Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2655: Silly and sweet: The lost granddaughter of the rich man (Part 6)

“Humph, laughable.”

In an instant, Luo Qing Chen took two steps back towards the bus stop sign.

The Maserati not far away didn’t slow down and still charged over at a fast speed.

For Yan Tong, this was an absolutely easy task.

But she never thought that the girl not far away would jump at the moment before she hit her and the bus stop sign, jumping over the entire car.

She suddenly felt goosebumps all over her.  What did she see just now, how could this person be this skilled?

Shouldn’t there be a scream of terror and then a violent crash?

Why?  Why did she only hear the violent crash and not the scream of terror?

And she was running away from such a skilled person.

It had to be known that many people wanted to be Lu Jue Feng’s subordinate, but she was the only one who achieved this dream.

It wasn’t for anything other than her being the best.

But how did she fail this easy task?

“Damn.”  Yan Tong roared before her face became fierce.

She looked at the rearview mirror with piercing eyes.  Luo Qing Chen was standing not far away in a white dress shirt, a thin coat, and her hands in her black pants, leaning against a lamppost.

Yan Yong suddenly backed up and tried to run her over.

Although it had already been exposed, as long as she died, everything would be buried in the dirt.

Luo Qing Chen saw the Maserati backing quickly and she went to the stone wall to the right.

Actually the best method was to go left, but since it was an old building, it wouldn’t be good if someone got injured.

Since she had to be a sweet fool, then kindness should be the most important thing.

She didn’t want to involve too many people in this matter.

Yan Tong had gone crazy and she had been angry when she had backed up, so the car slammed right into the stone wall and she was stuck inside.

“Fuck!”  She angrily cursed.  She took the pistol out of the glove department and planned on going out to take care of Luo Qing Chen in this deserted place.  But the Maserati had already deformed and she couldn’t open the door at all.

It was at this time that Luo Qing Chen slowly came out of the alley on the side.  She calmly looked at Yan Tong with a faint sparkle in her eyes.

Yan Tong had never failed before, so she raised the pistol to the window, “I urge you not to move or my bullets won’t have eyes.”

“If you could roll down the window, would you need to put it up to the glass?”  Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes to look at her desperately pushing the up and down button before revealing a taunting smile.

“What a joke, you think that bullets can’t pass through this window?  Middle schoolers don’t have this common sense and are fools.”  Yan Tong’s eyes opened wide.  That dark shadow did look a bit terrifying under this faint light.

“Humph.”  Luo Qing Chen took her hands out of her pockets to give a shrug, “You can give it a try.  You can see if there’s a higher chance of the bullet rebounding or the bullet shattering the window.”


“This is my first time seeing bulletproof glass becoming a stumbling block for a killer killing a target.”

As soon as her voice fell, with a light smile in her eyes, she didn’t hesitate to turn and walk away without looking back once.

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