The Substitute Bride Is Adored by the Clumsy Margrave

Chapter 27

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Chapter 27

She woke up in Jean's arms.

Having gotten used to it by now, Clarisse gazed at her fiancé's face as he lay there, his eyes still closed. He had been working late last night in his office and had not returned by the time she went to bed. He must have entered the room in the middle of the night and hugged her, as he usually does.

It had been three weeks since their return from the royal capital, and Jean had been busy trying to make up for the time he had been gone and finishing any delayed work. In the midst of all this, he felt bad that he couldn't spend time with Clarisse as much as he used to, though he tried to squeeze in as much time as possible to be with her. She did tell him once that he could focus on his work and not bother, but Jean sulked with those words and said, "Don't you know? I just want to be with you," and hugged her, making Clarisse's face turn bright red.

'Ah, but it's so comfortable in Jean-sama's arms...'

Growing up in an aristocratic society, children were rarely hugged by their parents. However, because Clarisse had a strained relationship with her parents, she had little experience being hugged by an adult man since she was a child. She couldn't imagine a more secure place to be than when Jean's large body hugged her. The amber perfume he wore, as well as his naturally masculine, clean scent, were now a source of comfort for her.

And before she knew it, she was dozing off again.

It's hard to believe, but lying in bed with him, she can sleep for as long as she wants, a good, pleasant, uninterrupted sleep she's never had before.

Mary, who knows Clarisse's living situation at her parents' house, speculated that this could be a reaction to her past. In other words, she was relaxing after everything she had been through.

When she awoke a short time later, Jean was awake as well, and he was gently stroking her forehead.

"The wound is healing well, just as the doctor said."

He said quietly and gently kissed Clarisse; she reached out her hands, placed her hand on his cheek, and closed her eyes. She could feel Jean's beard beginning to grow, and it felt itchy. Nevertheless, she liked the feeling of being close to him.

Jean had told Clarisse the night they shared the bed that he wanted to take things slowly as he was new to this kind of experience. She was surprised that he had no experience of being intimate with women, but regardless, she felt delighted over his honesty and the fact that Jean hadn't held anyone in his arms before.

He could feel his growing member against her thigh; then, he quickly pulled away from Clarisse after he broke the kiss. He had decided that when his work was finished, he would take her to the lake he had enjoyed since childhood on the outskirts of the region and spend their first night together there. She simply laughed it off and told him with a lovely smile on her lips that it would be the same even if they waited until then.

As he got out of bed, Jean said to Clarisse,

"I need to do some office work this morning, but I'm free this afternoon."


"Yeah, we can spend the day at home, or we can go to town. Think about it, okay?"


Jean got out of bed and walked away, but he returned and pressed his lips against hers again, as if he couldn't resist. It took all of his willpower to stop kissing her, but he dropped a light peck on her cheek as if to say goodbye.

"Oh, your lips are so sweet, I can't get enough of them. It drives me crazy."


After looking affectionately into Clarisse's round violet eyes, Jean walked up to the closet to get ready for the morning meetings. Even now, he does all his preparations by himself.

"I'll get my work done as soon as possible."

"Around what time will you finish?"

"No, I'm not talking about today; I mean, I want to go to the lake with you as soon as possible."

'Is that...?'

Realizing what Jean's reply meant made Clarisse's face turn bright red.

"So, where are you going today?"

"I was thinking of going to the bookstore and the pharmacist in town..."

"It seems to be the perfect outing for you, Miss."

Mary laughed as she helped her get ready for the morning. She brushed her glossy brown hair and arranged it neatly, put on light makeup, and then slipped on an elegant day dress she had bought in the royal capital. Mary was struck by how beautiful Clarisse had become. Not just her outward beauty, but her internal brilliance, has added to her beauty, making her a beautiful woman of incomparable charm.

"If you are going to the town, I think it would be a good idea to buy a winter coat or dress."

"Indeed, yes..."

It is the end of autumn now, and winter, which is rumored to be harsh, will soon be upon them. Mary has asked the head maid at the Margrave mansion for some preparations, but Clarisse, who doesn't go out much, might not even need it as far as outdoor wear is concerned. However, if she was going to go to the city, it might be a good idea to buy some anyway. Although Clarisse, as always, is not that interested in clothing, winter clothes are a necessity.

"Mary, why don't you come with me? I have no taste in fashion, so I doubt I can choose a good one myself."

"I'm kind of worried about your sense of fashion, to be honest, but I think you could talk to the madam at the store, and I don't want to bother you two in the first place..."

Clarisse suddenly remembered that Sid was coming to see Jean this morning.

"Then shall we ask Sid-sama to take you in his carriage?"

Mary's face flushed red.

"W-w-w-why is that man's name coming up now? No, thank you, I won't."

The maid noticed Clarisse's eyes fluttering as she looked at her and hurriedly amended.

"Oh! I'm done! Miss! Enjoy your breakfast!"

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