Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 27 Daliu Village (ETL)

Chapter 27 The big fight of bride-snatching

The newly-turned ghost is undoubtedly the woman's son, the Liu Chao that several aunts mentioned. Gu Ye chased the ghost to the mountain behind the village, "Liu Chao, come out now. Don't you just want to find your wife? I can help you."

The surroundings remained quiet, and there is no sign of ghosts coming out of it. Gu Ye continued with a smile, "If you don't come out, your wife's wedding ceremony will be finished on the other side in another half an hour. At that moment, no one can help you anymore."

"Who are you? You can see me?" The ghost figure finally floated out from its hiding place, looking at Gu Ye defensively.

"I'm Gu Ye, the Gu Ye who stayed in the house in front of your home."

Gu Ye sized the ghost up. Liu Chao's eyes had already started to turn red, and the black ghostly aura on his body has become so strong that he didn't look like a normal new ghost. Liu Chao is about to blacken into a fierce ghost. Gu Ye calculated their future earlier, once Liu Chao completely blackened, many innocent people will die. However, the one who is fiercer than him is his wife, who is a boss in disguise.

Liu Chao scrutinized Gu Ye, "Are you the fortune teller Gu Ye?"

Gu Ye said with a thoughtful tone, "The Gu Ye you mentioned should be my senior brother, but I am also Gu Ye."

Hearing that, Liu Chao is a little confused.

Gu Ye smiled, "My senior brother said, find a junior named Gu Ye, and then in the future find an apprentice named Gu Ye. So, whoever provokes us in the future, it’s like stabbing a hornet’s nest called Gu Ye, let Grandpa Gu’s ghost haunts them everywhere.”

Liu Chao finally shows a little joyful expression on his face, "I heard from my family that Gu Ye is very powerful, Gu Ye is a little heavenly being!"

Gu Ye squinted his eyes to see that the black aura above Liu Chao’s head hadn't gotten any worse, and then he felt relieved, "I know, I can help you."

Liu Chao excitedly said, "I can do anything, be a cow or a horse (servant) to repay you. I will be your ghost servant, and you can do whatever you want me to do. Cui Cui is very timid, and she must be very scared now. I am going to save her."

Gu Ye wondered, "Is love something that can make people this crazy?"

Liu Chao said firmly, "Yes."

Gu Ye understood that love is something that can turn a ghost into a mentally handicapped person.

"Okay, give me the 8 characters of her birth date."

Liu Chao thought for a while and looked a little embarrassed, "I don't know the exact date. She is born in the rabbit year, and her birthday is the 3rd day of July/七月初三 (in the Chinese calendar). Also, she should be born at noon because I remember she mentioned before that people born at noon are brave, but she is timid."

[Banana: Not very sure how the Chinese calendar works, Banana just knows to look at the calendar for reference hehe. Any country with Chinese residents should be familiar with this kind of calendar. 3rd day of July should be 18th Aug in this case but Banana thinks the date differs every year?]

Gu Ye counted the perpetual calendar backward and said, "It's enough to know the rough date. Do you have anything that she used before? Come on, time is running out."

"My home has it!"

Gu Ye turned to run immediately. But Liu Chao is a newly-turned ghost, and he hadn't learned how to float faster. So he couldn't catch up with Gu Ye's mortal legs. Gu Ye made a hand sign in disdain and a golden thread appeared, tying to Liu Chao's body. Pulling the ghost like flying a kite, Gu Ye reached Liu Chao's house in 2 minutes.

At this time, the mourning hall of the Liu family is still there (not dismantled yet). Liu Chao's body has been placed in a coffin and will be cremated tomorrow. There is also a phoenix motive coffin next to it, obviously prepared for Li Cui, but unfortunately, it is empty now.

Liu Chao's mother sat beside the coffin, her tears seemed to dry up. Sitting there motionless, she stared straight at the portrait of her son with blank eyes, as if she had lost her goal of living.

Liu Chao cried out in distress, "Mom!"

His mother didn't respond so Liu Chao wanted to call again, but Gu Ye tightened the string in his hand and pulled him to his side, "Stop calling, she can't hear you."

Seeing Gu Ye, a stranger, the villagers who were helping came over and asked, "Who are you?"

Gu Ye didn't have time to explain to the villagers, so he went straight to the point, "I'm Gu Ye's younger disciple brother who lived next door. I saw Liu Chao just now, and I have a few words I want to say to Liu Chao's parents."

