said out of shame, “This is my Mount Emei’s matter, there’s no need for an outsider like you to judge.”

“Then why should she, the immortal medicine man, need your instructions?”  Feng Chen Yin immediately replied.  His voice was as cold as ice and his eyes were as deep as ink, with a trace of killing intent.


“Ze, ze, ze.”  Fourth young master Hua waved the fan in his hand and said, “Although I feel that it is wrong for hero Long Yin to lie to us, I really do admire your words.  The righteous sects all care about themselves and pretend to be selfless, saving the people of the world.  It really is disgusting.”

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