After Being Forced to Conquer the Crazy and Tyrannical Demon Lord, the Entire Book Had a Happy Ending

Chapter 24 - Peel You Like A Cucumber

Just when Wen Ruan was worried that she would lose control and hurt herself, Yun Zhu caught up from behind, holding the same food box, and complained:

"Yu Ya, you walk too fast. I almost lost you."

Seeing Wen Ruan on the side, she smiled apologetically and said, "Sister Wen Ruan, what are you guys talking about?"

Seeing the food container in her hand, Wen Ruan understood.

The two of them saw her delivering meals to Mu Zhe and followed suit.

However, they didn't expect Mu Zhe to be an emotionless man who bluntly said, "Get lost."

Yu Ya was furious and pulled Yun Zhu behind her. With her neck stiffened, she stepped forward and grabbed Wen Ruan's collar, her gaze sharp as a knife.

"Don't be smug. Let’s wait and see who will be the ultimate winner!"

Wen Ruan nodded perfunctorily and said, "Alright, I'll cheer for you."

Yu Ya went speechless.

Her chest heaved rapidly. If looks could kill, Wen Ruan would have died a thousand deaths by now.

Yun Zhu felt that it wasn't right and stepped forward to pull her hand down, earnestly saying:

"We're all on the same side. We should stand together instead of fighting among ourselves."

She straightened Wen Ruan's collar and said with sparkling eyes, "Since Sister Wen Ruan came to deliver food, you must have poisoned that demon, right?"

Facing her sparkling eyes, Wen Ruan remained silent for two seconds. Suddenly, she pounded her chest and said firmly:

"Of course, I poisoned him with the third most poisonous toxin, A Smile and A Half-Step of Madness.”

"Unfortunately, it didn't work, but tomorrow I plan to try Gelsemium, which ranks first."

As she spoke, a hint of eerie light flashed in her eyes. She licked her crimson lips and revealed a bloodthirsty smile.

"He will definitely be doomed. By then, I will chop him into 365 pieces and bring them back to the immortal realm for the masses to cook and drink as soup. With one piece a day, we’ll cook him for a year."

Perhaps her expression was too sinister, Yun Zhu shivered and didn't know how to respond for a moment. She forced a laugh, quickly took Yu Ya's hand, and said:

"All the best to you then. We'll go back first."

After saying that, ignoring Yu Ya's struggle, they hastily walked away.

As they passed by Lu Zhu, Yun Zhu couldn't help but take a few more glances and exclaimed, "The maidservants around Wen Ruan are all so beautiful."

Yu Ya, who was still angry, sneered and glanced dismissively, saying, "So what if they're beautiful? They haven't caught the attention of the Demon Lord and can only be lowly maidservants serving tea and pouring water for her."

Their conversation was carried by the wind, and every word reached Lu Zhu's ears.

A strange air of hostility appeared on her face, and a layer of gloom shrouded her eyes. She stared fixedly at the two figures ahead, and the veins on the back of her hand, hanging from her sleeve, slightly bulged.

One day, someday...

He will notice her.

The next day, Wen Ruan woke up early with a special mood and made a plate of chilled cucumber for Mu Zhe.

Mu Zhe ate it bite by bite, but his affection level remained at 0.

That evening, Wen Ruan reported to He Fengchang, "Master, I used Gelsemium on him this morning, but it didn't work. I feel so sad."

He Fengchang comforted her, saying, "Be patient, my disciple, don't be too anxious."


Mu Zhe casually threw fish food to the long line of fish, dispersing the words in the sky, and furrowed his brows slowly.

On the third day, Wen Ruan was enthusiastic and made a plate of chilled cucumber for Mu Zhe.

Mu Zhe ate it expressionlessly, but his affection level remained at 0.

That evening, Wen Ruan reported to He Fengchang, "Master, I used the Soul-Devouring Poison Water on him this morning, but it didn't work. I feel so sad."

He Fengchang scoffed. "It’s just because the world abides by the principle that people who cause disasters live for a long time."

Mu Zhe thought, “Hm, it's time to add another person to the assassination list."

