Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2684: Silly and sweet: The lost granddaughter of the rich man (Part 35)

She didn’t make a move because her identity didn’t allow her to make a move in this situation.

A normal high school student from the orphanage to living under someone else.

Anyone from the Luo Family could investigate this, how could a normal girl like this have that kind of skills?

If it wasn’t a life or death situation, she couldn’t make a move.

Time passed quickly and the ten minutes would be up soon.  These people in front of them were mercenaries, so not only did they undergo specialized training, they also had their own principles of working in a team.

Once the time was up, whether they succeeded or not, they would have to leave.

“Sister Tong, I’m really sorry this time.  The police are almost here, we have to leave.”  The leader said while panting, “Wait until the next time when young master Feng isn’t there.  Otherwise, we won’t be young master Feng’s match.”

“Damn!”  Yan Tong who was hiding not far away angrily roared, “Why……Why didn’t you leave!  Why did you have to……protect her so desperately!”

The flames of jealousy burned in her heart, swallowing her rationality bit by bit.

She raised her right hand and took out the colt pistol from her boot, aiming it at Luo Qing Chen.

If she missed this chance, it was unknown how long she would have to wait to kill her again.

Young master Feng must be worried that if Luo Qing Chen died like this, mister L would blame him, so he did all he could to protect her.

No, she couldn’t keep him trapped like this.

He was so aloof, no one was qualified to be protected by him.  Especially other girls……

The more Yan Tong thought about this, the more she couldn’t control her impulses.  Her right hand trembled and she bit her lip as she muttered, “Die.”

As soon as her voice fell, she didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger.

Since the smoke hadn’t dissipated after this long, if the bullet didn’t come from in front, it was hard for Luo Qing Chen to sense it.

When the sound of the bullet reached her, she finally reacted, but it was a bit too late.

But she……wasn’t hurt at all……

This was Lu Jue Feng’s first time holding her, his embrace was a bit cold.

But at that moment, that black coat completely wrapped up around her.  She felt like she was as safe as being in an ivory tower.


“Lu Jue Feng!”


Three different sounds rang out at the same time.  The bullet grazed his shoulder, Luo Qing Chen called out to him, and he gave a soft grunt.

“Young master.”  Yan Tong covered her mouth and almost called out in surprise.  It was a good thing that she covered her mouth and didn’t let anyone else hear her.

“Sister Tong……You……”

“Di du, di du, di du.”  The sounds of the police came from not far away.

Yan Tong said in a voice without a single trace of warmth, “Everyone retreat.  Those that can’t should know what to do, don’t burden your families.”

After she said these final words, Yan Tong took off the communicator on her ear and slammed it on the ground.

The plan had been perfect this time in her eyes, but the only thing that she didn’t count on was Lu Jue Feng saving her.

Did he……want to kill her back then?

Now he was so desperate to protect her.  Could it be……being mister L’s granddaughter would really make him give up everything to protect her?

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