The villagers immediately felt a chill down their backs. Gu Ye is a well-known figure in their town. He can tell fortune, read Feng Shui, find locations for ancestor burial spots, and solve many problems for the villagers. This young man doesn't look like he's lying, so if he is really Gu Ye’s junior brother, it's not uncommon for him to be able to see ghosts.

Unexpectedly, as soon as Gu Ye introduced himself, the woman who was sitting in front of the coffin in a daze just now suddenly seemed to come alive. She rushed out of the house like crazy, grabbing Gu Ye's shoulders with both hands and asked with red eyes, "My son is back? Did you see my son? What did my son say? Is he unwilling?"

"Yes." Gu Ye's shoulders hurt from being held in a tight grip, so he pinched the acupuncture points on the aunt's wrist with both hands and loosened her strength. He comforted her, "I'll help him to snatch his wife back. Auntie, you have to help me."

"I’ll help! I’ll definitely help!" Aunt Liu pulled Gu Ye into the house, "Tell me, little master, what can I do?"

Gu Ye sighed again. Should it be said that the countryside folks are simple-minded, or should it be said that the hearts of parents in the world are pitiful? Being a mother is bitter, even if there is a glimmer of hope, she can fight for her son. See, he is just a stranger but she believes what he said.

"Your son said that there are things that Li Cui used in his room, and I need them now."

Aunt Liu hurried to look for it, and she really found it.

Liu Chao's father finished his work outside and came back haggard. He is also unkempt, having not shaved for 2 days, and the hair at his temples is turning white. After listening to Liu Chao's mother's explanation, the uncle just thought about it for a while, "Okay, let's do whatever little master says. We just ask for peace of mind."

"Don't worry, I'll let them bring your daughter-in-law back."

Gu Ye closed the door and drew a soul-capturing array at the side of the coffin. Next, he placed the things used by the girl inside the coffin, and write her birth date characters on the paper with a cinnabar pen. Gu Ye never takes the usual path. Other masters invite souls, but he directly captures souls. Anyone will have to come even if they don’t want to.

A green light quietly lit up in the array. After the will-o'-the-wisps struggled a few times, a ghost bride wearing a red bridal gown quietly appeared in the circle!

Liu Chao, who is standing behind Gu Ye, rushed over in surprise. At this moment, the ghost bride raised her head. Her eyes are red, and she glared at everyone in front of her with hatred. Her wedding dress is as red as if stained with blood, especially after seeing Liu Chao’s memorial portrait, a layer of blood-colored mist filled the surroundings, and Liu Chao got bounced away in an instant!

"Cui Cui!" Liu Chao looked at this vicious female ghost in shock, "Is it Cui Cui? How did you become like this, Cui Cui?"

Seeing his lover, Liu Chao ignored the danger and took two steps forward. Distressed, he yelled again, "Cui Cui, I'm Liu Chao. Cui Cui, take a look at me!"

Hearing Liu Chao's call, the ghost bride turned her head slowly with red eyes. After seeing clearly that it was Liu Chao, her body froze for a while. Then at the next moment, she rushed over like a red arrow and hugged Liu Chao. She cried, "Liu Chao!"

Gu Ye watched the thick blood mist on the girl's body gradually fade away. The black aura on Liu Chao's body faded away too, so he finally breathed a sigh of relief. Liu Chao died full of resentment as he couldn't get what he wanted, but he needed to be stimulated a little more to be blackened. However, this girl got sold to a stranger by her biological father so the grievances on her body are heavier than Liu Chao's. Her temperament has changed drastically, and she has murderous intentions. Once she killed someone and is stained with human blood, she will be even crazier than Liu Chao. But still, Gu Ye has to sigh, it's scary how love has such a magical power!

A young couple who finally reunited embraced each other, performing a scene of a life and death love, and seems to be starting a crying fest. Gu Ye interrupted them, "Don't cry, cry later if you wanted to. Come on, bridegroom. Go and start the wedding ceremony. We’ll grab this marriage tonight, and tomorrow you can pay your respect to your in-laws."

Liu Chao's parents couldn't see the ghosts, so when they heard Gu Ye's words, they turned to stare at the soul-capturing formation. Liu Chao's mother asked cautiously, "My son is back? He's back?"

Gu Ye clicked his tongue. Thinking that now that he has reached this point, he should just let the two poor old people be comforted, so he drew twice in the air with a cinnabar pen, "Spiritual eyes, open!"

