Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2659: Silly and sweet: The lost granddaughter of the rich man (Part 10)

Although it wasn’t a good thing to flip through other people’s belongings, Lu Jue Feng wasn’t considered ‘another person’.

After all, he wanted to kill her.

Knowing the enemy meant you could win all battles.  Other than that, she needed to dispel the thought of killing her if she wanted to attack the male lead.

After spending some time reading the information on the table, she found that most of them were about her.

As expected, someone who paid attention to someone else either loved them or wanted to kill them!

“Di, di.”

When she was concentrating on reading, there was the sound of a key card being inserted into the door.

“Damn.”  Luo Qing Chen muttered.  She immediately turned off the light in the study and hid in a corner.

When Lu Jue Feng opened the door, he felt that the atmosphere around him was different.

Someone had come into his room.  It should be more accurate to say that this person was still in the room.

He narrowed his eyes and a sharp killing intent flashed in his deep eyes.  He cautiously moved forward and didn’t insert the card into the slot.

The darker a place, the easier it was for an expert to subdue the other side.

Luo Qing Chen and Lu Jue Feng were thinking the same thing, so there wasn’t a single bit of light in this room.

The two slowly approached each other not out of mutual attraction, but mutual wariness.

“Xiu, xiu.”  There was the sound of a room card that flew through the room.  Luo Qing Chen perfectly moved to the side and her right hand caught the room card that Lu Jue Feng threw at her.

At that moment, both sides knew where the other side was.

Lu Jue Feng jumped forward and attacked Luo Qing Chen without a word.  She narrowed her cold eyes and completely avoided Lu Jue Feng’s attack.

‘Not bad.’  Luo Qing Chen couldn’t help praising in her heart.

In this world without powers or immortal cultivation, Lu Jue Feng’s smooth movements really opened her eyes.

The words ‘kung fu’ really were embodied by him.

A killer was a killer.  The few moves were just to subdue the other side and they didn’t show any mercy.

But it seemed right thinking about it.  Why would he show mercy?

A killer had many enemies and if the enemy came, showing mercy would be not respecting one’s own life.

While Luo Qing Chen was having this inner drama, Lu Jue Feng tightly knitted his brows.

On the dark and light side, he had seen many people, but he never thought that there would be such a skilled person.

And when they fought, why did he feel that the other side……was a girl?

The two sides kept thinking about what the other was thinking.  It was a bit worrying and a bit exciting.

Meeting a match really was one of the most exciting things.

“Interesting.”  Lu Jue Feng’s cold as water voice entered her ears.

His fingers moved slightly and he unbuttoned his suit one by one.

With the sounds of the button being popped in this dangerous environment, there was also an air of ambiguity.

Luo Qing Chen revealed a faint smile and went over the sofa to head to Lu Jue Feng’s side.

He naturally knew the other side was coming over, so he quickly counterattacked.

But then there was a pistol that was firmly placed at his temple.

Lu Jue Feng deeply knitted his brows.  He put his hands in his pocket and leaned against the wall before saying with a lazy smile, “Not bad!  Speak, who are you and what do you want?”

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