Beauty is Fat, Fat is Beauty

Chapter 2 — The Princess and the Imperial Bodyguard

Zhou Qing came to pick up Li Yuanyuan after class ended. As she walked, she kept looking back, until she finally couldn’t bear it and pulled at Li Yuanyuan, complaining, “What’s that person following us for? What did you do to him in the school infirmary?”

Li Yuanyuan turned her head around and glanced at Yan Sicheng. She saw that his gaze was constantly sweeping over the people by her side. Even if he was not carrying a blade at this moment, his hand still habitually rested on his waist as always. It was just like before, when he accompanied her to stroll through the market during each year’s Qixi Festival, following at her side.

Li Yuanyuan turned her head back, “It’s normal.” She patted Zhou Qing’s hand, as if to placate her. “There is no need for you to fluster yourself.”

Zhou Qing stared at her, “What are you talking like the ancients for? I have goosebumps just from listening to you. What’s wrong with you today?”

Li Yuanyuan didn’t reply, following Zhou Qing’s steps and walking into a building. Just as they were about to turn a corner and go up the stairs, they suddenly heard an auntie behind them yell, “Hey! That male student can’t enter the girl’s dormitory!”

That shout of hers dumbfounded all three people.

Li Yuanyuan turned her head to look, and saw that Yan Sicheng was stopped at the entrance by an auntie. Zhou Qing used stared at him with a nearly incredulous expression, “Is he a nut job or what? He even wanted to go back to the dormitory with us?”

The auntie repeatedly tried to drive Yan Sicheng out, but Yan Sicheng paid no mind to the woman in front of him. He merely gazed at Li Yuanyuan like usual.

Li Yuanyuan understood his expression. He was saying, ‘If the need arises, this subordinate will bring her down.’

Li Yuanyuan shook her head. Immediately after, she asked Zhou Qing, “This evening, I am to dwell in...uh, the dormitory? Everyone lives in the dormitory?”

Zhou Qing was startled. Retracting her measuring look at Yan Sicheng, she gazed at Li Yuanyuan distractedly.

“Where else would you stay?”

Li Yuanyuan nodded, and spoke to Yan Sicheng, “I will reside here tonight. You should rest in your dormitory as well.”

The light in Yan Sicheng’s pupils wavered. His mouth opened and closed as if he wanted to say something, but still finally stayed shut, deferentially withdrawing from the girl’s dormitory.

Zhou Qing rubbed her eyes, gazing almost hopefully at Li Yuanyuan. “Hey, you're just acting in a stage drama, right? He listens to you this much? And you’ve only known each other for how long?”

“Quite a long time now.”

Zhou Qing looked at Li Yuanyuan strangely.

Li Yuanyuan immediately spoke again, “I had a feeling of familiarity at first sight...his features are similar to a distantly related older brother of mine.”

In fact, if one were to seriously consider it, Yan Sicheng could actually truly be considered Li Yuanyuan’s distant relative. However, because the gap was too great, it could basically already be ignored. Between the two of them, the princess and the head of the imperial bodyguards, the most important connection was the relationship between master and servant.

If not for this level of connection, he feared that, in his whole lifetime, he would never be able to see the princess.

Yan Sicheng stood outside the girl’s dormitory quietly, just like in the past when Li Yuanyuan had first entered the palace and he stood guard outside. He guarded her return and secured her safety….

Li Yuanyuan only called to mind the thought that Yan Sicheng had no one to guide him after she ascended the stairs. How would he find his dormitory? She stood on the balcony and cast her gaze downwards, and found that indeed, Yan Sicheng was still standing downstairs. Just as she wanted to enter her chambers, another girl came back, opening the door.

Li Yuanyuan smiled lightly, “Jingning, hello.”

Zhang Jingning stared, “Ah, hi.” She set down her bag, drank a mouthful from the water on the table, and asked with a laugh, “Li Yuanyuan, why are you so polite today? Did your fall today knock a few screws loose?”

“No…” Li Yuanyuan made a note to herself. She shouldn’t use polite speech when talking to these people.

By the side, Zhou Qing inserted herself into the conversation, “Hey, didn’t I say that you were rehearsing some play? Do you like that Zhang Nan so much?”

“What?” Li Yuanyuan was dumbfounded.

Who was Zhang Nan? This piece of information...was not in her brain...

