After Being Forced to Conquer the Crazy and Tyrannical Demon Lord, the Entire Book Had a Happy Ending

Chapter 20 - Good Disciple, You Are There to Assassinate the Demon, Not for a Vacation

Ping Xian was caught off guard by the blunt remark. She put away the hint of disdain in her heart and spoke seriously.

"Sister, you are also a smart person. You should understand the current situation. Only by joining forces can we stand a chance to exterminate the devil."

"No, no, no. The three of you are already invincible together. I won't interfere," Wen Ruan replied politely yet distantly.

"As for the latter, I think it's better if we rely on our own abilities."

She didn't want to get involved with these three, whether they were too clever or too foolish.

By stating her position and preventing them from launching an indiscriminate attack, it would be enough.

"Wen Ruan, now is not the time to throw a tantrum." Ping Xian furrowed her brows tightly. "We came here for the sake of the world and for righteousness!"

"As long as the devil remains, the world of cultivation will never be at peace! Countless lives are in our hands. Perhaps you don't know, but according to the prophecy..."

"Did I ever say," Wen Ruan raised her hand to interrupt, her face completely cold, "That I really hate moral coercion?"

Especially when it came to coercing her with the lives of the entire world.

She was just a nobody, not capable enough to bear such a burden formed by countless lives.

"I won't keep you for dinner." She picked up the tea pot that was hanging on the side, poured herself a cup of warm tea, and drank it in one gulp. Only then did the anger in her heart subside slightly.

"Take care. I won’t be seeing you off."

Ping Xian was about to say something else, but Yun Zhu rushed out from inside, exclaiming dramatically, "Wen Ruan, your place is so comfortable! Your bed is so big and looks very comfortable to sleep on!"

Seeing that Lu Zhu also followed, Ping Xian pursed her lips and had no choice but to hold back her words. "Think about it carefully."

After saying that, she turned and left.

Yu Ya rolled her eyes and followed suit.

"Are we leaving already?" Yun Zhu pouted and looked at the roasted meat on the stove, stomping her feet as she chased after them. "Wait for me!"

After taking a few steps, she hesitantly came back and grabbed Wen Ruan's hand with a shy smile. "Ah Ruan, do you feel lonely sleeping alone at night?"

Wen Ruan: ?

"How about I sleep with you?" She tugged at Wen Ruan's sleeve and raised four fingers, promising:

"I don't snore, and I don't hog the blanket. I have a good sleeping posture!"

Wen Ruan hadn't said anything yet when Yu Ya, who had turned back, had a black line on her face. She twisted Yun Zhu's ear and walked away while angrily saying:

"Can't you have a little dignity?!"

"Hey, hey, hey, be gentle!" Yun Zhu stumbled to catch up with her, wincing in pain and still waving her hand behind her, shouting loudly:

"Wen Ruan, think about it. Really, it's nice to sleep together!"

Wen Ruan thought, “With such a magical combination, Mingyue Palace is truly a fascinating place.”

That night, another message arrived from He Fengzhang.

"My obedient disciple, how are you doing in the Demon Palace? Did you lose any limbs? Did the poison I gave you work?"

Wen Ruan snuggled into the fragrant and soft blankets, thought for a moment, and whispered to the spirit stone:

"Master, your disciple is doing well here. The Demon Lord even gave me a bigger house to live in. I had red bean soup for breakfast, roasted meat for lunch, and even roasted taro as a snack.

But I ate too much and skipped dinner. I tried the poison in the morning, but unfortunately, it didn't work."

Soon, the spirit stone flickered, and He Fengzhang's voice came from within. "My good disciple, you are there to assassinate the demon, not for a vacation."

Wen Ruan felt a bit guilty and was about to reply when the spirit stone flickered again, and He Fengzhang's laughter echoed in her ears.

"But you're taking good care of yourself. As your master, I am pleased. There's no rush with the poisoning. There are so many poisons, try each one. I don't believe that none of them can kill that bastard."

Wen Ruan turned over, fiddling with the delicate spirit stone on her earring. Somehow, her nose felt slightly sour.

"Understood, Master. I'll try again tomorrow."

Recalling the trio from Mingyue Palace, she decided to give a heads-up and told He Fengzhang everything that happened today.

