Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2693: Silly and sweet: The lost granddaughter of the rich man (Part 44)

The Fang parents still hadn’t reacted yet and still looked at her with fierce looks.

It was as if they were still the high elders of the Fang Family that could abuse this girl they bought back from the orphanage at will.

It was a pity that this girl was no longer the girl from the past.

There weren’t thousands of people that died at her hand, but there were hundreds.

Other than that person, she was very indifferent in every world.

She didn’t have the pureness and kindness of the previous host, but in most cases, no one could bully her.

Those that could bully her all died and those that could protect her……also died.

“Xin Xin, don’t be polite with her.  Saying all these things father doesn’t understand, but you can be assured since father has acquaintances in the school.”  Father Fang looked at her with a ruthless look, “Threatening us, consequences?  Father will bet that you won’t be able to stay in this school for another day.”

Father Fang’s violent look really didn’t create a single ripple in her heart.

At the same time, somewhere in the school building.

Lu Jue Feng and Tan Xiao watched it all happen.  Tan Xiao put down the phone in his hand, “It’s done.”

“Un.”  Lu Jue Feng deeply knitted his brows as he replied, “I’ve already sent people to visit their neighbours.  This family definitely will not have a good ending.”

Although she looked so proud when she met him, thinking of being bullied by others for more than ten years, he strangely felt uncomfortable.

But no matter how uncomfortable he felt, it was not as uncomfortable as seeing another man standing by her side.

“Relax, anyone that bullies the young miss, their fate……”  Tan Xiao paused before saying, “Will be worse than death.”

Lu Jue Feng didn’t reply.  Tan Xiao saw his tightly knitted brows and then looked at Ye Qing beside Luo Qing Chen before saying, “Does young master Feng care about this?”

“No.”  Lu Jue Feng was calm on the surface, but he was going all out to suppress his emotions.  He shook his head and said, “What’s there to care about when it comes to normal classmates?”

“Ze, ze, ze.”  Tan Xiao raised his right hand and shook it, “This Ye Qing isn’t a normal classmate, at least he knew the young miss since the beginning.”

“They know each other?”  Lu Jue Feng’s brows couldn’t help raising as he felt even more uncomfortable.

It was like there was a stone on his heart that made his breathing stop.

“The school hunk of Third Mubei High School.  I heard that Fang Xin Xin quite liked him, but he……”

“He what?”

Tan Xiao couldn’t help finding Lu Jue Feng’s nervous, but desperate to suppress expression funny.

He cleared his throat and replied, “He approached the young miss instead.  I’m not clear what the particular situation is.”

“Ye Qing.”  Lu Jue Feng looked at the youthful young man under the sunlight with a cold look in his eyes.

At the same time, Ye Qing standing beside Luo Qing Chen spoke, “The school has its own rules and class is about to start.  The people who aren’t related should leave quickly!”

“Whether father leaves or not is not something a brat like you can dictate.  Father is telling you……”

Before father Fang could finish speaking, there were several large men standing behind the Fang couple.

This scared father Fang until his tongue turned soft.  That arrogance from before was gone without a trace and he could only stand there shivering.


“Mister Fang Zhen, we suspect that you’ve embezzled public funds and have smuggled contraband products.”  One of them looked at him and said, “Please come down to the police station with us.”

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