Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2741: Asking about love in Jianghu: A medicine man without a heart (Part 13)

Feng Chen Yin’s right hand holding the teacup trembled and there was a dim glow in his eyes.

He really was an indifferent person, but this indifference was different from an innate indifferent person.

Indifferent to love and not willing to owe anyone anything.

So even when he knew that he had to make this kind of request to Luo Qing Chen, he still couldn’t bring himself to say it.

This kind of person in this situation, Luo Qing Chen strangely felt a bit of admiration.

“Sorry……”  He softly said.  His face was like snow and his eyes were like frost.

“I know that you want my blood to save a……girl.”  Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips like she was acting arrogant, “I can agree, but I have one condition.”

“What is it?”  He slightly knitted his brows as he spoke in a soft voice.

The Jianghu was big and there were many things that he could do, but there were also many things he couldn’t do.

But for some reason, when this woman in front of him said these business like words, his heart felt a bit better.

He didn’t like owing anyone anything.  If it wasn’t for his big sister, after taking care of his revenge, he would have gone into the mountains.

It was as if there was nothing worth it in this world.  When the snow filled the sky, his heart was even more blank.

There was no loneliness, it was just tedious.

But this cup of tea made him feel a bit warmer.

“You have to protect me.  I am still young, so if you want my blood, you have to protect me.”  Luo Qing Chen looked at him with eyes as clear as water, but she couldn’t see anything in those ink like eyes.

He really didn’t put ‘love’ in his heart.  When she said this, he seemed much more relaxed.

“Alright.”  After a long time, Feng Chen Yin looked at her.  Although his voice was light, his eyes were as deep as a pool of water as he softly said, “I won’t let you die if I’m not dead.”

The ones that said this to her before most likely said it because of love and Feng Chen Yin……said it because of responsibility.

“Do you know how much blood is needed to save……her?”  Luo Qing Chen didn’t reveal the matter that Gu Dai Xiang was his big sister since there were few people in the Jianghu that knew their identity.

So that’s why people thought that Feng Chen Yin killed Gu Liu Shang for the Refining Mountains and Rivers.

But facts weren’t like this……

He looked down at the cup in his hand, “One cup for seven days.”

“Seven days?”

“Un.”  He said with a slight nod, “She was inflicted by the Seven Insects Seven Flowers Poison, so she needs the blood of a medicine man for seven days to cleanse it.”

“Then you’ll protect me after those seven days?”  Luo QIng Chen blinked as she asked in an honest and unintentional voice.

“Alright.”  He seemed to hesitate before saying with a sigh, “Why do you want to follow me?  I have a sea of blood of grudges and countless enemies, it’s too dangerous to follow me.”

“Then do you think there are more people that want to kill you or me?”  Luo Qing Chen gave a helpless shrug before saying with a smile, “You want my blood, but I don’t want your life.  So there are more people that want to kill me than want to kill you.”

He picked up the Falling Maple Sword with a helpless smile, “That makes sense.”

“So hero Long Yin isn’t willing to bring me around because I am a burden!”  Luo Qing Chen rested her chin on her right hand and blinked as she looked at him.

Feng Chen Yin just shook his head, “I just feel that it’s very strange.  I want your blood, but are you following me to learn martial arts?”

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