Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2718: Silly and sweet: The lost granddaughter of the rich man (Part 69)

Lu Jue Feng looked at Yan Ze before calmly saying, “He really doesn’t know where Yan Tong is.  After all, he can’t stop Yan Tong either.”

The reason why he had Yan Ze look for her was because he guessed that Yan Tong wouldn’t obediently come back.  If it was Tan Xiao or Mo Ling, it was very likely that they would fight.

Yan Tong had followed him for many years and her skills weren’t bad.  Mo Ling should be fine, but Tan Xiao wouldn’t be a match for her.

At least if Yan Ze went looking for her, there wouldn’t be a conflict between them.

“Young master Feng, why don’t you just let Yan Tong go?”  Yan Ze carefully said, “She……She never did anything that bad!”

“What do you consider bad?”  Luo Qing Chen calmly said with calm eyes and a voice that didn’t have any fluctuations.

“I……”  It was because Luo Qing Chen had a different status than Gu Hong Fei that he was a bit speechless when she asked this question.

His words were stuck in his throat and he couldn’t say a thing.

“What’s done is done.  Although I’m not a narrow minded person, I’m not that magnanimous either.”  Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes and looked at him, “But I also won’t forgive her.”

“But old master……old master……Old master won’t let her go.”  Yan Ze was very conflicted.  He understood the reason, but he really couldn’t watch Yan Tong coming back to be punished.

“She won’t be much safer outside.”  Lu Jue Feng took a sip of his coffee before saying with a calm look, “Uncle Nan has already given the order and people both on the light and dark side will be rewarded if they catch Yan Tong first.”

“Will they…….they hurt Yan Tong?”

“Hurt?”  Lu Jue Feng gave a cold laugh, “Uncle Nan’s orders didn’t say that she had to be brought back alive.”

“What?”  Yan Ze staggered back when he heard this and his face turned pale.

This was the second reason why he asked Yan Ze to see Yan Tong.  It was impossible for mister L to let Yan Tong go, so coming back and being punished was the best result.

But since Yan Tong wasn’t willing, it was unrelated to him.

After all, they had been acquainted for a while and she did many things for him.  If it wasn’t for the fact that she targeted the person he cared about the most, he might even help her.

But right now, it was even more impossible for him to forgive her.

The dark side of his heart didn’t even want to see her come back alive.


Time passed very quickly and half a month went by, but there was no news on Yan Tong.

As expected of someone Lu Jue Feng found, she was very good at investigating and counter espionage.

Luo Qing Chen often called Gu Hong Fei over to play.  Like this, she and Mo Ling saw each other more and they were no longer as awkward as before.

During this time, Luo Qing Chen also had a general understanding of what happened between Mo Ling and Gu Hong Fei.

They used to be a couple, but they separated.

The four young masters of the Luo Family weren’t as omnipotent as they seemed on the surface, they also had enemies.  Mo Ling had the best skills and did many things for mister L, so naturally he had many enemies,

Gu Hong Fei was still his girlfriend back then and he didn’t expect that his enemies wouldn’t let her off, directly targeting her.

Although they didn’t get Gu Hong Fei, they got her little brother.

In the end, Mo Ling saved her little brother, but her little brother had a broken leg and had to stay in bed for two months.

Mo Ling was filled with guilt and even though he compensated the Gu Family with a lot of money, he still felt guilty.

But while he blamed himself this much, Gu Hong Fei and her little brother didn’t blame him at all……

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