The next moment, Liu Chao's parents looked at the scene in disbelief. The old couple are so excited that they wanted to pounce on their son. Gu Ye stopped them and pulled the two to sit on the chair. "Calm down! We're snatching a bride here, understand? If the couple doesn't start the wedding ceremony (worship heaven and earth a.k.a the first bow as a married couple), Li Cui's soul will be bound to the other family there."

The family of four didn't dare to cry anymore and obeyed Gu Ye's arrangement honestly.

"Worship the heavens and the earth, and then worship the parents. After thanking me as a matchmaker, the ceremony is done. Go and kowtow to your parents."

Gu Ye wrote the couple’s birth date characters together and burned the talisman paper. After that, he persuaded, "When the grievances are gone, go to reincarnate. I will give you two a love line for 3 lifetimes together."

This side has completed the ceremony, so on the other side, the family that bought Li Cui is dumbfounded. The master in charge of this matter has put together the birth date characters of Li Cui and a man named Xiang Lei. He set them in the incense, but it won't burn up no matter how. The master looked at the Li Cui's memorial tablet in puzzlement, and suddenly found that there is a red line on the tablet, "Eh? No, this girl has already a marriage contract. So this marriage cannot be concluded."

"What marriage contract?" A chubby woman in her fifties who looked like a nouveau riche woman wearing a gold necklace, gold earrings, and gold bracelet came over and asked anxiously, "We've inquired already. This girl has a boyfriend but is not engaged. If we hadn't gone to buy her body in the middle of the night, we wouldn’t make it in time to grab her."

The master checked the tablet again, and said with certainty, "It's not that my eyes have a problem, it's just that there is really a marriage contract. One woman does not marry two husbands, so if that marriage is not dissolved there, this one can't be done here."

The woman became impatient, "What's going on with that family? They are cheating our money! No, this marriage has to be done!" Rubbing her legs, she pulled her husband in a panic, and asked in a low voice, "Does this master think that the money we gave him is not enough? If so, I will give him another red envelope. I am afraid that if this marriage does not work out, that unfilial son will come and beat me in my dream again."

The woman had been dreaming about her son for several days. Her son said that it was too boring to be alone under there, and he wanted a wife. He even dared to punch and kick her in the dream. Hence, the woman asked someone to burn a paper wife for him, but he made a fuss about not wanting that and even came to look for her again in her dream. After finally finding a suitable girl, this wedding must be done.

At this moment, no one saw that a black figure is crouching on the roof, glaring at the tablet angrily. Then, it turned around and flew towards Daliu Village.

Gu Ye had other arrangements to do in the second half of the night. It is just after 10.00 pm, and he is about to take a rest for a while and get up again at 11.00 pm. Unexpectedly, just as he lay down, a gloomy ghostly aura flitted past his roof. It has been a long day today and Gu Ye spent half the day on the road so he is quite tired. Dawdling out of his room to take a look, the scene caused him to purse his mouth in anger.

A ferocious-looking middle-aged ghost viciously kicked Liu Chao, a new ghost, away, and dragged Li Cui's neck like a dead dog with him, showing no mercy. After all, Liu Chao has just recently died, and he has never done anything bad in his lifetime. He only has resentment on his body, but no evil aura. Regardless of the pain, he got up and rushed up again, but he is not the old ghost's opponent at all. He is grabbed by the hair and pinned to the ground, and his soul had become transparent after being thrown.

Seeing her lover being beaten like this, the evil aura that had disappeared from her body once again gathered in Li Cui’s body. Bloody mist filled the air, and her eyes turned blood red, "Why? Why do you all have to force me? Why? Why can't you let us go?"

Seeing Li Cui's evil aura getting intense, Liu Chao shouted worriedly, "Cui Cui! If you lose your mind, you won't be able to reincarnate!"

"If I can't be with you, why should I reincarnate? Why should I pass to another life? Why should I become a new person?"

Li Cuicui grabbed Xiang Lei's wrist, and her body floated up. The strong evil spirit stirred up a gust of eerie wind, and the blood-red wedding dress rustled wildly in the wind.

"Oh? You bitch, how dare you resist me!" Xiang Lei then said viciously, "I’ll eat him so that he would never be reincarnated!"

Seeing this, Gu Ye picked up a brick from the ground. He ran over and slammed it at the old ghost on the forehead, angrily scolding, "Like to eat so much? Are you not afraid of breaking your doggy teeth?! Eat this then! If you don't open your mouth, I'll kill you!"

Dog: Who did I offended???

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