Zhang Jingning took over the conversation, “That’s right, he bullied you so much, you should just stop acting. Tell me where you’re rehearsing tonight, let the two of us seniors give him a good chiding!”

She...didn't know where they were rehearsing...

“All right, Lin Xiaomeng’s there as well, let’s have you go there and pick a fight with her first.”

She didn't know who Lin Xiaomeng was either?

“Hmph, that bitch, sooner or later I’m going to cut out her tongue one day.”

Ah, what was a  “bi-chi”?

T/N: Zhang Jingning used an English loanword.

Li Yuanyuan felt herself start perspiring on her forehead. This was simply even more nerve-wracking than the time she was admonished by her Imperial Father. Listening to the two girls chattering away, more and more incomprehensible words and people popped out. Li Yuanyuan stealthily stood up, opened the door, and slipped away silently.

Walking downstairs, she hurriedly made her way towards Yan Sicheng with hasty steps.

Catching sight of Li Yuanyuan’s hurried expression, Yan Sicheng’s mind tensed. He went over to meet her, only to hear Lin Yuanyuan command, “This place isn’t suitable for staying for long.”

His face hardened, “Someone wishes to frame the princess?”

Li Yuanyuan’s expression became grave, “I will expose my cloven hoof.”

T/N: reveal her true nature

Yan Sicheng was silent for a brief moment.

Li Yuanyuan took the lead to start walking ahead. She had just taken two steps when she paused again. Even if she left, where else could she go? Other than this place, it seemed she did not know any other location suitable as a temporary residence.

As she hesitated, she suddenly heard a call from ahead.

"Yan Sicheng." It was the boy who had helped her to the school infirmary today.

“I thought you went back already. Why are you here in the dormitory?” As soon as his voice fell, he looked to the side, “Fat girl?”

Li Yuanyuan thought this was a completely straightforward compliment. She tucked her hair behind her ear and smiled as she accepted the praise, “Thank you.”

The boy’s mouth twitched. He glanced at her with an inexplicable expression, then ignored her, turning instead to pat Yan Sicheng’s arm.

“You’re free now. Perfect timing, I’m moving my girlfriend’s stuff, help me out.” He pulled Yan Sicheng, who felt like a solid block of iron and didn’t shift in the slightest.

“Lu Chengyu,” Yan Sicheng directed toward him, “You just said that I went back already? I don’t live in the dormitory?”

“Yeah, didn’t you rent an apartment and move outside the school two days ago?” Lu Chengyu looked at him with a baffled face.

“Did the fall really damage your brain?”

Hearing him mention this, a hint emerged in Yan Sicheng’s mind, although it was not very clear. Yan Sicheng tested, “I remember, it’s Xuefu Park Building 1, 3rd floor, No 2?”

Lu Chengyu found this even more bizarre, “Isn’t it Building 3, 2nd floor, No 1?” He was somewhat speechless, “Do you need to go to the hospital to get your head checked?”

Yan Sicheng committed the address to heart, then mimicked the way another student next to him teased his girlfriend to pat Lu Chengyu’s head, “I’m just joking with you.” After saying this, he even winked his left eye, “I’m off.”

He led Li Yuanyuan away with quick steps into the distance, leaving Lu Chenyu standing alone in place, his skin crawling, “F***, did he just flirt?! F***! Do you f***king know what you’re doing? F***! Laozi’s got goosebumps!”

Li Yuanyuan looked back, “Sicheng, that person seems to be scolding you.”

Yan Sicheng nodded his head, “This subordinate still needs to slowly study the body language of the people in this place to improve his understanding of it.” The princess wished to live here, so he must quickly figure out this place’s rules. He must be faster than Li Yuanyuan at familiarizing himself with this world, immersing himself in this world, because only then could he better protect her.

“I’ve startled Your Highness, please forgive me.”

“No harm done.”

Finally finding the rental apartment outside the school, as soon as Yansicheng opened the door, his face turned black.

Shoes were scattered all over the entrance, and the room inside was dirty with black stains on the floor. Li Yuanyuan cautiously took a step into the room. Her now considerably thicker arms accidentally caught an upright clothes rack to the side which did not fall, but a piece of fabric fell down, hanging over her head. Li Yuanyuan pinched it with her fingers and saw it was a piece of triangular…pants…

Even though she had never seen this thing before, Li Yuanyuan could put together where it was worn.

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