Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2630: Loving the prince, but he doesn’t know (Part 76)

With a “dong” sound, Ya Nu fell to his knees as tears came from his eyes.

He bowed three times to Du Jiu Sheng and said, “Ya Nu has served the young master his entire life, how could I covet the young master’s throne.  I’m just worried……that I can’t hide it from the empress……”

For him, his current identity would fill him with endless fear and unease.

After an unknown amount of time, the snow outside got heavier as Du Jiu Sheng wrote his final line.

Please don’t tell her.

He can’t give her happiness, but taking away her final thoughts, how cruel that would be.

“Is the young master planning on seeing the empress one last time?”

Ya Nu’s question rang in his heart for a long time.  It was like a drum that spanned over a thousand years, hitting his heart again and again.

He crossed his hands behind him and walked out of the royal study.  Seeing the snow in the sky, his heart sank.

One more time, one last time, to see her one last time……

In the Willful Palace, Du Jiu Sheng sat in front of the desk as he was sewing a pink bag.

There were plum petals and a small note inside.

The bag was sealed, sealing all his thoughts in this life.

The snow was still very heavy, but it couldn’t stop him from heading to the King’s Landing Palace.

Standing outside the gates, the eunuchs supported him.

“Greetings to the manager.”

He gave a slight nod and walked in.

It was as if he hadn’t seen Nian An in a long time, but it was also as if they had just met yesterday in a dream……

The road was so long, but he couldn’t stand by his side to watch him grow up and spend his youth with him.

Du Jiu Sheng’s eyes turned red as he put the pink bag inside the cradle and gently touched Nian An’s head.

This was a father’s love for a child.  He used this final look to pass on all his father’s love to him.

He knew that maybe he would blame him, but……to protect the two most important people in his life, he had to do this.

Walking out of the pavilion, he met Luo Qing Chen who came to see Nian An.

She was wearing a snow white brocaded dress and a furry coat that matched the nobility and grace that she should have.

She had firmly stood by his side and had become his empress.

The empress who was pampered alone.

But the heavens wouldn’t let this be.

He gave a bow before heading down the stone steps to the left.

When he passed by Luo Qing Chen, a cool voice said his name, “Ya Nu.”

Du Jiu Sheng felt his body tremble as a cold sweat unconsciously appeared on his back.

He wanted to see her from a distance and give a final goodbye in his heart.

But now she had called out to him.

Could it be that Ya Nu had told her everything?

No, he wouldn’t.

Ya Nu was sincere towards her and wanted her to be well, so he wouldn’t tell her.

He was familiar with Ya Nu over all these years and she had just called him……Ya Nu.

He slowly turned around and Luo Qing Chen raised her white umbrella over his head, “Let’s take a walk.”

Du Jiu Sheng stopped and he used his doubtful eyes to ask where she wanted to go.

She understood and said with a smile, “Let’s go to the Cold North Palace.”

Without knowing why, she felt that was where the story was.  Du Jiu Sheng had told her many things and that Ya Nu was about to head to the battlefield on the border.

She suddenly felt strangely sad.  Ya Nu was the first person she saw in this world.

Although the border battle was urgent, she couldn’t understand, how would he help if he went?

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