"Hmph! Those people from Mingyue Palace really don’t know how to hold back."

He Fengzhang's tone became unusually serious. Even through the spirit stone, Wen Ruan could imagine his angry expression.

"If the fate of the world relies on you youngsters, then what's the point of us old folks? My good disciple, just treat it as her talking nonsense. Don't bother with her."

"Remember, prioritize your own safety in everything. Don't give yourself too much pressure. Your master is here, so you don’t have to think too much."

A glimmer of clarity appeared in Wen Ruan's eyes, reminiscent of the clear season. In the dark and warm blankets, her voice was slightly muffled.

"Yes, Master."

After a pause, she added, "Master, I'm going to sleep now."

"Good, go to sleep. The Demon Realm is bitterly cold. Remember to cover yourself warmly."

Beside the rolling clouds, a young man nestled in a chair, casually sprinkling fish food with a wave of his hand.

The large fish below swiftly swam towards it, sprinting a hundred meters in an instant, leaping up like a little dog to catch it.

He nonchalantly continued to sprinkle the food, but the fish food in the porcelain jar never seemed to diminish.

At the next moment, sensing the disturbance in Canglan Water Pavilion, he slightly curved his lips, straightened his posture, retracted his hand from taking the fish food, and made a grab in mid-air.

Once again, golden words appeared in the air.

After quickly scanning through it, Mu Zhe frowned.

She clearly didn't poison me this morning, so why did she lie to He Feng?

Why did she refuse to cooperate with Mingyue Palace? Aren’t they all righteous cultivators?

Mu Zhe paced back and forth in place for a long time but still couldn't figure it out.

His head throbbed in pain, and he felt irritable, wanting to kill someone.

He kicked over the chair and disappeared from the high platform.

The girl on the bed slept uneasily.

The pearl curtain, emitting a faint glow, swayed, and a dark figure stood in front of the bed.

Mu Zhe stood in the darkness, staring at the girl's blushing cheeks. After a long while, he extended his pale hand.

Suddenly, the girl let out a sob, reaching out blindly and happened to touch his hand.

Like a drowning person grabbing a lifeline, she held onto him tightly with all her strength.

Perhaps finding a glimmer of solace, she calmed down slightly but still clung tightly to Mu Zhe's hand, refusing to let go.

Mu Zhe furrowed his brow as he looked at her. He attempted to break free from her grasp, but she held onto him even tighter. Tears streamed down her face, wetting the pillow, and she began to whimper softly in distress.

The temperature in the room was not low due to the fire crystals, and it felt slightly hot. When Wen Ruan fell asleep, she was only wearing a light-colored undergarment, revealing a large expanse of fair skin.

Sensing the delicate warmth in his palm, a hint of strangeness appeared in his eyes, and the boiling killing intent within him suddenly subsided.

Without much hesitation, he used a technique to enter her dreams.

He wanted to see what this little undercover spy was afraid of.

Wen Ruan had a dream.

In the dream, she hadn't become an orphan yet.

On a winter day with heavy snowfall, five-year-old Wen Ruan was alone outside the house building a snowman.

Inside the house, several aunts and older women spoke in hushed voices, intermingled with the cries of a young woman.

"When you were pregnant with your eldest child, I told you to get an abortion, but you didn't listen. Now look, no one wants a girl."

"The doctor confirmed it was a boy when you were pregnant. But now your husband has lost the use of one hand. How will this whole family be supported in the future?"

"While she's still young and doesn't remember anything, let's get rid of her."

The woman's crying briefly paused, then grew louder.

The snowman was beautifully built. Little Wen Ruan stood on her tiptoes and patted its head, wanting to call the neighbor Wang Er Gou to come out and play together.

However, Wang Er Gou's parents had gone out, leaving him locked inside the house.

Through the window, he cried, his nose running and tears flowing, desperately reaching out to her. "Little Wen, my mom told me that you're going to be abandoned!"

Little Wen Ruan tilted her head, not quite understanding his words.

"You're so silly! It means your parents don't want you anymore!" He cried even louder.

"What am I going to do? I won't be able to see you anymore. We promised to get married when you grow up!"

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