On the fourth day, Wen Ruan went to great lengths and made a luxurious version of chilled cucumber for Mu Zhe.

Mu Zhe clenched his fist and finished eating it, but his affection level remained at 0.

That evening, Wen Ruan reported to He Fengchang, "Master, I used Antiaris on him this morning, but it didn't work. I feel so sad."

He Fengchang said, "Damn it, another failure! But it's okay, my obedient disciple, remember, failure is the mother of success! We will succeed one day!"

Mu Zhe was speechless.

On the fifth day, Wen Ruan gritted her teeth and made a plate of chilled cucumber for Mu Zhe.

Mu Zhe looked at the shiny green cucumber in front of him, and his face had a faint greenish tinge.

"Hurry up and eat it. Isn't this your favorite dish?" Wen Ruan urged.

He gnashed his teeth and ate it with his head down.

Looking at the motionless affection level, Wen Ruan gnashed her teeth as well, wishing to punch him.

That evening, Wen Ruan reported to He Fengchang, "Master! I used the Five Poison Powder on him this morning, but it didn't work. I really want to kill him!"

He Fengchang was startled. "My obedient disciple, it's not your fault that he didn't die from the poison! Don't lose heart - it is the way to self-destruction!"

Wen Ruan closed the communication stone, kicked off the blanket in frustration, and sighed heavily.

"When will his affection increase? Haven't I been making his favorite cucumber dishes that every day?!"

Beside the sea of clouds, Mu Zhe kicked over a chair, paced back and forth a few times, and furrowed his brows tightly.

"When is she planning to make her move and kill me? And why does she repeat the same dish every day?"

Half a month later.

Numbly, Wen Ruan carried a plate of chilled cucumber to find Mu Zhe.

But he grabbed her hand, his beautiful phoenix eyes staring straight at her. His face a pale shade as he said each word slowly:

"If you dare to make another cucumber dish, I will slice you like a cucumber."

She trembled and looked back in disbelief.

So, the reason why the affection level hasn't been increasing is because you're tired of eating it??? 

Why didn't you say so earlier!!!

Wen Ruan cursed him in her heart. Nonetheless, she quickly adjusted her expression, as if she was frightened by him, and timidly said:

"I thought my husband liked this dish."

Mu Zhe was taken aback.

"I'll redo it right away." She turned and ran. Lu Zhu hesitated for a while before casting a glance at Mu Zhe and catching up to her master.

Watching Wen Ruan's hurried figure, Mu Zhe rubbed his temples.

? Why did she deceive her sect?

Why did she make the dish she thought I liked every day?

Something floated in his mind, elusive, like a wisp of cloud, faintly discernible.

It seemed that once he grasped it, all the questions would have answers.

Suddenly, a sharp pain surged from his chest.

His face instantly turned as pale as paper. Cold sweat seeped from his forehead and a few drops slid into his eyes, causing his deep, lake-like black pupils to tremble and ripple with a layer of watery light.

Mu Zhe reached out to press the location of his heart, his palm sticky, staining his cold white fingers with a bloody hue, a sight that was distressing to behold.

Recalling the news brought by Floating Clouds and Past Memories, his slender eyelashes fell, slightly obscuring the emotions in his eyes.

This wound couldn't be healed by spiritual power or demonic energy.

If he wanted to stay alive until he found Penglai Continent, he had to rely on precious treasures and herbs to sustain his life.

However, Penglai Continent was ethereal and elusive, and there was still no news about it.

"If the righteous cultivators find out about my injuries, how will they react?" He looked at his bloodstained hands and chuckled softly.

"They would probably come and kill me immediately."

After all, those people absolutely despised him.

After a pause, uncontrollably, he thought in his mind:

What about her? What would she do...?

In the midst of heavy snowfall, Wen Ruan carried a food container and ran through the long corridor of the Demon Palace to the Everlasting Pavilion where Mu Zhe resided.

Without even catching her breath, just as she was about to go in, a young man stepped forward to block her.

"Madam, the Lord has gone out to do something."

She was somewhat surprised. He was here just a moment ago, and he already left so quickly?

"May I know when the Lord will return?"

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