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Chapter 2722: Silly and sweet: The lost granddaughter of the rich man (Part 73)

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Gu Hong Fei seemed like she still wanted to say something when someone came in from outside.  It was her makeup artist.

“Young miss Luo, we have the rehearsal in half an hour.”

“Un, alright.”

She picked up the small crown from the table and put it on.  She looked at the hesitant Gu Hong Fei to the side and said, “I have someone protecting me and I normally have people following me when I go out, but you’re different.”

Luo Qing Chen felt that Gu Hong Fei should understand if she explained like this.  For their love, she didn’t have anything that she could say.

What she could do and should do, she had already done.

Although Gu Hong Fei was still a bit frustrated, she could understand Luo Qing Chen’s words.

If you’re afraid, then you can leave.  If you want to be with him, you have to stay by his side without caring for anything.

“But when I look at you, I feel that I’m lucky.”  Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes and revealed a smile that was hard to hide.

When the dust settled, when happiness came, when everyone let down their guard, danger would still unknowingly come.

Yan Tong, this dangerous time bomb finally couldn’t take it.

Although in the past two months, whether it was the underworld or the normal world, everyone did all they could to find Yan Tong.

It was like she had disappeared from this world and she couldn’t be found no matter what.

Everyone felt that it was very strange, other than Lu Jue Feng.

He had indeed taught a lot to this disciple of his.  Her espionage and counter espionage skills had already reached the level of perfection.  To catch her was not an easy thing to do.

December 24th, Christmas Eve.  The snow was falling hard.

To blend into the wedding, Yan Tong changed her normal style and wore a pink sweater with a black skirt.

She had light makeup and a wig on.  The black sunglasses covered more than half her face, so no one could recognize her.

She was tightly holding the invitation card with eyes filled with killing intent under the sunglasses.

Her current identity was the only daughter of the real estate agent Chen Dong.  Since Chen Dong drank too much last night and slipped and was now in the hospital, he could only let his daughter attend on his behalf.

This daughter wasn’t known by many people at the wedding, so Yan Tong knocked her out and took her invitation.

Her clothes, sunglasses, bag, and shoes all belonged to the Chen Family’s daughter.

During these two months of running, she had thought a lot.  That man was that outstanding.  It was because of his teachings that she was able to avoid the tracking of all those killers.

The scenes of him teaching her were still vivid in her mind.  Although he never smiled and was very strict, he taught her seriously.

No one ever cared about her, even when she went to the hospital, but he would come.

But……that had all changed……

Why, why did it end like this between him and her!

It was all because of Luo Qing Chen.  If Luo Qing Chen didn’t appear, she would be the only one by his side.

No one could take that place!

All the things that belonged to her, if she couldn’t have it, she would ruin it all!

All of it, everything, every single thing, on top of this ridiculous wedding would all disappear!

Yan Tong narrowed her eyes and her right hand touched the bomb at her waist before revealing a cold smile.

Since no one would let her go, she wouldn’t let anyone go.  Although she still didn’t want to hurt Lu Jue Feng, she wanted Luo Qing Chen to die.

No!  It should be more precise to say that she wanted her not to even leave a corpse!

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